Chapter 109.1: Have to Leave Again

Prodigal Alliance Head


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“You truly cannot differentiate between good and bad. This old man’s leaving!” Cang Baicao tugged off the mask on his face, revealing the obnoxious face of that old beggar.

Tang Doudou curled her lips in disdain. “Do as you please!”

“You better not regret it. This guy will definitely die in less than an hour!” said Cang Baicao with a humph.

However, Tang Doudou kept her spine straight and firm and refused to ask him to stay.

She finally had it figured out. There was no way this old guy would leave. He was just trying to gain some benefits by having her ask him for help.

However, she refused to be fooled. If he has the guts, he should just leave!

Cang Baicao dawdled some more. “Yatou, I’m really leaving now!”

“Are you leaving or not? If you’re not leaving, this xiao ye will help give you a push!” Tang Doudou cracked her knuckles as she walked towards Cang Baicao with a nasty grin on her face.

“Stinkin’ yatou, are you really not afraid of death? I-I’m telling you! You better act more respectfully towards me. Otherwise I won’t help save Baili Yu and you will die too!”

“Die? This xiao ye, I, am not afraid of dying! At worst let’s just all die together!”

Tang Doudou sent a kick towards Cang Baicao then viciously gave the old guy a beating.

Only then did the old man start to behave. In a delicate and tender manner, he sobbed spasmodically on the ground. His back faced Tang Doudou and his shoulder shook from his sobs. “Heartless stinkin’ yatou, do you know how many times this old man has cured you from poison? How many times this old man has treated your wounds? And you’re treating your life’s savior this way!? It’s too much!”

“Quit blabbering and save the person. Otherwise, trust me when I say I’ll beat you to death!”

He was this old and yet still not acting in a decent manner. He should be beat up more to shake out his bones and loosen his skin. Only with this would it prevent him from becoming a dotard! (an old person, especially one who has become weak or senile) T/N

Cang Baicao sulked and kept muttering complaints for a while before starting to treat Baili Yu’s injuries.

That’s more like it!

Now that Cang Baicao was lending a hand, Baili Yu’s little life could be counted as saved.

“Say, old man, why do you think those people appeared at Azure Water Valley?”

“Obviously to kill Baili Yu!”

“If they wanted to kill Baili Yu, couldn’t they have done it anywhere they wanted? Why would they need to go to Azure Water Valley to kill him? Not to mention, isn’t Cloud City super strong? Isn’t God Firmament Hall worried that Cloud City will seek them out to get revenge for Azure Water Valley?”

No matter how much Tang Doudou thought about it, she couldn’t figure it out. And what did Mu Ye go to Azure Water Valley for?

Cang Baicao sighed. “The current Cloud City can’t compare to the Cloud City of the past. These past years, the City Lord has been ignoring the city’s affairs and would often wander around outside. Those people in the city have been restless for a long time. Then, on top of that, you met with an accident…”

“What does that have to do with me?” Tang Doudou looked towards Cang Baicao gloomily. No wonder Elder Yu behaved so boldly and tried to snatch the position of Alliance Head away from her. It turned out that it was because her backing was on the verge of collapsing.

“What does it have to do with you? You’re asking what does it have to do with you? You should know that the person most likely to be the next city lord is you! Ever since you were a child, the City Lord has treated you like his own biological daughter. Regardless of what bad things you did in the Jianghu, even if you set fire to the Imperial Palace, the City Lord would help clean up after your mess,” said Cang Baicao with a heartfelt sigh. “However, the City Lord hasn’t returned to the City ever since you got poisoned. He has been rushing here and there nonstop in order to help you search for an antidote. He even thought of ways to block the assassins that were after you and warned you against being snatched away by someone after losing your memories…”

“Wait, wait!” When Cang Baicao got to this part, Tang Doudou hastily made a time-out gesture. “You said he helped block the assassins that were after me?”

Da f*ck? That’s saying blind things with your eyes wide open ah!

The real Li Xueyi had already dropped dead. Right now she was just an impostor draping on someone else’s skin!

“Ahem. The City Lord is a man, not a god. It’s inevitable for mistakes to happen. You should be content with your situation…” Cang Baicao gave a dry cough, then said, “I’ve already finished treating his wound. I’ll leave these medicine here. For the first three days, remember to help him change the medicine once a day. After that, change his medicine once every three days. Once the scab forms, you can just use normal injury medicine. As for the Hoarfrost Poison inside his body, this contains the instructions and tools for curing the poison. After you look through it, you can slowly help him with it!”

As he spoke, he handed her a small wooden box. Then, he warned, “No matter what, don’t let any other people see this, especially Baili Yu!”

‘Is a man, not a god.’ He said it as if it was really logical.

But, who cares. Li Xueyi was already dead. Right now she was Tang Doudou. Ever since she had been reborn, it had been Baili Yu and Bai Feiyun who had looked after her. That City Lord hadn’t even shown his face so who cares about how he’s doing!Tang Doudou accepted the box. Then, she looked at him with a doubtful expression, “Will I be able to do it?”

“Of course you can, you have to trust yourself!” Cang Baicao patted Tang Doudou’s shoulder as he said the words in a heartfelt and sincere tone. However, his eyes were filled with the mirth of schadenfreude.

Tang Doudou was pondering about what the wooden box contained and didn’t notice Cang Baicao’s abnormal expression. “Alright, then I’ll help him with curing the poison.”

She’ll help him cure his poison. Could this be used as a condition to exchange for other favors?

Perhaps she could use it to make him help cure her poison. Maybe she could even use it to make him cancel the wedding.

The more Tang Doudou thought about it, the happier she got. Hell yeah, she could finally get a bit of an advantage!

“En, this is pretty much all the business I had. I’m leaving first. You should take care!” As Cang Baicao spoke, he collected his stuff, then put that human skin mask back on. He headed towards the door, but suddenly turned back again. He stared at Tang Doudou and looked her up and down a couple times.

Tang Doudou hastily hugged her shoulders and protected her chest as she looked at him guardedly. This old thing couldn’t be a pervert, right?

“Aren’t you leaving? What did you come back for? You forgot something?”

Yatou, you took off that thing?”

“What thing?” Tang Doudou looked at Cang Baicao in confusion. Then she suddenly recalled and asked, “You’re talking about that thin thing? Yeah, I took it off. Is there a problem?”

“There’s a huge problem!” Cang Baicao suddenly gave a long sigh. “You still do things without thinking about consequences.”

“Explain it more clearly.”

“Let me ask you first: does Baili Yu know that you’re female?”

Tang Doudou scratched her head. “He probably doesn’t?”

Baili Yu has never brought up the topic of whether she was male or female so how would she know if he knew?

Not to mention, to this day she still couldn’t bring herself to ask Baili Yu about what happened that night. That’s why this matter was really just unclear.

“Probably!? You actually don’t know about such an important matter!?” Cang Baicao’s expression was as if he hated the iron for not being steel. (feel resentment towards someone for failing to meet expectations)

“If this is all you’re worried about, then no need to say anymore. You should hurry and go.”

“Forget it. In any case, I’ve also warned you. Whether you choose to listen or not is up to you! But before leaving, this old man still has to add one more sentence, even if it’s meddlesome. Baili Yu is not someone one can provoke!” After Cang Baicao said that, he turned around and opened the door. Then, he really left without turning back.

This time it was Tang Doudou’s turn to ponder. If it was only Cang Baicao that said this, it wouldn’t have really mattered but Su Yi had said this before too. What exactly about Baili Yu was so terrible? Why couldn’t he be provoked?

He’s also a person. He likes to sleep, likes to smile like a fox, and likes to act profound. He could also be poisoned, injured, and die. But how come everyone describes him like he’s a demon?

Shouldn’t a real vicious demon be like Feng Yunhuan and that group of his?

Tang Doudou sat down next to Baili Yu and, for the first time, started thinking about everything seriously.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Dray

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