Chapter 103.2: Baili Yu is injured

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“You’re still joking around at this sort of time!?” Tang Doudou’s nose stung when she saw Baili Yu smile as usual.

“If you’re going to cry you should at least wait until I’m dead,” said Baili Yu, as he gently reached out to stroke Tang Doudou’s red nose tip. “Hurry and help me up. The pursuers will arrive here in a while and I don’t have the strength to fight and protect Wife.”

Upon hearing that people were after them, Tang Doudou wiped her nose and hastily helped Baili Yu onto the carriage.

Ye Chuan jumped onto the carriage and immediately lifted the whip and lashed it down hard on the horse. The carriage shot forward like a released arrow and Baili Yu, who hadn’t settled in yet, was almost flung out by inertia. Luckily, Tang Doudou grabbed him in time. However, she jolted the injury on his back and the blood seeped through the clothes and dyed Tang Doudou’s entire hand.

“Ye Chuan, are you crazy to go this fast!? Baili Yu will be jolted to death by you!” The shaking of the carriage caused a trace of blood to seep out from Baili Yu’s mouth. Tang Doudou tightly hugged him, completely at a loss as she yelled at Ye Chuan.

Ye Chuan felt a burst of anger from being yelled at by her. However, when he recalled the pursuers behind them, he didn’t dare to diverge his attention in arguing with Tang Doudou and simply said, “Look after Master well. Those people are frightening. If we don’t hurry and leave, we will all die here!”

Upon hearing Ye Chuan say such grave words, Tang Doudou immediately lifted the side curtain to look behind them. All she saw was that there was a mass of black flying above Azure Water Valley. She didn’t know what that was but the strange feeling that came from it scared her so much that she involuntarily shuddered.

“Ye-ye Chuan! There’s seems to be something catching up to us!”

“I know!” replied Ye Chuan. After being silent for a few moment, he said to Tang Doudou, “Help Master clean his injuries. The medicine is at the top left side of the carriage. Counting from the right, it’s the third cupboard.”


“I’m going to increase the speed, be careful!”

After he finished speaking, he drove the carriage forward until it moved like wind.

Luckily, this carriage was numerous times better than normal carriages. Although it still shook, the shaking wasn’t anywhere near violent. The situation was pressing. Tang Doudou placed Baili Yu on the couch so the soft fox fur would allow him to be more comfortable. Then, she went off to find the medicine that Ye Chuan talked about. She took the small box from the cupboard and opened it. Only then did she discover that it had such a complete set of items; everything from medicine, tools, to gauze-type things were in there.

In the modern era, she would also keep this kind of medicine box in her home. Hence, when she saw such a complete medicinal box, she became happy.

Tang Doudou set up the box and crouched in front of Baili Yu. Only now did she discover that he had already fainted at some unknown time. His pale lips and tightly closed eyes caused people’s hearts to ache for him.

Retrieving her gaze, she then looked at his back, preparing to help take off his clothes. This was was normally a simple task, but due to the fact that the blood caused a lot of the clothing to be stuck together and Tang Doudou was worried about disturbing his injuries, it became an exceptionally strenuous task. Sweat eventually covered her entire forehead before she even finished taking off his clothes.

She lowered her eyes and, noticing Baili Yu’s flushed face, reached out to touch his forehead. Then she immediately retrieved her scalded hand. Crap, he has a fever!

“Big evil spirit, big foxie, Baili Yu…” Tang Doudou gently shook Baili Yu but there was no reaction. She instantly started to panic and fell to the ground on her butt. This was the ancient era ah! The era of submitting to the will of heaven if injuries got infected!

No, he can’t die!

Tang Doudou got up and saw the wine cup placed next to the soft couch. Her eyes lit up. Wine!

Tang Doudou took out all of the wine stored inside the carriage. Then, she opened a jar, gritted her teeth, and poured it on Baili Yu’s back.

How terrible was the pain when alcohol touched open wounds? Even Baili Yu who was in a delirious state issued a muffled groan. Tang Doudou couldn’t afford to pay attention to it. Taking advantage of this moment, she pulled down the clothing that was stuck to his back in one go in order to get a clearer look at the injury beneath.

Terrible. It was seriously too terrible to look at.

Tang Doudou covered her mouth upon seeing Baili Yu’s mangled back. Only by forcefully restraining herself did she manage to stop herself from crying out. Besides the sword and blade wounds, there seemed to be parts that were torn by something resembling teeth. The back that was originally supposed to be smooth as jade now had no place that was still intact and undamaged. Instead, it was covered with blood and bumpy wounds with edges that were turning white. Tang Doudou’s hand which held a wine-soaked cotton wad shook uncontrollably and she couldn’t bring herself to clean the wound.

She couldn’t find a place that looked touchable!

What exactly did they encounter in the valley!?

Tang Doudou didn’t dare to imagine it. During the last two days which she had passed peacefully, Baili Yu had been facing a life or death danger…

In the end, she hardened her heart and helped Baili Yu clean all of his injuries. The carriage was filled with blood-soaked cotton wads. Jar after jar of wine was used up and messily thrown onto the ground. Tang Doudou practically sprinkled all of the medicine inside the medicine box on the injuries before pulling out the gauze to wrap layer upon layer of it around Baili Yu’s injuries.

Baili Yu had an extremely well-shaped physique. His firm muscles had exceptionally beautiful smooth lines. It was not an exaggeration to say it was the best of high-quality goods.

However, right now Tang Doudou didn’t have the heart to appreciate it. After she picked up the dirty clothes on the ground, she took out clean clothes from the box at the side and carefully helped him put them on. Afterwards, she dazed out while gazing at Baili Yu’s face.


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