Chapter 138. Fox Valley Siege (pt. 1)

Overlord of Blood and Iron

10 minutes later.


Amur’s eyes had gone black from the beating he had gotten, and he was stuffing something that seemed like a tissue into his nose.

Tzzt, what an ignorant fellow to go against milord. Truly an idiotic cat.

Drakan clicked his tongue, looking at Amur with disdain.

He should have picked someone of similar strength as him to pick on, not the Overlord Kang Chul-In.

No matter how he looked at it, it was suicide.

Drakan felt that it would be safer going to exterminate a dragon than fighting his lord, Kang Chul-In.

“Let’s continue the meeting again then.”

Kang Chul-In wiped his hands and put them on the new table they had brought.

Tuk tuk.

Every time Kang Chul-In’s fingers hit the table, the officials of Fox Valley got more nervous, and their hatred of Amur grew deeper.

Why’d General Amur have to piss off the terrifying advisor?

As if a cat would be a match against an Ancient Dragon...

Suits him, after showing off against an Ancient Dragon.

The officials thought to themselves, glaring at Amur. 


Though Amur felt their piercing gazes, he didn’t open his mouth, taking in the embarrassment.

This man… is he really an Ancient Gold Dragon?

No matter who looked at him, Amur seemed like he had gone half-insane due to his shocking and overwhelming loss against Kang Chul-In.

That power, that speed; it’s impossible for a mere human to possess that strength. I have never seen a man who was able to beat me up as if I were a dog… I’ll never provoke him again.

Amur recalled what had happened 10 minutes into his fight with Kang Chul-In.

Yes, there’s no doubt that this man in front of me is an Ancient Gold Dragon. Otherwise, I wouldn’t lose so easily like that.

“I’m warning everyone right now.”

While Amur was thinking ridiculous things, Kang Chul-In opened his mouth.

“If anyone has any complaints, speak up now. We can’t continue this process of going in and out of the meeting. I’ll give you 3 seconds. If you have any complaints, you’re free to raise your hand and speak up.”

Of course, there was no one foolish enough to raise their hands.

“Hahaha, a-advisor, please cease your anger.”

A demi-human with the head of a goat said cautiously. It was obvious that he was trying to smoothen the atmosphere.

“Y-Yes, sire.”

Another demi-human with the head of a deer spoke.

“The advisor is the one that our Queen personally put into position, so there’s no way that we have any complaints.”

At this, the other demi-humans also took the opportunity to agree.

“That’s right!”

“We agree with what the revered advisor says!”

“We will follow you!”

Was there anything they could do if what they thought was an Ancient Gold Dragon told them to shut up? They had to follow all of Kang Chul-In’s orders.

At that moment.

“Lord advisor!”

A turtle demi-human that looked somewhat stupid spoke up.

“As the Queen’s husband…”

And the word ‘husband’ ticked Kang Chul-In off.

Though he was thinking deeply on the matter of political marriage, he was still pissed off when some stupid turtle decided to bring out the matter he was struggling with.

He was already stressed enough about this marriage.

“Hey turtle.”

Kang Chul-In clenched his fists and spoke.


Feeling the killing intent of Kang Chul-In, the turtle demi-human put his head back into his shell. 

“Follow me.”


“Follow me quickly while I speak nicely.”


And due to this, the meeting was delayed once more.

10 minutes later,


Unlike Amur, the turtle demi-human was unable to stop his tears from falling after the terrifying beating that Kang Chul-In had presented.

W-We have to be careful of what we say…

The Ancient Gold Dragon truly is brutal!

W-What was the problem there?

The other demi-humans were absolutely terrified now, and sweated profusely at Kang Chul-In.

“Uh… advisor?”

A demi-human with rabbit ears spoke up.


“Isn’t this meeting somewhat meaningless?”

“What do you mean meaningless?”

“The demi-humans in Fox Valley are just used to taking orders from the Queen and following them. Since we will listen to the orders of the advisor anyway, there seems to be no meaning to holding a meeting.”


“We have always followed the Queen. Since there is such a large variety of demi-human races, we have always served her only.”

“So you’re saying that there’s no point, and this is a meaningless conversation?”

“Yes, lord.”

“Very well.”

Kang Chul-In nodded his head.

It seems like this is a place well-suited for a one-man-rule, and a dictatorship.

Kang Chul-In understood why all the power in Fox Valley was concentrated in the Ninetails now.

“Everyone is dismissed, so go rest now. I will give specific orders through a messenger later.”

Finally, the meeting ended with nothing happening except for two demi-humans receiving Kang Chul-In’s famed ‘mental training’. It was a meeting with no gains.

Actually, to be accurate that wasn’t true.

Kang Chul-In had earned something. It was that the rumor of him being an Ancient Dragon became more believable.

No matter what, Amur was the most powerful general of Fox Valley.

And that Amur was unable to put up a fight, being one-sidedly beaten up in a fight against Kang Chul-In? It was an incident that led to more and more demi-humans believing Kang Chul-In truly was an Ancient Gold Dragon.

And this misunderstanding was what led to an incredible crisis and embarrassment in the future…


In the holy area of the Fox Valley, the Holy Graveyard.

The current Nintails paid her respects to her fallen predecessors.


The Queen of the Fox Valley who was once known as Isabel kneeled down, and spoke.

“Finally, finally the person has come. After a thousand years… From now on, the Ninetails don't need to live a life by themselves. Because this girl definitely won’t lose this opportunity!”

The Ninetails vowed.

“Please look over this girl, predecessors. Please let this girl’s love come true. This girl… has fallen in love at first glance.”


The orders that Kang Chul-In had made to prepare for the upcoming siege was strange.

Kang Chul-In had told the demi-humans to go out in the forest area near them, and cut down the trees.

“Why is he telling us to cut down the trees?”

A turtle demi-human holding an axe complained.

“And it’s not just chopping them down. He wants us to cut down the trees so that there’s a circle that blocks the forest from the other parts of the forest? What the hell is this?”

“Hey, hey. Stop complaining. The advisor is an Ancient Gold Dragon, so I’m sure he has a plan.”

A rabbit demi-human spoke.

“I mean, that’s true, but…”

“Why are you still suspicious? We’re going to win anyway. No matter how many they bring, they still won’t be a match for the advisor once he polymorphs back into his original form, and kills everyone.”

“I mean, of course. There’s no way that an Ancient Dragon would lose against a group of wolves and humans.”

“Then c’mon, and let’s work. They said we’ll win if we just chop up trees.”

In truth, the story that the turtle worked hard while the rabbit took a nap was just bullsh*t.

Currently the rabbit was the one working hard, and the turtle was busy complaining. It seemed that stories were just stories, and they were far from the truth.


Finally, it was time for the full moon.

Two hours before the sunset, Kang Chul-In was prepared to move out from the Palace of Promise.

He wore rare-ranked armor, along with the Epic rank ‘Mask of Chaos’. On his back, he wore a decoration made out of the feather of crows, instead of a cape.

“Dear husband, please look this way.”

The Ninetails helped Kang Chul-In.

“I’m going now.”

Kang Chul-In didn’t bother speaking honey-coated words to the Ninetails before he left.


“The battle is near. This isn’t time to be complaining.”

“But, husband will win for us anyway.”


The eyes of the Ninetails sparkled, making Kang Chul-In speechless.


As night fell, the allied forces of Alaric and Aleister marched on towards Fox Valley.

Clack clack!

There were nearly 2000 skeletons, 500 ghouls, 1000 zombies, as well as some higher-ranked undead monsters inside Aleister’s army. It truly was the ‘army of death’.



Though the numbers were lacking compared to the undead army, Alaric’s werewolves were also terrifying.

Getting a buff under the full moon, these werewolves were nothing to scoff at, with an overall 20% increase in their battle strength. 


Riding upon a phantom steed, Aleister laughed creepily.

“Just you wait, foolish demi-humans! I’ll let you have a taste of true fear.”

Aleister was supremely confident.


And next to him, Alaric also seemed sure of their victory.

“Ha, they might’ve already surrendered. There’s only that Amur who’s useful amongst those cowardly demi-humans.”

“Amur? Is he a tiger-human?”

“That’s right. Other than that mercenary that struck Kalevala back then, Amur is the strongest in Fox Valley.”

Alaric explained.

“Oh, will you kill him?”

“Of course.”

“Then can you give his body to me as a present?”

“...Are you going to turn him into a zombie?”

“Of course not! I’ll make him into a Dullahan, or a Death Knight. I can’t let such a valuable body like a tiger-man rot as a mere zombie.”

“Hoho, it makes me laugh thinking that that stupid tiger is going to becoming one of your toys. Kuku…”

“True! Kukuku…”

Aleister and Alaric laughed amongst themselves.

“Tonight, you’ll become the king of Fox Valley.”

Aleister laughed, and complimented Alaric.

“And you will also become a more powerful existence as you take in the bodies of the powerful warriors and the predecessor of the Ninetails.”

And Alaric also lip-serviced Aleister.

That was right.

This half-undead and the Werewolf king were sure of their victory. They were already thinking of the gains they would make after this battle was over.

And while they talked joyously amongst themselves, they entered an area where one could see a white road.

The fog cleared out.

And they could see white walls.

They had finally arrived at the paradise for demi-humans, Fox Valley!

“Have you finally come, insects?”

A man who stood atop the middle of the walls spoke. It was a man wearing a mask that changed his voice, the Overlord Kang Chul-In.

“Welcome to your graveyard!”

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