Chapter 110.2: Who’s the Real Demon?

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That person was truly too strange. Even when the person walked out from the forest and entered the sunlight, his face still couldn’t be made out. It was like a black abyss; all light was dissolved within and nothing could be seen!

Feng Yunhuan was about to break down. His brain went blank as the aura of death leaned over and enveloped him.

Suddenly, an extremely sharp and cold tip was pressed against his face. That object gradually swiped down. He could feel blood emerge and drip down from the places the object swept past but he couldn’t feel even the slightest pain.

Numb. Completely numb.

His entire body was numb.

Suddenly, just as he felt that he was about to die, that person spoke. His voice seemed to have come from the ninth hell, it was distant and bone-piercingly cold. “Remember this lesson. If there’s a next time, it won’t be as simple as just cutting apart the skin on your face… Hehe, hehehe…”

As he spoke, he started laughing. As the eerie laughter gradually faded into the distance, the imposing aura receded as well like the tide. At the same time, Feng Yunhuan’s taut muscles loosened and he slid slowly towards the ground like a dead dog. Fresh blood streamed down his face and the areas where his skin was cut off revealed red and white flesh; it was a terrifying sight.

However, Feng Yunhuan could no longer feel any pain. His eyes stared lifelessly ahead, the haunting image of that face was the only thing in his head. That was the smile of a demon!

It was him!

The Lord of Cloud City!

He had come for revenge!

Revenge for destroying Azure Water Valley!

Was that really the case?

However, Feng Yunhuan couldn’t think much about anything. The person that had been in front of him had already disappeared as noiselessly as he had arrived. He couldn’t even tell if what he saw at that last moment was an illusion or reality…

“Protector Feng, what has happened to you!?”

He had laid there lifelessly for an unknown amount of time until his subordinate returned from passing on the news. When the subordinate discovered Feng Yunhuan on the ground, he hastily ran over.

He immediately helped Feng Yunhuan up. However, when he got a clear look at that visage, he was so terrified that he reflexively flung Feng Yunhuan away.

What the hell is that?

The subordinate was so scared that he was shuddering. That’s crazy, is this person Protector Feng?

He hadn’t been gone for very long. How did Protector Feng end up like that!?

“Protector Feng, is that you?” The subordinate glanced at the scorching sun above him, then gathered up his nerves to walk towards Feng Yunhuan again.

His heart leapt like a beating drum with every step he took. It took him quite a while to finally reach Feng Yunhuan. He slowly crouched down and was just about to reach out when Feng Yunhuan abruptly sat up. Due to Feng Yunhuan’s movements, his scraped off skin slid down in one mass. Feng Yunhuan’s eyes were filled with strange red light as he looked at his subordinate resentfully.“Aaah! It’s a ghost!” That subordinate couldn’t take the fright. He kicked Feng Yunhuan away and scrambled frantically into the forest.

Finally, the cries of ‘ghost’ disappeared. Only then did Feng Yunhuan retrieve his gaze dully and slowly reach up to touch his face.

What he felt was something that was moist and sticky. Trembling, he moved his hand into his line of sight. Other than blood, there was only more blood…

He frantically wiped his face with both hands. However, when he looked at them, they were still covered with blood. The scarlet red filled his vision and caused his mental state to collapse entirely. He jumped up from the ground and screamed insanely as he ran into the forest.Above the rock wall Feng Yunhuan had leaned on, Su Yi had been chomping on a wild grass stalk as he watched the development below with interest. When he couldn’t see Feng Yunhuan’s figure anymore, he shrugged and muttered ‘boring’, then fell backwards to lie on the ground.

The sunlight was intense as it shone straight down, flowing together with Su Yi’s wide-open eyes. However, it seemed like he didn’t feel that the light was harsh at all. Rather, it seemed as if he was challenging the sunlight in order to see who exactly was the brightest.

Ultimately, not even that bright scorching sunlight could melt the deep darkness in his pupils and it vanished within them.

Su Yi started giggling. The more he laughed, the more rampantly he laughed, and the louder he laughed. It startled the birds and caused them to fly into the sky. The entire world seemed to echo with his laughter.The laughter was very foolish, very flamboyant, yet it contained a hard-to-describe loneliness as well.

A century’s loneliness.

Who would understand?

The corners of his eyes seemed a bit moist. Su Yi reached upwards with one hand. Above his head, in the misty darkness between the light and the shadow, a melodious and clear voice arose.

“Su Yi, why do you like laughing so much?”

“Su Yi, I like hearing you laugh.”

“Su Yi, promise me that you’ll laugh more in the future, alright?”


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by LazyMiyu

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