Chapter 94. Franz, taking out his trump card.

Overlord of Blood and Iron

“W-What the hell are those?”

Franz was so startled and surprised that he could not speak properly.

Don’t tell me…

Franz recalled the report that he got from the sentries standing guard last night.

Because of the hard snowstorm that had occurred last night, even with the periscopes in the territory, it was impossible to see more than 5 meters away.

Did they set up an ambush while the snowstorm was raging?

Franz understood what Kang Chul-In did, but only half of it.

Though it was true that Kang Chul-In had his army hide while the snowstorm was raging, Franz didn’t know that the snowstorm itself was caused by Nilus’s blizzard. They had been played ever since 12 hours ago.

It’s okay. The Atlases are powerful.

Franz was surprised but didn’t despair.

Although the enemy’s monsters were strong, could they be any stronger than his Atlases?


The problem was that Franz wasn’t the only one who had upgraded his troops.


Coming out from the underground first was a pack of trolls. 30 trolls launched themselves immediately towards the Atlases, fighting with their superior numbers.

Wiinnnggg… Click!

Bang! Bang! 

The Atlases tried to rotate their body parts around 360 degrees in order to get out of the grasp of the trolls but failed.

Although it was true that the power output of the Atlases was enough to win against the trolls…


The trolls, already equipped with the finest armor made from the Laputa territory, withstood the attacks of the Atlases and hung onto them.

“T-Those damned trolls!”

Though Franz raged…


The trolls weren’t the full force of Kang Chul-In’s arsenal.


The frozen ground cracked once again to reveal monsters that rivaled the sizes of the Atlases, standing 4 meters tall. There were 10 minotaurs that appeared.

The 30 trolls that had been deployed were just meant to be a meatshield and were not meant to be used to attack or damage the Atlases in the first place. The real monsters that would be facing these Atlases were the minotaurs.

Snorting loudly, the 10 minotaurs made their way towards the Atlases in preparation to beat it up.

What occurred after that was a mess. 

3 trolls ganged up to fight against one Atlas, and the 3 trolls each held onto the Atlas’s back, feet, and hands. With the Atlases now restrained, the minotaurs had free rein over the Atlases.


The minotaurs wearing gauntlets made from the blacksmiths of the Laputa territory smashed their fists towards the Atlases as if they were boxing.

Bang! Headshot! 

Bang! Body-blow!

Bang! One more body-blow! 

The minotaurs became like gangsters beating up the “weak main-character” in a story and beat up the Atlases with no mercy whatsoever.

No, it was a little bit of an understatement to say that they just beat up the Atlases.

The minotaur’s fists broke through the steel coating of the Atlases’ armor and even crumpled their iron heads.


Seeing this, Kang Chul-In smiled evilly.





Meanwhile, Franz was about to faint out of anger.

And not only that…

For the 10 Mecha Knights that had followed the Atlases in the fervor of battle, they fell into the hole with the Atlases and had to struggle in there.

And not only that….

Like the saying “the shrimp pops during the fight of whales”, all that was waiting for the Mecha Knights that fell into the hole was death.


“S-Save me!”

Unable to perform as the “best” of the territory, the Mecha Knights met their tragic ends. It was a very tragic and futile end.

“Milord, the booster!” Schneider said to Franz.

“Won’t it be okay if we use the booster?” 

“T-That’s right! The boosters!”

Hope once again filled Franz’s face as he recalled the existence of the boosters that he had temporarily forgotten about due to how startled and angered he was.

“You bastard!” Franz growled, staring at Kang Chul-In. “See what happens now!”

Saying this, Franz pressed a red button that he had received just now from Schneider. Although there was a real danger that the Atlases could run out of fuel extremely quickly, there was no real alternative for him here.

Vroom…. Vroom!!

As soon as the button was pressed, the Atlases started showing newfound, greater power and pushed back the monsters, emitting a pale black gas from their pipes.


One troll fell.


Following that, another minotaur fell back from the impact of the Atlas’s punch.

It was the effect of the booster.

The Atlases that had gained a 15% increase in power temporarily started showing their strength against the monster army of Laputa.

Although 30 minutes was the limit, it was possible that during this time period, the Atlases could allow for a change in the outcome of the war.

Of course, that was until Kang Chul-In held up his wrist around which was wrapped a bracelet.


A dark current started to disrupt the surroundings before 50 Specter Knights appeared behind Kang Chul-In.

“Go,” Kang Chul-In ordered. “Go and break the joints of those hunks of metal.”

7 Atlases and 50 Specter Knights.

Like ants fighting an elephant, 7 Specter Knights ganged up on 1 Atlas each and aimed at the joints of the Atlases.

“How could this be…?” Franz murmured and couldn’t believe the situation.

Not only had he upgraded his Atlases, but he had also overcharged them by turning on the boosters.


The result was this.

The Atlases were unable to fight a single favorable battle, much less come out victorious.

“Arrogant, haughty bastard.”

Kang Chul-In stared at Franz with a cold gaze.

Just as Kang Chul-In stated, Franz was haughty and arrogant.

“Lucia, let’s go.”

“Yes, milord.” 

Kang Chul-In then led his Altaica and charged straight towards where Franz and the remaining Mecha Knights were.


The godbeast Altaica rushed towards the enemies at a terrifying speed, jumping over holes and straight into the pack where Franz was standing.

Let’s see how long he holds out before revealing his trump card.

Kang Chul-In knew that 7 Atlases weren’t the entire force of Franz and that Franz was holding one back.

“S-Stop him!” Franz shouted, noticing Kang Chul-In rushing towards him.

“Mecha Knights, protect our Lord!”

Schneider and the 10 remaining Mecha Knights tried valiantly to stop Kang Chul-In.




The Mecha Knights that were ripped apart by the Altaica’s teeth screamed in agony.


The Altaica didn’t stop. 

“Aghh!! Arghh!!!”

A terrifying scene occurred.

The Altaica and Kang Chul-In who sat atop it started to brutally murder all of the Mecha Knights that tried to protect Franz.

Even Schneider, the leader of the Mecha Knights, was unable to stop the combination of Kang Chul-In and the Altaica, so it was naturally impossible for the other members of the Mecha Knights to be able to stand up against Kang Chul-In.

A-Am I going to die?

Franz felt that his life was over.

He knew that it wouldn’t take even 5 minutes for his head to fall to the floor if this continued.

“Titan...How about Titan?”

Franz’s gaze swerved towards the Mecha Dome territory that stood out atop the snow.

The only hope that Franz had now was Titan, the Atlas that he had put 3 Magic Crystals into.

It was then.

At the top of the Mecha Dome territory, a signal flare lit up the sky.

“T-Titan! Thank god. Stop them! Stop them at all costs before I get onto Titan!”

It was a difficult order to keep though.

Kang Chul-In had already killed most of the Mecha Knights, and Schneider was also on the floor, bleeding out to death.

But suddenly, something grabbed Kang Chul-In from the back. It was Schneider’s hand. He was trying to protect his Lord, even in the face of death.

“Your undying loyalty to your Lord… Is something to be proud of,” Kang Chul-In said. “What a waste.”

Kang Chul-In truly thought that it was a waste. After all, for a Lord like Kang Chul-In, it was impossible to not think highly of someone with undying loyalty.

“However… your Lord’s defeat is inevitable. And your loyalty is but a lost cause.” 


Schneider shook his head.

“Mecha Dome… will not lose… Our pride… our trump card… Titan… Titan will come… for the glory of the Mecha Dome… For Lord Fran… Kuk!” 

Schneider suddenly spat out a bunch of blood before going stiff and turning still. It was because he had been split in half by Kaiforce.

“Haha. Bull****.”

Kang Chul-In smirked.




“Huk… Huk…”

While his subordinates bought him time, Franz ran like a madman towards the Mecha Dome.

As the Garage opened from a press of his button, a Steel Colossus standing over 7 meters tall was revealed. It was the final card he had left, Titan.

“Huhu… I’ll make you into mincemeat for this!”

Whispering this, Franz used the Soul Core he had in his hands to open a small door that was made specifically for him inside Titan. On top of the engine was a small seat made for him to control the Titan. 


As the door closed again, Franz’s eyes gleamed with killing intent as he sat on the control seat.

“Now, it’s time for the real fight, you damned bastard!”

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