Chapter 108. Valhalla Dungeon (pt. 4)

Overlord of Blood and Iron

When her hair was suddenly pulled, Arshelly calmed herself down from habitually exploding with her mana. 


If she activated her S rank power along with her mana… The girl who had tried to pull the hair of the ‘little princess’ of Laputa would definitely be turned into ash and dust.


Arshelly not only tried to calm herself down, but also tried to calm Seul-Gi down as well.

“We can play together and whatnot, so can you please just let go of my hair? It hurts…”

“Then you should get hurt more!”

...Saying that, Park Seul-Gi decided to continue to pull on Arshelly’s hair, but even harder.


Arshelly looked as though she was about to cry.

“Be quiet, you beggar without a dad! I heard that you don’t even go to school. It’s because your family doesn’t have enough money to support you, isn’t it? Right?!”

Pulling Arshelly’s hair, Park Seul-Gi’s expression was ferocious.

You… Who are you to make me feel like this!

Park Seul-Gi despised Arshelly. She hated her so much that she wanted Arshelly to die.

Not only was Arshelly pretty and nice, but she also learned to pick up the piano so quickly that she was called a genius.

Arshelly had so many things that Park Seul-Gi didn’t have, and this naturally led to dislike and jealousy. 

“I’ll let you go if you admit that you’re lying.”

“Lying? I never lied.”

“Yes, you did. The lie about having a dad and not being poor. If you admit to those, I’ll let go.”

“Seul-Gi, I do have a dad. He’s just on a business trip right now and is busy.”

“Business trip? Nice joke. Where does your dad work then? Does he work at a construction site like a beggar? Or sell fruits at a market, like a beggar without any ability?”

At that moment, Arshelly felt as if the world was turned upside down.

She didn’t have a dad?

He was a beggar?

If the one that was insulted had been Arshelly, she would be able to shrug it off. It wasn’t really much to her after all.

But an insult to her father, Kang Chul-In was something that Arshelly could absolutely not tolerate.

“Park Seul-Gi.”

Arshelly spoke, her small hands wrapped up into a fist.


When Arshelly looked at Park Seul-Gi, Park Seul-Gi stepped back in fright.

“My father told me.”

“Your dad? Lying until the end…”

“That he won’t let me go easily if I get beaten up.”This was the truth.

As Arshelly went to many different academies, this is what Kang Chul-In had told her.



“Yes, dad?”

“Don’t go around getting beaten up by others, alright?”


“Our family does not go around getting bullied by others.”


“If you get hit once, remember to hit them back 10 times. Don’t worry about the hospital fees. Your dad will cover all of that for you.”


“Apologize to me.”

Arshelly finally said as this was her bottom line.

“If you don’t apologize to me, I’ll beat you up.”

“Beat me up? Who do you think you… Agh!”


Park Seul-Gi, who was trying to scratch Arshelly’s face, was knocked down screaming.

It wasn’t ‘slap’, it was ‘POW’.

That’s right.

Rather than slapping Park Seul-Gi like a normal child of their age would, Arshelly put her back into place by punching her.


Park Seul-Gi started crying.

“Sob… Sob… Oww...”

And when the piano teacher finally came back… 

“T-Teacher… Arshelly’s too scary… She punched me in the face like this…”

Park Seul-Gi and her friends did their best to tell the teacher.


“Yes, teacher?”

“You made me very disappointed. No matter how angry you are, you shouldn’t go around punching people. Alright?”


“Go stand in that corner, and put your hands up. You should really reflect on your behavior.

And saying that, the teacher went to Seul-Gi.

“Seul-Gi, are you alright? Come over here.”

“Yes, tea… Huh?!”

Right as Seul-Gi was about to embrace the teacher with a hug, she felt something and almost started to cry again.

It was something hot that she felt in her nose…


It was a nosebleed.

“M-My tooth…”

And the white ‘corn’ that fell on the floor was one her teeth.


Park Seul-Gi started crying again, and her tantrum made it impossible for other students in the academy to practice.

“Wahhh!!! Mom!! Dad!!”

It was this moment when the visit of Park Seul-Gi’s parents was confirmed.


As Kang Chul-In and Dorian finished recuperating after their fight against Lucy, they started walking into the heart of the territory: into the Lord’s hall.

When they got to the door that was the entrance to the hall, Dorian was startled.

“Woah… Look at this, man. Is this all gold?”

Dorian pointed at the giant golden door in front of them. 

“It’s a door made of black-steel, and it’s also infused with the bone of a Gold Dragon.”

“Woah, a dragon?! Anyway… there’s someone that’s beyond this door, right?”

“Most likely, yes.”

“Uhh… Well, she won’t be stronger than that terrifying tornado lady, right?”

Dorian referred to Lucy as the ‘tornado lady’.

“I’m not sure. Stop talking to me, you pushover.”

While Kang Chul-In and Dorian bickered with each other, the door was already around 1m open.

“What?! Pushover? I am not a…”

And just as Dorian was about to argue back…


A dark shadow came out of nowhere and stabbed a black dagger into Dorian’s stomach.

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