Chapter 129. An Uninvited Guest in the Middle of the Night (Pt. 2)

Overlord of Blood and Iron

“Y-Yes. It hurts, so... P-Please let go.”

Skadi murmured, her voice strained due to Kang Chul-In’s grip.

But instead, Kang Chul-In’s grip grew stronger.

“Shut up. Stop trying to play tricks.”

“N-No, really… I, I…”

“No, I don’t care.”

Kang Chul-In’s beast-like, terrifying gaze seemed to pierce through Skadi’s purple eyes.

“Whatever you wanted to do, or tell me, I don’t care about. Who told you that you were allowed to trespass into my territory?”

“P-Please… Sorry… Kuhuk…”

Even though Skadi apologized, Kang Chul-In was currently extremely pissed off.

He was currently in his office, in the deepest part of the Laputa territory. It was also close to the place where his beloved daughter, Arshelly, was sleeping.

If Skadi had aimed for Arshelly instead?

Then Kang Chul-In would have probably ripped her into shreds, before throwing her out for the dogs to eat her remains.

No, he probably would have sentenced her to a more painful, and slower death.

How dare she come in here like this, without the permission of anyone?

Though Kang Chul-In had admittedly become a better Lord and a warmer person, he still hadn’t lost his toughness, and could still become a terrifying person when he wanted to.

“R-Really, I’m really sorry. T-There was no other choice… I-If me coming here got spread, then…”

“I told you, I don’t care.”

“P-Please… please, have mercy on me once. Overlord Kang Chul-In… please give me a chance for conversation…”

Skadi seemed as if she were about to be suffocated to death, but she still spoke the words on her mind.

T-This man… he’s really planning on killing me!

Now, Skadi finally realized what a terrifying person Kang Chul-In really was. At this rate, she would really die in a few moments due to lack of breath.

“Please.. at least give me a chance to explain…”

“I don’t want to hear what you have to say.”


“You’ve really got on my bad side.”

Kang Chul-In roared in anger.

“This is where my daughter and my closest subordinates stay. There is no mercy for those that trespass this area.”

“I have… something to…”

“Shut up.”

Kang Chul-In still refused to listen.

The woman standing in front of him was supposed to be dead already. He had known that she was going to die anyway, and he had also seen her completely drop out of the Lord rankings. 

Yet, that Skadi was alive, and currently seeking shelter within the Laputa territory? 

It didn’t feel very good.

Was there really a reason to keep her alive?

Who knew if she might have a secret card up her sleeve?

Maybe if she had tried to talk and negotiate it first before entering the Laputa territory things may have been different, but this uninvited visit pissed Kang Chul-In off.

Skadi should have been more cautious in her encounter with Kang Chul-In.

“Now, die.”

At that point, Kang Chul-In was ready to snap Skadi’s neck.

But before he could commit to the act, 


His kind daughter, the little angel that was Arshelly, delayed the death of Skadi.



Arshelly seemed to be in shock.

It made sense, as they were in the middle of the night and her father was about to snap a random woman’s neck. Arshelly was still a child, after all.

“Is she an intruder?”

But still, Arshelly didn’t misunderstand the situation here. Even though she was young, she was extremely intelligent and quick-witted.

“That’s right.”

Kang Chul-In nodded his head.

“I didn’t see anything here. I will quickly return to bed.”


“Good ni--, I mean, please take care of the unfinished business, father.”

“But why did you wake up?”

“Because I didn’t say goodnight to you before going to bed…”

At this point, it made sense to say that Arshelly wasn’t just a kind daughter, but an angel.

“It’s alright. Quickly, go to bed now.”

“Yes father, good night. I love you~”

Bowing towards Kang Chul-In, Arshelly quickly headed off into her bedroom.

“Consider yourself lucky.”

Kang Chul-In let go of Skadi.

“If not for my daughter, you would have died.”

“T-Thank you for your…”

“Get lost.”


“I don’t want to see that face of yours again.”

A terrifying and intense gaze made Skadi cower in fear.

Finally, Skadi realized that she had made a mistake. She shouldn’t have made this move, and should have instead slowly gained Kang Chul-In’s trust.

“Thank you. Truly.”

“I thought I told you to get lost?”

“So you’re not going to listen to anything I have to say?”

“Well, is there anything that changes if I listen to what you say? You’ve thrown away your position as Lord in order to keep your own life. That means that you’ve also thrown away most of your power. Do I really look so kindhearted that I'd negotiate with someone who is basically a hobo?”

Kang Chul-In could tell what had happened in a glance.

Of course, he didn’t know whether Skadi had also done this in the previous life. He was just able to see the current situation.

“Yes, that’s right. I’m a hobo, and I have nothing right now.”

Skadi nodded her head, agreeing with Kang Chul-In’s words.

“Ever since I’ve become a Lord I’ve always predicted my own death, and I've also tried my best in order to stop my death. However, it didn't seem like it could be stopped. But, my fate changed after meeting you, Overlord Kang Chul-In.”


“The reason for my destined death… was probably due to my territory, since it’s a strategic point between two powerful Lords, Alex Rothschild and Albrecht Vilhelm. That’s right. I’ve thrown away my position as Lord so that I can live. But I haven’t thrown away my hope yet.”

“... And what do you mean by that?”

“Overlord Kang Chul-In, please take me in.”

“...And what do I get from taking you in?”


From her pocket, Skadi took out a purple orb, and handed it to Kang Chul-In.

“This is the Soul Core of my Esmerelda territory. Since I’ve given up my ownership, it belongs to no one.”

“And you’re going to give this to me?”

“That’s right.”

“What’s the reason for doing that?”

“...Because I want salvation.”


“The last time I foresaw the future, I saw the citizens of the Esmerelda territory in pain.”

Skadi was able to see the future accurately.

“I didn’t see any answers for this except for one. Just you, Overlord Kang Chul-In.”

“Are you sure you have the right person here?”

“Yes, my eyes are precise.”

Skadi didn’t even flinch.

“I know that you aren’t a man that's satisfied with being the ruler of just one area. Someone like you? Never. In my opinion… your end goal is to unify and conquer all of Pangaea!”


“And for that, don’t you think that the Esmerelda territory will help you in that journey of becoming the ruler of Pangaea? The Esmerelda territory is an extremely key location within Pangaea, and giving it to either of your rivals, Alex Rothschild or Albrecht Vilhelm, is probably something that you don’t want either.”

“That’s right.”

Kang Chul-In nodded his head.

“And by giving me the power to control the Esmerelda territory, you’ll also be giving me an excuse to wage war against both Rothschild and Albrecht?”


“But right now, there are too many things to do before I am able to control that territory without any problems. There are lots for me to do.”

“I know.”

“It might take a few years.”

“I don’t care about how long it takes. If someone isn’t able to do the job, then the citizens of the Esmerelda territory will always suffer in pain.”

“So… is that it? For taking you in, you are going to give me control over the Esmerelda territory?”

“...There’s one more thing I didn’t add.”



Skadi hesitated a bit, before…

“Please marry me, Overlord Kang Chul-In.”

Showing her ridiculous ‘bravery,' that put even Hecate to shame.

“Please take me and the Esmerelda territory in, and have a marriage with me. If you do so, I’ll treat this as something more than just a political marriage, and treat you with all my sincerity.”


The next morning.

Due to Skadi Andvari’s sudden request, the Laputa territory was completely flipped over.

“We have to do this.”

Kwak-jung had just come back from Earth when he had first heard of this matter. 

“No, not just this, but we also have to set up a political marriage with the Lord of the Dorado territory, Lee Chae-rin. Isn’t it obvious that as an Overlord, Milord also has to do these things in order to create more stable alliances? Not only that, but they also say that a hero has 3 or more wives, so no one would dare to curse at you, Milord.”

Drakan, who usually didn’t talk during these meetings, also opened his mouth.

“I also believe that for this matter, Milord should agree to this marriage. As a powerful man like Milord, isn’t it your duty to leave behind descendants to carry on the powerful bloodline? If Milord were to bear a prince as his second child, everyone within the territory would be overjoyed.”

Drakan also agreed with Kwak-Jung, and demanded that he marry.

Kang Chul-In hadn’t yet arrived at the meeting, and everyone was deciding without letting him know. Looking at the festive atmosphere, it seemed like Kang Chul-In’s marriage was already decided.

But one person was extremely flustered from the words being spoken during this meeting.

Milord… will marry…

It was secretary Lucia.


Alfred spoke.

“I think everyone’s getting too heated here. Why don’t we resume this talk after we take a short break.”

Surprisingly, it was none other than Alfred who came to the rescue of Lucia, even though he was one of the people that usually demanded Kang Chul-In marry.

“Is that so? Fine, let me have some candy and we can continue.”

Taking out some candy from his pocket, Kwak-Jung started to eat it. It was his new habit, as Kang Chul-In had forced him to quit smoking.

“Secretary Lucia.”

Alfred handed Lucia some warm tea.

“Yes, Butler Alfred?”

“Why haven’t you yet proposed marriage to Milord?”

“That… there’s a reason for that.”

“Huhu, what kind of reason?”


Lucia spoke of her secrets.


At the same time, in the Lord’s hall.

“I can’t stand this anymore!”

Sitting atop the throne with an uncomfortable expression, Kang Chul-In finally made an extreme decision.


Once again, he had broken the windows and jumped out. He had run away because he was too scared to face his scariest enemy to date: marriage.


“W-Where are you going, Milord!”


Even though the servants tried to stop Kang Chul-In, they were powerless to do so.

“Tell them that I’ve gone to meet the Nine-tails!”

Saying that, Kang Chul-In disappeared into the horizon.

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