Chapter 117: What Need is There for Men to Make Things Difficult for Other Men

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Gu Xun and Old Suo were both people with extensive experiences. Naturally they didn’t take her words at face value.

However, it was necessary to make an effort on the surface. Right after Tang Doudou finished speaking, Gu Xun looked towards her with an admiration-filled gaze. “It’s truly the Jianghu and the martial arts circles’ good fortune to have such a highly principled Alliance Head that doesn’t bother about trifles!”

“Hehe, Brother Gu jests!”

“But back to the topic. There has been no news about Alliance Head Li’s friend since he left,” said Gu Xun with an unusually serious expression. Outsiders that saw this probably would have gotten the misconception that it was his friend that disappeared.

“However, since it turns out that he’s Alliance Head Li’s friend, this Gu is willing to use all the resources available in order to help Alliance Head Li find information on him.”

Upon hearing this, Tang Doudou immediately knew that she couldn’t depend on Gu Xun and Old Suo.

“Then I’ll have to trouble Brother Gu!”

There was a bit of worry in the depths of Tang Doudou’s eyes. She had to change out the medicine within twenty-four hours. Over half that time had already passed. If she didn’t find him soon, no one would be able to predict the consequences.

Actually, she was more worried about the fact that he was poisoned by Hoarfrost Poison than the injury on his back. It was the poison that was the most deadly.

As of now, her life was tied together with Baili Yu’s. She wouldn’t be able to live for long if Baili Yu died and if she died, Baili Yu would also die.

That’s why, no matter what it takes, she must find Baili Yu!

“We’re brothers after all. Alliance Head Li’s words are too alienating.” As Gu Xun spoke, he looked up. His eyes lit up upon seeing what was in front of him. “This is Hundred Fragrance House. Alliance Head Li, shall we?”

Tang Doudou glanced towards the insides of the Hundred Fragrance House. The decor was quite unique and there weren’t a lot of guests. Most tables pretty much only had two people seated and none of them looked like ordinary citizens. From the looks of it, this was a rather high-class restaurant.

Tang Doudou muttered to herself irresolutely a bit upon hearing Gu Xun’s magnificently generous invitation. Then, she took a large stride into the restaurant.

Behind her, Gu Xu and Old Suo exchanged glances. Gu Xun whispered, “Old Suo, make sure to think things through?”

“Don’t worry Brother Gu, I have. Much thanks for helping me earlier.” Old Suo’s tone was a little solemn.

Gu Xun patted his shoulder. “As long as you understand. Let’s head in for now.”

“Wait a second. Brother Gu, when you said that there was no news about that person, was that true?”

“What, you really want to help her find the person?”

“Of course not. It’s just that, didn’t Brother Gu notice? Li Xueyi and that person both undid the poison on their own and they’re also friends…”

Gu Xun was an intelligent person. This slight hint was enough for him to instantly realize what Old Suo was pointing at. Just as he was about to say something, Tang Doudou poked her head out from behind the restaurant doors and asked, “Brother Gu, Brother Suo, what are you guys still hanging around the entrance for? Hurry and come in ah!”

“Haha, I got distracted talking. Alliance Head Li, don’t be so impatient, we’re coming right now…”

When he finished speaking, he pulled Old Suo into Hundred Fragrance House.


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