Chapter 35. The Incomplete Genius and the Completed.

Overlord of Blood and Iron

There was nothing particularly special about the next morning.

As usual, Team Slayers ate breakfast as soon as dawn came. Then, Podolski did an informal roll call to check on the health of the adventurers.

The results were good health. They were good to start their day.

An hour before departure, Kang Chul-In and Dorian moved to a secluded location.

One could say that it was a type of private tutoring.

In order to solidify their relationship, Kang Chul-In decided to teach Dorian 1-on-1. It was an act to keep Dorian away from the bastard Rothschild once Ragnarok came.

Dorian was a man who showed loyalty to those that showed him favor. If Kang Chul-In helped him grow quickly, at the least, they would not become enemies.

“Sigh…… this doesn’t seem to be working out too well?”

Having blossomed a deep blue flame in his hand, Dorian suddenly furrowed his brows. With a “bang”, the flame disappeared.

“You’re struggling with something so easy.”

Kang Chul-In’s mouth made a tiny smirk as he teased Dorian.

“Such an easy thing…..”

As he spoke such words, a flame bigger than the one that Dorian had created appeared in Kang Chul-In’s hand.

It was the skill Mana Fire.

It was a skill that wasn’t particularly special.

Mana Fire utilized the root of mana for all supernatural powers to create the flame. Although it was just the spirit of the natural laws, it was a skill that wasn’t known to the adventurers. To put it simply, it was the most basic of basic skills.

“You can’t even do an easy thing like this. How incompetent.”

Kang Chul-In made fun of Dorian as he proceeded to teach him the basic skill.


Dorian exploded.

“Why, why isn’t it working?!”

Dorian suddenly created the flame, but it did not last long. It would last about 20-30 seconds and disappear. Compared to Kang Chul-In, who had his flame going for over 5 minutes, it was like a drop of water in the middle of an ocean.

“Who knows?”

Kang Chul-In smiled.

“You….you, you…… are you pitying me?”

“What pity? I have no pity for an incompetent person.”


The angry Dorian clenched his teeth.

“Ah….Why, why isn’t it working? Why?”

It was normal for him to be angry.

They were both Lords at the same level using the same skill. Yet Kang Chul-In’s fire was like an active volcano, while Dorian’s was nothing more than a match flame. Being on equal terms, it was normal for Dorian to get angry when he was trying so hard.

“Che, nothing is coming out of me teaching you.”

Kang Chul-In shook his head.

“T-there’s no point in teaching me? But isn’t this considered good?”

“Go somewhere else if you want to hear compliments.”

“If you think that everything is going to work out just because you’re trying, then there would be no such thing as failure in this world.”

“T-that’s true.”

“Find the cause. Your skills won’t get any better if you’re not fixing the fundamental problem.”

“I’m telling you that I don’t know what that is!”

“If you don’t know, then you will stay an incompetent person.”


“That’s the way this world works.”

Kang Chul-In continued to admonish the depressed Dorian.

He seems to be quite angry.

He kept to himself the fact that he was quite happy.

No matter how talented you are, it’s still too much for you.

Although Dorian’s learning abilities were quick, it would take some time for him to find a clue. At the least, 2 months? It was impossible for him to create an intact Mana Fire before then. However……..

If I give him the answer, it would be different.

He may understand immediately.

Kang Chul-In was also a talented individual and knew how to use Mana Fire like the back of his hand, so he knew exactly how to guide Dorian.

“It’s because your head is too stupid,” Kang Chul-In said.

“Head? Mine?”

Dorian was surprised.

“How? I’m not stupid……”

Saying that he wasn’t stupid when he was stupid made Kang Chul-In laugh, but he decided not to react to those words. Although Dorian had slow senses and was clumsy, he was definitely at the top when it came to utilizing mana, compared to the 300,000 people that had crossed over to this world.

“Close your mouth and listen.”

“….Yes, sir.”

“I’m not sure if it’s because you’ve spent a lot of your time in the military, but your head has gotten a bit dull. Although you might be good at following orders and doing as you’re told……. you probably don’t know where those orders came from and why those orders were being given. It may have also just been a waste of time to be questioning the orders that were given to you.”

“I-is that so?”

“From what I can see…… although you don’t want to admit it, you are extremely smart when it comes to specific fields. Only, you’re unable to apply everything because of how dull your head has gotten.”

“Mmmm…… so what’s your point?”

“The reason why you’re not able to properly command your Mana Fire.”

At Kang Chul-In’s words, Dorian’s eyes grew wide.

“It’s very simple.”


“Do you want to learn it?”

“Of course!”

With Kang Chul-In’s subtle question, Dorian nodded enthusiastically.

“You need to come to me whenever I call for you.”

“Whenever? When are you going to call for me? I also have a schedule…….”

“Whenever you’re completely free and have time.”

“Okay, I’ll do it. Is that enough? Now, tell me.”

Dorian did not know that he was signing a type of slave contract.

You are now my little slave.

Kang Chul-In kept Dorian hard at work in the past, and now, he had set himself up to do the same in the present. He was quite the ruthless man.

“What’s the fundamental thing to do for Mana Fire?”

Hiding his bad intentions, Kang Chul-In continued.

“That is….you said that I had to focus my mind onto my mana and release it? And think of a flame as I’m releasing it? At least, that’s what you said.”

“That’s just if you’re talking theoretically. What do you think you need to do if you want to create a flame that lasts as long as mine and is as strong as mine?”

“It’s the power of your imagination.”


Dorian asked back regarding the unexpected answer.

“Is that the solution?”

“I’m sure I told you that it was simple.”

“Y-you did…….”

“When you use Mana Fire, I’m sure you simply think of a flame. Something like a bonfire or a gas fire.”

“How did you…….?!”

“That is the difference between you and me.”

“I’m sure I have told you before that we do not use the mana within our hearts with the strength of our heartbeats or the use of muscles.”

“That’s right. You told me that it was my concentration and the power of my imagination.”

“You can’t expect your Mana Fire to be strong when your imagination is so weak.”


“When I use Mana Fire, I picture an active volcano or floating lava.”

“If you use your whole mind to focus on the image and completely solidify your image-making…… this can happen. Watch.”


A deep red flame rose up from Kang Chul-In’s hand and shot up 5m into the air. This was true Mana Fire. In his prime days, Kang Chul-In had used the basic Mana Fire skill to kill a company of enemies.


Dorian gulped.

‘H-how can such a thing……..!”

The current Mana Fire was on a completely different level than any of the ones that Kang Chul-In had shown up till now.

It was strong and looked dangerous. There was no doubt that the damage would be immense as well.

“It doesn’t always work just because you think about it. You need to put yourself through intense meditation every day to grind and polish the flames within your heart.”


As if he finally understood, Dorian gave a shout.

“Only, bear in mind that you will deplete a lot of mana if you release something this big.”


“Try it.”

Kang Chul-In gestured towards Dorian with his chin.

“Already? It hasn’t even been a minute since you’ve taught me!”

“You should be able to do it after seeing it once.”

“T-that’s too much!”

“If it’s too much, then don’t learn it.”

“…… I’ll try it.”

Dorian lowered his tail as soon as Kang Chul-In made a scene. The only one disappointed was Dorian himself.

A bigger flame….concentrate and concentrate some more.

Using what he had learned from Kang Chul-In, Dorian focused his mind.

Whoosh, whoosh!

A Mana Fire appeared.

“Huh, uh?”

Dorian was surprised to see that the flame was stronger than before. It was obvious that it was unbelievable for him, even though he had created it himself.

“I-it worked!”

“I’ll give you 10 points out of 100.”

Kang Chul-In smiled as he rated the flame.


“Because it’s smaller than mine.”

“If you think it’s unfair, then do better.”

After saying such words, Kang Chul-In began to move before Dorian could say anything. Just in time for Podolski to leave for his morning hunt.

The afternoon of that day.

Dorian applied his Mana Fire for 10 minutes and played the leading role for the engineering group.


Dorian had hit the Orc on its chin…….


Quickly turning his body, he threw out his elbow.


With a dull sound, the Orc fell to the ground whilst vomiting. Surprisingly, Dorian could take down his opponent with his bare hands.


Having just finished a fight, Dorian took a deep breath.

“Wow, Dorian’s getting stronger?”

“How was he able to take down an Orc with his bare hands?”

“That, what is that blue thing that’s wrapped around his hands?”

Seeing Dorian’s rapid growth, many surprised adventurers were speaking amongst themselves.

Kang Chul-In is much stronger than this……. how exactly did he become so strong?

Dorian was not fazed by the attention he was getting from the adventurers.

The only thing running in his mind was his curiosity towards Kang Chul-In’s strength and the strong desire of wanting to reach that same level. Kang Chul-In had no way of knowing that he had become a god within Dorian’s mind.

He’s quick, but he’s too hasty.

On the other side, Kang Chul-In was very cold with his evaluation of Dorian.

I’m sure you want to hurry and get stronger. However, there are steps for everything, Dorian.

Kang Chul-In could see Dorian’s psychological state like a ghost.

The you right now is too hasty. No matter how much of a genius you are, you’re going to end up paying dearly for it if you rush things.

He even knew how much of a dangerous state Dorian was currently in.

The period where it’s the most dangerous for anyone. That was the situation Dorian was currently in. It was a situation where, with the slightest mistake, one could be filled with rage and act with haste.

Kang Chul-In’s worries were not unfounded as they became reality right in front of his eyes.

1 hour later.

It happened when Team Slayers was on its way back to Base Camp after a tough fight with an Orc.


As a gigantic tree fell to the ground, a huge, greenish-gray giant appeared and blocked their path. It was at a distance of about 150 meters away from the group.


The loud roar was like thunder as it shook the entire forest.

With the sudden appearance of a giant, the adventurers froze in fear.

“Leader! Let’s hurry and retreat!” Lucia yelled.

“It’s dangerous!” Podolski also urgently yelled.

It was because they knew the identity of the monster.

It’s still a young…..

Just like Lucia and Podolski, Kang Chul-In was also able to recognize the monster with a quick look.


It was a level 35 Ogre, something often known as the king of the forest.

“Lucia, Podolski! To the front!” Kang Chul-In yelled out.

“Yes, General!”

“On my way!”

Having received orders, Lucia and Podolski rushed out like lightning.

This might be dangerous.

A fully-grown Ogre was about 5m tall. However, the Ogre that had just appeared was only about 3.5m tall.

Yet, it was still dangerous.

Even if the Ogre is considered to be young, it was still dangerous for the current adventurers. With the slightest mistake, they may be unable to escape total annihilation.


With a loud roar, the Ogre began to rush towards them.

“Parvis, equip the parvis!”

Kang Chul-In issued his orders.

The 5 parvis shields that were given to the adventurers were about 8kg in weight and were stuck into the ground to act as obstacles.

“Swords, to the front! Spears, parvis to the back!”

With Kang Chul-In’s orders, the adventurers quickly moved. They knew that the only person they could believe in at this moment was Kang Chul-In.

It was at that moment.

“Mister Dorian!” Lucia yelled.

“That crazy bastard.”

A vein bulged up on Kang Chul-In’s forehead.

Dorian Explorer was the first to rush out and was trying to fight against the Ogre head-on.

Being able to take down an Orc with bare hands, he must have thought that the Ogre was easy game. Even if he was able to use Mana Fire, the Ogre was currently way out of his league.

The desire to become strong. This was the decision of a hasty heart.


Kang Chul-In kicked the white horse in the ribs.


The horse began to gallop forward.

I can’t leave you to die like this.

Dorian was an indispensable human resource that had to be fully used. There was no way that Kang Chul-In was going to leave him to die a dog’s death. The “completed” was attempting to correct the mistakes of the immature genius.

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