Chapter 136. Oh, my husband!

Overlord of Blood and Iron

The Ninetails tried to match lips with Kang Chul-In.

“What are you doing?”

Kang Chul-In’s voice turned incomparably frosty.


The Ninetails looked up at Kang Chul-In with surprised eyes.

“Get out of the way if you don’t wanna get injured.”



“I understand.”

At Kang Chul-In’s frosty attitude, the Ninetails had no choice but to step aside.

“Don’t ever!"

Kang Chul-In warned her.

“Try something like that on me again. You devious woman.”


“Do you understand?”


The Ninetails realized that she shouldn’t continue stirring up Kang Chul-In.

H-He withstood my charm…

And she looked up at Kang Chul-In in disbelief.

The only reason she was able to get past Kang Chul-In’s tenacious mind was because of her special authority, ‘aura of charm’. 

Aura of charm had a 99% chance to seduce and mind control males. It was powerful enough to make even the strongest succubi blush in shame.

As the queen of the fox-humans, the Ninetails had charm that could be compared with Lilith, the queen of the succubi.

“As expected, you are… truly a special man. What powerful mental strength.”

The Ninetails murmured, shocked. 

“Please forgive me with your kindness and grace.”

Even though the Ninetails was a devious woman, she also had the qualities of a queen.

Oh? Look at this…

Kang Chul-In’s eyes shined.

The Ninetails in front of him was a smart woman.

Or, would it be accurate to say that she was quick-witted?

Kang Chul-In was mad that the Ninetails had tried to seduce him. As a ‘warrior’, he hated his own senses and desires going beyond his control.

The Ninetails was able to quickly sense that change, and apologize before Kang Chul-In could take out his anger on her. 

“Don’t ever do that again.”

Kang Chul-In decided to be graceful about it this time.

“Yes, my dear husband.”

“It’s the last time you do that. Make sure to remember.”

“Dear husband, I thank you for your grace. I will never…”


Kang Chul-In stopped the Ninetails from speaking further with a cold voice.

“Why do you keep calling me husband?”


“I am not your husband. How many times do I have to tell you until you understand? We haven’t even met before now.”

“No, that’s not true, dear husband.”

The Ninetails shook her head.

“I am unable to marry anyone except for you, so no matter what, I cannot lose this opportunity. I’m not allowed to even touch a man that the bell doesn’t ring for.”

“Ha, that doesn’t make sense at all. I really don’t know why that rule is so important that it’s been kept for a thousand years. You are the queen right now. Shouldn’t you change the rules so that it benefits you instead?”

Kang Chul-In spoke.

What he said was right.

Bad traditions should be changed. Isn't one sign of a good ruler that they are willing to change bad traditions to benefit the future generations?

“Change the rules. If you do that, there’s no reason for either you or me to talk about this ridiculous thing. Imagine if the bell rang for someone else. Let’s say… a goblin. Would you still marry him?”

“I guess?”


Kang Chul-In froze momentarily.

The marriage between the Ninetails and a goblin was a terrible combination no matter how he looked at it.

“After all, that’s the only way to make the new Ninetails free from this rule.”

“So it was forced?”


“And you’re saying that you can sacrifice yourself for the future generations?”

“Hmm. Even though I did say that, I’m not sure how I would really react if that actually happened.”


Kang Chul-In laughed.


The Ninetails interrupted Kang Chul-In’s words.

“Husband, I believe that it’s truly foolish to miss a chance like this. Ones that grasp at their opportunities are the true winners in life. And not only that…”

“Not only that?”

“H-Husband is…”

The Ninetails blushed.

She looked as if she were a girl that had just entered puberty, making Kang Chul-In question whether she was the same woman that was tempting him from before.

“My type…”


“I... I fell in love with you at first glance, my husband.”

The Ninetails suddenly revealed.


“It’s because you are truly the same as I had imagined and dreamed of…”

“Stop lying.”

Kang Chul-In wasn’t moved, however, and interrupted the Ninetails. 

“N-No, really!”

“Can you really say that with that over there?”

Kang Chul-In pointed towards the corner. Over there was a portrait of that damned Emperor of Blood and Iron that Kang Chul-In despised so much.

“...You’re misunderstanding.”

“Enough. I came here to talk about business, not to hear some stupid love story. I no longer want to listen to your marriage talks.”

Kang Chul-In drew the line.

I was being serious, my dear husband… Hmph!

Though the Ninetails was depressed, she knew that she shouldn’t press the matter further.

“Let’s talk business now.”

Kang Chul-In headed towards one of the rooms in the Sarangbang.

“W-Wait for me, dear!”

With her nine tails swaying, the Ninetails quickly followed after Kang Chul-In.


Long story short, the talks between Kang Chul-In and the Ninetails went well.


“Husband, I will always follow your orders.”

It was because the Ninetails let Kang Chul-In do whatever he wanted to.

“...Didn’t I tell you that the werewolf king Alaric and the Necromancer Overlord Aleister have allied? If this goes on, your territory will be conquered.”

“Yes~! Of course you did~!”


“What should I do, dear~? I’ll listen to you.”

The Ninetails sat in her chair while laying her head on the table, staring at Kang Chul-In. She seemed like a flirty high school girl. 

Her tails kept on swaying, making Kang Chul-In feel somewhat annoyed.

“Can you not do anything with your tails?”

Unable to take it anymore, Kang Chul-In made the request to the Ninetails.

“Isn’t it cute? The tail of the fox-humans are famed as being one of our beautiful and special characteristics. And I… have nine of these tails.”


“If you take me in…”

Picking up a bottle of whiskey and pouring it for Kang Chul-In with one of her tails, the Ninetails showed off her tricks in front of Kang Chul-In.

“You can have all of these tails.”

“....You can give them to Kwak-Jung.”


“No, nothing.”

Kang Chul-In thought of Kwak-Jung who had revealed great interest towards the fox-humans.

“Hng~! Husband… Won’t you come and follow me to go look at some stuff that could be gifts for our marriage?”


Kang Chul-In was like a metal wall.

“You and the fox valley are in huge danger right now, so how can you stay so calm and ask to go look for some marriage gifts?”

Kang Chul-In spoke ferociously, remembering when the Ninetails had died in his previous life. 


The Ninetails answered quickly.

“I understand. I am the queen of the Fox Valley, as well as the queen of all of the demi-humans living here. But, there’s no need to worry now.”

The Ninetails spoke while laughing.

“Since my dear husband is now here, I’m not afraid of anything. After all, husband can just solve everything for me.”


“I can give you Fox Valley if you want too. My heart and body are all yours.”

At this point, Kang Chul-In didn’t know what to say. A normal conversation was impossible.

“Enough. Ninetails, call one of your generals or advisers. I think it would be faster to talk with the one who has authority over the army.”

“There are none.”


“Since there are all sorts of demi-humans within Fox Valley, it would lead to revolts and disputes if I appointed one demi-human race as general.”

“So you’re saying… all the power lies with you?”

“Exactly, husband.”



Even though things were going even better than expected, Kang Chul-In didn’t feel good.

The title of hero he had received, the thousand-year promise, and finally the love of the Ninetails... he felt as if things were going wrong for some reason.

I’ll get out of here quickly.

Kang Chul-In decided to quickly leave this place after solving the fight between Aleister and the Ninetails.


That night, in the Palace of Promise, Kang Chul-In was in deep thought on how to fight against Aleister.

I need more troops.

With just the power of the Fox Valley, it seemed difficult to fight Aleister.

But if he pulled in his own troops from Laputa, he feared that his identity would be exposed. He didn't have many options other than that.

The Ninetails would be of no use in the fight against Aleister.

Since Aleister led an undead army, there was no way that the Ninetails' mind control would work against them.

How would she seduce the undead, when they had no desires? Aleister was the hard counter for the Ninetails.

The fog. The fog is the problem, because I can’t see their numbers through the fog. How can I make the fog useful for me… Wait a minute…

Kang Chul-In was able to finally think of an idea.

“Ah, there was this method. Seems like this war will be easily won.”

Kang Chul-In muttered confidently.


At the same time, strange rumors started going around Fox Valley.

The hero was actually an Ancient Dragon!

The hero is an Ancient Dragon that had disguised himself as a human being!

He is just having fun in the mortal world right now!

It seems our queen is trying to get the Ancient Dragon to marry her!

These kinds of rumors...


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