Chapter 77. Unmarried Father, Kang Chul-In

Overlord of Blood and Iron

There was no 'psychopath murderer' here.

Behind the altar was a giant house, as well as an amusement park.


The children of Laputa were riding all sorts of rides, and having fun.

And staring at their faces, they looked like they were having the time of their lives, and it made the rescue team seem foolish.

"Royal father... sob... Father..."

The girl with black hair that seemed like it was weaved from the night sky stared at Kang Chul-In, and started sobbing.

'...Since when am I a father.'

And while Kang Chul-In was feeling startled, information of the girl in front of him popped up.

- Name: Arshelly Berlineta Pon Aurangzeb.

- Title: The Imperial Princess

- Age: 9 years old

- Rank: S rank (potential, immeasurable)

-Occupation: Lovely daughter, kind daughter, princess, magician, swordsman, psychic.

-Specialty: Everything

Explanation: The imperial princess of the Ancient Kingdom.

Born between the Emperor of Blood and Iron Julius Berlineta Pon Aurangzeb and the Royal Queen, she is born with an extremely powerful and impressive heritage and bloodline.


*Cannot be hated

*If truly awakened, immeasurable

S rank... immeasurable potential... even Nilus isn't able to compare to this.

Kang Chul-In had never seen a ridiculous unit like this.

9 years old and already an S rank unit, as well as an immeasurable potential.

And excluding the occupation of being a 'Lovely and Kind Daughter', being a magician, swordsman, and a psychic? There were some rare occasions where some powerful people could control both magic and the sword resulting in becoming the class of the Magic Swordsman, but there was no case where they also had psychic powers like right now. It was not like the human had two brains...


The girl, the imperial princess of the Ancient Kingdom, Arshelly started carefully walking towards Kang Chul-In.


And staring at Arshelly, Kang Chul-In tried to swing his sword.

'I cannot be deceived.'

Kang Chul-In wasn't naive enough to be tricked by the outer appearance of this little girl.

If one was not careful in the dungeon, it would undoubtedly lead to their deaths.

This situation could be an illusion, and could just be a fake. The second that he let his heart relax, he could be killed.


"I have been waiting for you, royal father."

Wiping off her tears, Arshelly stopped her sobbing and stopped about 3m in front of Kang Chul-In.

"What kind of bull..."

"Have you been well?"

Politely putting her two hands together, Arshelly bowed at Kang Chul-In.

"Daughter... this girl has been waiting for royal father. The promise that you would 

come back... I had no doubt that you would keep it."

Looking at her red eyes as well as her nose, she seemed to be very emotional.

"I wanted to see you... wanted to see royal father..."

Arshelly was speaking in a trembling tone, and it was obvious that she was barely stopping herself from crying. As expected of the Imperial Princess, she was very sensible for her age. After all, she was only 9...

"Royal father."

Arshelly once again called Kang Chul-In, and her wet eyes were so lovely that it made everyone other than Kang Chul-In want to hug her, and comfort her.

"Father... C-Can I hug..."


Kang Chul-In shook his head as if he was displeased.


"... Why not?"

Arshelly got depressed again.

"Don't be foolish. I am not your father, the Emperor of Blood and Iron. And not only that, I have never married before in my life. I do not have a daughter like you."

Kang Chul-In's reply was very cold.

Nilus, the immortal knight, even Arshelly... Kang Chul-In was displeased at the fact that all of these people thought that he was the stupid Emperor.

It was at that moment.

"K-Kang Chul-In..."

With a strange expression, Dorian pointed at a wall that was far away.


"Isn't... that you?"

At the far wall, there was a portrait that was about 10 by 8 meters hung on it.

'What the...'

Looking at the portrait, Kang Chul-In's face stiffened.

'He' was there.

A man wearing royal clothes of an emperor with black hair, he was looking arrogant and imposing. Was it as expected from an emperor?

But the problem... was that he looked to similar to the current Kang Chul-In. Other than the red eyes that the emperor had, everything else was the same, and it wouldn't be a stretch to say that it was actually a portrait of Kang Chul-In.

Maybe they used the expression doppelganger in moments like this.

"Why is there a portrait of milord there..."

Lucia who had also come because she was worried about Kang Chul-In stared at the portrait and immediately thought of Kang Chul-In.


And Nilus, as always, was laughing.

'There was a reason that he thought of me as the emperor.'

It made sense.

Even Kang Chul-In admitted that looking at the portrait was like he was staring at 

a mirror.

[The emperor is watching.]

Even the caption on the portrait was ridiculously arrogant. It seemed as if the emperor had a habit and hobby of bullying his servants and subordinates to work.


Arshelly once again called Kang Chul-In.

"This one... has waited for a thousand years. If you could just hug me once... I... I really wanted to see you..."

Like a lovely puppy, Arshelly looked at Kang Chul-In and once again asked him to hug her.

And Lucia...

'Oh my... how could a child be so lovely and composed at such a young age?'

'I... I wanna hug her instead of Kang Chul-In instead....'

...was what Dorian was thinking.

"Hmmm... what a lovely young girl."

And strangely, Nilus started stroking his nonexistent beard. Although he had memories of the emperor, it seemed like he had no memories of Arshelly.


"Stay back."

But Kang Chul-In was still indifferent.

"Who's your father. I'm still unmarried."

Kang Chul-In had never married in this lifetime, nor in his previous lifetime. He was so engrossed in work that he had no thoughts of starting a family or having romance.

For someone like him to be called father by a girl that he had never seen before, there was no way he would be happy. After all, he seemed like he would become an unmarried mother, no, father!

Of course, Arshelly herself was extremely pretty and lovely.

She was pretty enough that the small girls that came up on the media for being pretty were like squids compared to her,

It seemed like she had a sort of beauty that didn't exist in this world.

And not only that, Arshelly was extremely polite and sensible. One could tell this from the fact that she forced herself to stop crying in front of her father.

Although he had never seen her, it made one think that they wanted to become the father of Arshelly.

"Then later..."


But Kang Chul-In still remained cold and turned the other ear on her.


And he pointed at the children who were still having fun riding rides even though their Lord had come in person.

"Is this your doing?"

"That... I was so lonely... and bored... I-I wanted company... I was going to send 

them away after today..."

Arshelly looked downcast.

"I am truly sorry, father."

And she asked Kang Chul-In for forgiveness.

"I won't do it again."

Yes, the true owner of this dungeon was not an evil marionetteer, but a 9 year old girl that had been stuck inside this place for a thousand years.

There was no such thing like an evil intent.

It was just a little girl that wanted to play with children that were of the same age as her.

'I can't even kill her.'

Although if it was anyone else he would have swung his sword, he strangely didn't feel like doing so towards Arshelly.


Lucia spoke.

"She seems like a good child. Why don't we take her with us?"

Lucia seemed like she was already in love with Arshelly, even though it had been less than 5 minutes since they met.

"Uhh... Kang Chul-In?"

And Dorian was the same on this.

"Can't we let her go this once? How can we kill a child like this." And only that, the children of your territory areis also fine. Why don't you just take her... at least for my sake..."

And Kang Chul-In's response to this was...

"That is what I am planning to do. Not that I have any intention of taking her in as a daughter."

It made sense.

And at that moment the quest tab suddenly glowed, showing that it was completed.

[ Royal Palace Dungeon, Clear! ]

[ Experience +3000! Level up, Level 37! ]

And due to the rewards for clearing the quest, the experience allowed him to level up.

[ Level up, Level 38! ]

[ Level up, Level 39! ]

And he rose 2 extra levels after that.

[ You have gained 1 ‘ticket of territory enrichment’]

[You have gained the Epic Item, ‘The needle of the Empress’]

And suddenly, a golden ring appeared on Kang Chul-In’s fingers, but there were no special options attached on it. It seemed like a special item. 


[You have obtained Arshelly Berlineta Pon Aurangzeb as your child!]

And something in Kang Chul-In’s [My information] list made Kang Chul-In’s flow backwards.

  • [My information]

Name: Kang Chul-In / Occupation: Lord / Class: Warrior

Lord Points: 390P / Ranking: HIdden (D-33 until unlocked)

Level: 39 / Specialty: Conquer (B ranked) / Tendency: Conquest Lord

Race: Human / Mandate: Locked (Unlocked when Overlord)

Spouse: - (Up to a maximum of 7)

(New!) Children: Arshelly Berlineta Pon Aurangzeb (Daughter)

(Notification!) You will lose a lot of your Lord points if you are not careful with raising your children.

(Notification!) If you pay attention in raising your child, your Lord points will rise by a small amount.

*A Lord’s child can be both a weakness to a Lord, and also a n existence that is a lovely existence to the Lord. A smart Lord should also raise their child well.

“What kind of system is this…?”

Kang Chul-In was forced to become the father of Arshelly, and was astonished.

‘All I hope for now is for son to marry and give me a lovely granddaughter…’

‘I really want a grandson… Actually, maybe a granddaughter might be better. Although I’ve gotten a son once, I’ve never had a daughter before. Our son is finally a proper worker, you should get married soon, shouldn’t you?’

‘This is going to be tiring.’ 

Kang Chul-In wrapped his face around with his arms, tired.


Arshelly walked towards Kang Chul-In and hugged his thighs.

“I will be a good daughter. Please treat me well, father. I love you.”

And… that was how Kang Chul-In got a daughter.

 To get out of the place, the rescue team, as well as the children who were now back to normal used a secret passage to get back to the territory. The secret passage as connected by a magic circle inside the Talking Tree forest.


“OHH!!! Our Lord has defeated the evil marionetteer!”

“The children are alive!”

All of the people that were waiting for Kang Chul-In’s return were cheering for him.

“Hip hip hooray for our Lord!”


“Come here, ride with me.”

Riding on a white horse, Kang Chul-In held his hand out to Arshelly. 


Arshelly’s eyes started sparkling.

‘I need to raise her well.’

Although she was not truly blood related to Kang Chul-In, what could he do if she was already listed as her daughter.

“Kang Chul-In!”

Dorian was the last one to exit the magic circle, and he shouted at Kang Chul-In.

Dorian was hugging a gigantic egg. There was a reason for him being the last between all of them, and it seemed like this was the reason.


Nilus was astonished.

“T-That is!”

“It seemed like he foundnew something.”:

“That is…”

But before Nilus was able to finish his words…



The egg started splitting apart.

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