Chapter 111.2: Really Want to Ram Her Head Against a Pole

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Upon seeing this, Ye Chuan also came to understand what happened and his facial color became slightly ugly. It was understandable though. He had carefully picked out these people and even double-checked before heading off. However, he hadn’t even been aware that one of the subordinates had been switched out. This was such a huge oversight that it was probably enough for him to be depressed for half a month.

Tang Doudou wiped off the tears on her face. She glanced at Ye Chuan’s unhappy expression, pouted and then sent a kick over.

Although Ye Chuan was thinking about things, he was still paying attention to the surroundings. The moment she moved, Ye Chuan sensed it and moved to dodge the kick. As he did so, he asked, “Alliance Head Li, what exactly did you mean by what you said in the courtyard earlier?”

“That’s the only reason you’ve been chasing after me? So if it wasn’t because of that, you wouldn’t have even bothered to follow me?” said Tang Doudou with a slight sneer.

Ye Chuan’s face turned slightly red. “Yes, I admit that this is the reason. But even if it wasn’t because of this, I still would have followed you. I’ve said so before that I would guarantee your safety, so I’ll definitely do it!”

“Aiyah, my great Mister Ye, let’s not lie through one’s teeth, alright?” Tang Doudou laughed disdainfully as she patted Ye Chuan’s shoulder. “However, since you’ve been so honest, this Alliance Head will just tell you.”

Everything she said till this point was rubbish since she had come to realize why she didn’t freaking want to risk her life being bait. Even without her help, there were many ways to lure away the God Firmament Hall. It was completely not worth it to pay up her life in a fit of anger.

Just that experience earlier almost frightened her to death!

She peeked out of the corners of her eyes and saw that Ye Chuan was quietly waiting for her explanation. She stretched and said, “However, you must promise me one thing before I say it.”

“What is it?”“Say whether you’ll agree first.”

Ye Chuan was silent for a while before he said, “I’ll agree to anything as long as it’s not something that will harm Master.”

“Don’t worry, what would I harm the big evil spirit for?” Tang Doudou jumped off the horse and tapped Ye Chuan’s chest as she dragged out her next words. “On the other hand ah, you should bring me to your Master as quickly as possible. Otherwise Baili Yu will really be done for.”

The moment Ye Chuan heard that his master was in danger, he could no longer stay calm. He grabbed Tang Doudou’s hand and demanded, “What exactly do you mean!?”

Tang Doudou wanted to get out from his grip but Ye Chuan was grasping her hand so tightly that she couldn’t pull her hand out at all. She frowned.

Ye Chuan only realized that he had grabbed her hand when she frowned. The restlessly struggling soft and slippery hand in his palm caused him to feel strange. He exposed an alarmed expression as if he had seen a ghost and he hastily let go. His face was pale as he explained, “I, I didn’t do it on purpose. I was just…”

“Alright, enough chattering! So annoying!” Tang Doudou shook her hand which had been gripped so tight that it hurt.

“Before Doctor Yu left, he gave me some medicine for Baili Yu’s injuries and instructed me on how frequently the medicine had to be changed. In the end, you didn’t even ask me about it, nor did you give me any prior notice that you wanted me to act bait so I didn’t even have the time to give those maids the instructions. I think you probably didn’t tell them to change the medicine either, right?”

After hearing this, Ye Chuan’s face turned pale, then red, then back to being pale. After a while, he asked Tang Doudou with an expression like he had lost his soul, “What would happen if we didn’t change his medicine?”

“The injury will obviously get infected!” said Tang Doudou lightly. However, the moment these words left her mouth, she felt unusually worried. After a wound got infected, if it wasn’t handled in a timely manner, it would likely cause death. As of now, she also felt a bit of regret at having acted so impulsively. However, regretting now was useless. What they needed to do now was to hurry and chase after Baili Yu and the others. Luckily it had only been half a day. Catching up in a day was probably still possible.

Tang Doudou slapped Ye Chuan, then climbed back onto the horse. Seeing that Ye Chuan was still not moving, she shouted, “What are you still dazing out for? Let’s go! If we end up late then you can enjoy yourself crying!”

She thought that Ye Chuan would immediately come to his senses after she put it this way but unexpectedly, he actually grabbed Tang Doudou’s reins and started to blank out again. His lips moved soundlessly for a long time before Tang Doudou faintly heard the words, “It’s, it’s already too late…”

“Aiyah, hurry up! We’ll still be able to catch up!” urged Tang Doudou. She thought that he was just worried they wouldn’t be able to catch up and didn’t think much about it.

However, Ye Chuan continued to stay there and repeat that sentence. “It’s already too late, too late…”

“Late…” Tang Doudou really wanted to burst out cursing. However, she forcefully stopped herself for the sake of her virtuous lady-like image. Suppressing her temper, she said, “We had set out first, then they set out. Even if they’re fast the distance between us wouldn’t be that great. Not to mention, we had frantically rushed all this way so they might still be slowly taking their time behind us.”

She started laughing ‘haha’, trying to ease Ye Chuan’s mood. She said half-jokingly, “Oh, I know, you’re planning on waiting here for them to arrive, right? Haha…”

“How could Master possibly have gone in the same direction as us? They’re not going to Huai City!” Yet while she was laughing, Ye Chuan gritted his teeth and revealed this serious news.

It hit Tang Doudou so hard she felt a bit dizzy. “Are… are you sure?”

“I was the one who arranged this, it’s all my fault!”

“What the phhuuck!?” In the end, Tang Doudou still burst out cursing. Then she abruptly turned around to look at the seemingly endless stretch of plain behind her. Her face twitched.

This time she practically wanted to ram her head against a pole!


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