Chapter 108.1: Due to Being Pressed Down?

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Doctor Yu dealt with the injuries much faster than Tang Doudou had. He first used scissors to cut apart the clothes on Baili Yu’s back, then quickly dismantled the bandages to reveal the terrible injuries beneath.

There were so many severe injuries that it was shocking. Even Doctor Yu, despite his many years of experience, couldn’t help but be stunned by this scene. He stared in a daze, unsure of where to start.

Tang Doudou had to remind him, “Doctor Yu!”

“Ahem. Yes, right away. It’ll be finished right away…” Doctor Yu returned to his senses and started dealing with the wounds carefully. The injuries were so complicated that even Doctor Yu, with his ample experience, had to work slowly. It took him quite a long while to deal with just one wound.

Tang Doudou couldn’t bulge under Baili Yu’s weight at all and her limbs were starting to become numb. However, though she felt impatient with how slowly Doctor Yu was moving, she knew she shouldn’t hurry him. Thus, she decided to shift her attention onto Baili Yu’s face. She reached out and touched him. His skin was still very cold.

She remembered that the last time he had fallen ill, when they had escaped from the Prime Minister’s residence, he had shown the same symptoms.

His body had been very very cold, as if he was about to die.

Not only had he failed to find Cang Baicao at Azure Water Valley this time, he even ran into the God Firmament Hall’s attack and got severely injured.

It was really terrible luck.

If Cang Baicao hadn’t gone to perform acupuncture on her, would the situation now be different?

Forget it, thinking about that is useless. It’s not like she could have controlled whether Cang Baicao gave her acupuncture or not.


She gave a long sigh. Then she heard Doctor Yu say, “Lady, you should just come out if it’s unbearable.”

“It’s fine. The gains would not make up for the losses if I end up accidentally aggravating his injuries.” Tang Doudou rubbed her lower chin. “Doctor Yu, what exactly did you see from checking his pulse earlier?”

Doctor Yu was silent for a while before he waved his hand and said, “This old (and respected, implied by honorific) man didn’t find anything, it just seemed strange.”

“Strange?” Tang Doudou was lying in a position that kept her from seeing Doctor Yu’s expression. If she had been able to see his face, she would have known with one glance that Doctor Yu was hiding something.“This old man has talked about his current condition earlier, but if you would forgive this old man for speaking straightforwardly, there is simply no way these wounds are enough to cause his current strange condition. His condition is probably due to some other factor,” said Doctor Yu slowly as he stroked his beard.

This old fellow did seem to have some skill, to be able to figure this out.

Tang Doudou then asked, “Then Doctor Yu, can you cure him?”

“This old man’s ability is limited ah!”

She knew that this would be the case. After all, there’s no way Baili Yu would have rushed to Azure Water Valley, a place that was so far away, if that hadn’t been the case.

“Will he be alright?”

“That’s hard to say ah!”

“Why is that hard to say?” Tang Doudou looked towards Doctor Yu angrily. “What exactly is going on? Can’t you say things more clearly?”

“Although his current condition isn’t caused by these injuries, these injuries are continuously influencing his current condition. If we don’t figure out what is causing his condition and resolve it, he could die at any moment!”

“You’re making things up! He was like this last time as well, but he was perfectly fine after!” argued Tang Doudou.

Doctor Yu shook his head. “The injuries are influencing his condition, while his condition is also affecting his injuries ah.”

Tang Doudou fell silent. She knew that everything Doctor Yu said was the truth. However, if even a doctor couldn’t save Baili Yu, didn’t that mean they’d have to resign to the will of heaven?

That kind of feeling seriously sucked.

“But if it was that person, there’d definitely be a way...” mumbled Doctor Yu. However, he then shook his head. “It’s just that he definitely wouldn’t help…”

Upon hearing that, Tang Doudou abruptly lifted her head and asked, “What did you say?”

“No, nothing. I didn’t say anything!”

Doctor Yu took out some medicine from the medicinal box as he said, “That’s right. Lady, are you also injured? Your facial color seems off!”

She’s also ill?

Tang Doudou rubbed her face. Was her facial color really that bad?

“Give me your hand, I’ll take a look for you as well.”

He’s that good-hearted?

Tang Doudou was so surprised that she didn’t even notice the evil smile Doctor Yu had. She scratched her head in embarrassment and said, “I think I’ll be fine…”“Aiyah. You might as well let me look at it while I’m here. What if it ends up being some incurable disease? It’s better to discover it early in order to deal with it!” After he finished speaking, he pulled up Tang Doudou’s wrist.

Tang Doudou was still being crushed by Baili Yu and she didn’t dare to randomly move around. Hence, she could only allow Doctor Yu to check her pulse without resisting.

Doctor Yu checked her pulse with one hand while he applied medicine to Baili Yu’s injuries with his other.

He did things quite half-heartedly. Was this type of person really reliable?

Tang Doudou started doubting Doctor Yu’s words about her being ill. She slanted a glance at Doctor Yu who didn’t show any reaction even after checking her pulse for a while. “How is it? Am I fine?”

“No, no. It’s a huge problem,” replied Doctor Yu in a profound manner. However, Tang Doudou felt that he was just deliberately trying to act mystifying.

“Then can you tell me what exactly is going on?”

“Lady has been poisoned with a slow-acting toxin. You probably still don’t know about it, right?” said Doctor Yu with a smile.

Now Tang Doudou viewed Doctor Yu in a new light again. Xiao Bai had told her before that there were no more than five doctors in the world that knew how to diagnose Disseminating Tassel Fragrance. He and Cang Baicao counted as two. The other three were all exceptionally high skilled experts. So the fact that Doctor Yu had been able to notice the existence of the poison really surprised her.

However, this Doctor Yu was just someone that Xu Sanniang had randomly grabbed from the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce. The fact that his medical expertise was so abnormal was truly unbelievable!



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