Chapter 79. Finding a ‘super item’

Overlord of Blood and Iron

‘Dear god…’

Looking at Adrian’s behavior, Kang Chul-In was absolutely startled.

The reason was simple.

In Adrian’s hands was a plant that looked peculiar in shape, almost like seaweed. And using this plant, Adrian was rubbing his bald head crazily.


“C’mon… grow… Huh?”

Unaware of the fact that Kang Chul-In hadn’t left, Adrian was startled.

“Oh milord, you still haven’t left?”

“That thing in your hands.”

“What is it, and why are you rubbing your head with it.”

“This? Well, it’s nothing special.”

“Nothing special?”

“Well, this is weed called the ‘hair growth weed’, and it is actually very beneficial for people with hair loss…”

“Is that so? Well, does your hair grow if you rub your head with it?”

“Yes, sire.”

“Hmm… show me the effects, try it on yourself.”

“Eh? Milord… to show my pitiful self…”

“It’s fine, go on.”


“Just start.”

Although it was a little bit embarrassing for him, Adrian bowed his head 90 degrees towards Kang Chul-In, show his bald scalp.

‘This is it!’

Staring at the unexpected commodity, no, super item that he had just found, the tip of Kang Chul-In’s mouth wriggled, struggling not to smile. After all, he still had to maintain the dignity of being a Lord.

“M-Milord? Do I keep…”  

“Yes, just for a little bit longer, let me see.”  

Answering like this, Kang Chul-In looked cautiously and meticulously at Adrian’s hair. And looking at it, his expectations weren’t let down.

‘It’s growing!’

Although it wasn’t immediate, the hair was growing, at rates approximately around 0.05cm per minute.

‘To think that the main source of income for those damned Gulveig bastards was just a stupid type of plant. Unbelievable.’



“This weed, where did you find it?”

“There is a cave in the Dragonia Mountain Range, and in that cave, there are a lot of these plants.”

“Where is that? Take me there immediately.”

“Yes, milord.”

Although Adrian had no idea why Kang Chul-In wanted to go there, he did as he was ordered.

Heading to the Dragonia Mountains, Kang Chul-In’s thoughts were quite complicated.

These grotesque looking weeds were the geese that laid the golden eggs, and they were the reason behind the revolution to start a new era.

Of course, depending on the person this might seem quite absurd, but truthfully, it wasn’t so.

Although there was medicine to try and stop the process from occurring, there was no true ‘medicine’ to stop it, and actually grow one’s hair back.

For example…

France’s soccer star ‘Zinedine Zidane’ and the basketball superstar ‘Michael Jordan’, Hollywood’s ‘Bruce Willis’ etc. Even people like this who had worldwide fame and money could not escape the fate of being bald.

Was this on purpose? 

Did they not care about their hair?

...As if.

If a medicine to cure hair loss was truly invented, it would allow someone to not just earn a bunch of money, but even swim in a massive ocean full of money.

Weapons to blow up whole buildings?

Items that could summon the dead?

…These things were not needed on Earth.

What was needed on earth were items that could change a person’s lifestyle and how they lived.

This would be the greatest invention since the smartphone had first been introduced.

“Adrian. How exactly did you find out about the existence of this grass?”

Maybe it was due to ‘superior’ genetics, but it was difficult to find someone that was bald in Pangaea.

And if they were bald, they didn’t treat it as something to be embarrassed about, and instead embraced it. And for this very reason, it was very rare that a Pangaean would know about this weed.

“Well, ever since I got bald, there wasn’t anyone even teasing me about it, but I wondered if I would live the rest of the days out as a bald person. And one day, when I went to the caves to take some herbs, I coincidentally found them. And that cave is the very one where I am taking milord currently.”

‘They say that the greatest discoveries are often unintentional.’

“We’re here, milord.”

After an hour or so, Kang Chul-In arrived at the cave that Adrian was talking about.

And growing there… were the weeds that would make Kang Chul-In truly rich.

But the sight truly wasn’t very pleasing. 

The weeds were like seaweed, and the sight of them wriggling about the cave wasn’t a beautiful sight. 

But did that really matter?

The important thing was that these almost disgusting looking plants were the ‘medicine’ that almost 14% of the entire world’s population were in desperate need for.

Looking at these weeds, Kang Chul-In thought of the way to mass produce them. If the Gulveig Alliance of the past had achieved it, then so could he.

“Adrian. From henceforth, I shall promote you as the Laputa territory’s Chief of Animal Handling, and I will also give you and your family ranks as noblemen.”


“Also, if you want, I can give you responsibility over this cave. Although that job will be very important, and tiring for you.”

Adrian blinked his eyes like he didn’t understand. 

Of course.

It was difficult for a Pangaean to understand the importance of this cave to Kang Chul-In, and Earth.

To them, they were just fascinating weeds, and couldn’t even dream of the possibility that this could allow someone to rake in millions and billions of dollars.

“I-Is that so?”

“A Lord does not lie to his subordinates.”

“O-Of course. How could milord ever lie to someone like me?”  

“Well, I’ll give you time to decide. Tell me when you have made a decision. However, you must also realize the importance of this cave, and how much of a responsibility you will have as the one taking care of it.”

Saying this, Kang Chul-In walked down the way that they had come, ready to go to Earth. 

“Hey~ You’ve come!”

As soon as Kang Chul-In solved the problem with the Talking Tree sap, Kang Chul-In went to find Old man Kwon.

“Here, what you asked for.”

Saying this, Kang Chul-In handed the meat of the Peacock Dragon to Old man Kwon.

“Ohhh, is this ‘it’?”

“This is the sausages from the same Peacock Dragon that you ate last time. The effects will be the same.”

“Truly, thank you!”

Staring at the package of meat that Kang Chul-In had given him, Old man Kwon rejoiced, like a little child would.

“And this.”

Kang Chul-In handed a batch of ‘hair growth weed’ that was meticulously wrapped in wax paper to Old man Kwon.

“This is for the price of the lamborghini.”

“A Sesto Elemento? You do know that those things cost over 3 million dollars, right? Are you saying whatever is in here is the equivalent of something like that?”

“Just take it out, and rub it on yourself.”

Old man Kwon slowly opened the wax paper, as if he was treating a baby. And the sight of a peculiar looking plant greeted him.

“W-What even…”

“Just rub it on your head.”


“Bald hair… don’t you think it’s time to grow out of that?”

“No way…”

“Yes way. This is absolutely effective against hair loss, and is absolutely permanent. It doesn’t fall back out, once it grows.”

And Old man Kwon did as he was told.

“Hmm… well it doesn’t feel great, and it feels like I have seaweed on my head.”

“Endure it.”

“It’s not that I can’t endure it… Just don’t laugh, you guys.”

And Old man Kwon took his anger out on his bodyguards.

“Hmm… but why does my scalp itch so much?”

“Take a look in the mirror.”

And asking one of his many bodyguards, Old man Kwon got a hand mirror from one of them, with the bodyguards trying their best to suppress their laughter.

“Hmm… well, let’s see…”

And making a pose and staring at himself in the mirror, he looked at his bald head. And…


He dropped the mirror on the floor.

“I-Is my hair actually growing? W-What in the world am I seeing…”

“Our aim is to start mass producing these weeds in 2 years.”

Kang Chul-In said.

“I think I will be able to ship over maybe 100 batches a month. We’ll first sell to the extremely rich, and gradually lower the price so that they could be mass produced.”

“Hu… Huhuhu… To think that I would have black hair after 50 years of being bald… HAHAHA!”

It seemed that Old man Kwon had become bald when he was thirty.

“I’ll look at least 10 years younger now! Ms. Eun-Mi will like it too! HAHAHA!”

“Thank you, thank you.”  

Old man Kwon grabbed Kang Chul-In’s hands passionately.

“As expected of you! Supercar? Just name one. Actually, I’ll even pay for you to move houses with your mother!”

And thanks to this, Kang Chul-In was able to obtain a house in the Seocho District, the ‘golden part’ of Seoul.

The second day.

South Korea was in an uproar.

Due to Kwak-Jung’s plan, the giant academies of Korea were accused of being corrupted, and due to this, the education department of Korea was in total chaos.

-Famous english teacher at XX Academy, meeting with his 17 year old female student privately… the teacher’s dirty private life.

-Giant Academies, hire over 10 power bloggers to try and diss and counteract against Lang Bro.

-Famous english teachers in a protest… trying their hardest to feed themselves.

-Lang Bro, all sold out on the 3rd wave of reservations! Is this a new age?

-How big will the Galaxy Corporation grow?

With many articles popping up about the rivals of ‘Lang Bro’, all of the discontentment slowly vanished, and was instead redirected to the academies instead.

And… one sentence appeared on the official website of the Galaxy Corporation.

  • Conquering: hair loss! D-7 Coming Soon… 

And this simple phrase… flipped over South Korea.

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