Chapter 102.1: Scheming Bitch Su Yi

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Tang Doudou lifted the curtain. “Su Yi, why are you still here?”

Su Yi gave a sideward glance at her. Moving up, he grabbed her hand and pulled her off the carriage. “Come with me.”

“Why should I go with you!?” Tang Doudou couldn’t react fast enough to avoid being pulled off the carriage. However, upon hearing this, she immediately flung off Su Yi’s hand. “If you have business then just say it here. If you don’t have business, do as you please.”

“Li Xueyi!”

This stinkin’ yatou. Su Yi itched to just smack her dead but held himself back because he knew she had lost her memories.

Eh? Tang Doudou only noticed now that what Su Yi called her was Li Xueyi, not Tang Doudou. Her water-like pupils lit up. “You, you know me?”

“Humph, there’s no one in this world that understands you better than me. So, do you think I know you?”

“Alright, you can just keep boasting. I don’t know who you asked to find out my identity but it’s still that same sentence. If you have business, then speak. If you have fart, then… Hey, hey! What are you doing!?  Put me down!”

Su Yi couldn’t stand listening to her endless prattle anymore. He moved forward, lifted Tang Doudou, and headed directly towards the flower sea. “Behave, don’t force my hand.”

“Su Yi, you shameless thing! Where are you bringing me!?” Tang Doudou immediately flared up upon seeing that he was heading towards the sea of flowers. Da hell!? She had only just managed to get out of that damned place, alright? What if she goes in and encounters the one-eyed old woman, the old beggar, and Mu Ye again!?

Thinking to here, she started hitting Su Yi’s shoulders as if her life depended on it. “Hurry up and let me go! Otherwise, prepare to suffer.”

“You can try.”

“You’re the one that said it!”

Hell, he actually dared to look down on her!

Tang Doudou indignantly pouted. Reaching out, she pinched Su Yi’s ears and used all her strength to twist them. Who would have predicted that she, the grand Alliance Head of the martial arts circles, would use this sort of method?

For one, Su Yi didn’t predict that. Only when his ears were twisted did he emit a blood-curdling screech. “Li Xueyi, hurry and let go! Who loaned you their guts, for you to dare treat ben zuo this way!?”

Tang Doudou felt several times more refreshed upon hearing Su Yi’s utterly exasperated shout. There’s no way she would let go. Giving a smug smile, she said, “Once you let go, I’ll let go. If you don’t let go, hehe, then don’t blame me using force!”

“You dare!?” Su Yi was in pain. He couldn’t not put down Tang Doudou, but he also couldn’t put her down. For a moment, he was helpless against her. Who asked Tang Doudou to be pinching his ears of all things? His movements were completely restricted. Even if Tang Doudou didn’t apply force, he still felt pain due to his own movements.

“You can try and see if I dare!” Tang Doudou retorted with the same sentence, before increasing the force she used. Su Yi was in so much pain that he started wailing again.

“My good great auntie ah, please don’t twist anymore, don’t twist anymore. I’ll put you down, alright!?” A wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him. Just wait and see how he’ll sort her out once she lets go. She had seriously turned insolent, to actually dare twist his ears!

A strange feeling emerged in Su Yi’s heart. In the past, Li Xueyi was an unrestrainable and violent steed, a person that was proud and hard to tame. How come after losing her memories, her personality became so, so strange?

Tang Doudou humphed in response to Su Yi’s begs for mercy and nodded in satisfaction. “That’s more like it! A wise man submits to circumstances. Little guy, you have boundless prospects! This Alliance Head has high hopes for you ah!”

“Then why aren’t you letting go!?” urged Su Yi. Inside, he was extremely sullen. He, this Master, was almost about to be irritated to death from having a subordinate like this. Sometimes, he really wanted to just smack her dead with one strike to avoid always ending up having more things to deal with due to her actions!

Upon hearing this, Tang Doudou was about to let go when a thought suddenly occurred to her. What if she let go and Su Yi went back on his words?

In regards to martial arts, she was trash ah!

Baili Yu had said before that Su Yi’s inner strength had been sealed. That was why she was free to torment him in the carriage. However, they didn’t unseal Su Yi’s inner strength when they left the carriage. How did he get out of the ropes?


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