Chapter 123.1: Just Be Yourself

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Five Kilometers Emporium is on fire!

The flames enveloped the entire street. The beggars ran as if fleeing for their lives. There was not a single person that attempted to put out the fire.

Thus, this large fire was allowed free rein to burn down the dirtiest part of Mist City. Countless secrets were burnt into ashes along with this place, never to be known again.

“Pei, pei, pei! It’s all your fault! Now this is just great, even my clothes are ruined!” From a certain place near the edge of the sea of flames, a youngster whose clothing hems were on fire ran out. He complained loudly as he tried to extinguish the flames licking at the edges of his clothing.

“Wife wanted it so this husband gave it to you, yet you’re still blaming this husband. This husband is truly wrongly accused ah!” Baili Yu walked out from the sea of flames, completely unruffled. There was not even a single speck of ash on his crimson gown. He looked like a living fire spirit walking out from the flames.

Tang Doudou looked speechlessly at the evil spirit in front of her. She reconsidered what happened earlier, it was true that she had been a little too overly passionate.

But fudge, she’s been single for over twenty years. She hadn’t even touched a man’s hand before, so there was no point even mentioning something as bashful as kissing. Moreover, it was with such a handsome man. It was completely normal for her to get so excited that she couldn’t control herself, alright!?

But this guy, Baili Yu, his kissing technique was so high level. Who knows how many women he’s traded blows with? Yet he couldn’t extricate himself from a skill-less idiot like her and didn’t even notice when the fire was about to consume them. If it weren’t for the fact that she smelled something strange and reacted in time to remind him, they’d both be burned into coke by now.

In any case, Tang Doudou felt that Baili Yu’s current behavior was too abnormal!

“Even if I want it, you have to look at the situation ah! We almost got burned to death, you know!?” Tang Doudou finally managed to put out the fire on her clothes. She looked it over and saw that several parts of the garment had been burned through. This garment was something Lady Qian gave her. Though it fitted well, it felt uncomfortable so she decided to just take it off and throw it towards the ground. She made a ‘pei’ sound to ward off bad luck, then continued grumbling quietly.

The moment Baili Yu saw her take off her garment, he lifted his hand and his crimson gown immediately landed on Tang Doudou. He moved up and used the garment to securely wrap Tang Doudou up before giving a satisfied nod and taking her hand. “Let’s go, let’s head back first.”

Tang Doudou still had some things she wanted to say. However, she suddenly saw a bit of dark red on Baili Yu’s white inner garment and swallowed the words back down. She thought he had recovered from his injuries but from the looks of it she had been too naive. Though his appearance didn’t seem like that of a human, in the end he was still human. How could it be possible for him to recover that quickly? Hence, she followed after him obediently. The two turned into an alley in Mist City and walked for about an hour until they reached the back door of a courtyard.

“This is Mist City’s Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce. I’ve already sent people to notify Ye Chuan. We will probably be able to see him in just a while.” Baili Yu pushed open the door and walked into the courtyard with Tang Doudou.

A sense of familiarity with this place bewildered Tang Doudou. This was the first time she had come to Mist City, how was it possible for her to feel a familiarity with it? How strange.

Baili Yu was walking in front of her and clearly wasn’t looking at her, yet he considerately explained, “I like this style so every Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce, no matter where they are, are built this way.”

Only then did Tang Doudou realize what the familiar feeling was. Once again, she drew a mark in her heart for Baili Yu’s exotic preferences.

Aiy, let’s take a moment to think about Baili Yu. Other than his good looks and his money, it seems like he’s full of weird quirks. What exactly does she like about this evil spirit?


The two were walking into the courtyard when a bunch of maids suddenly burst out from somewhere, rushed in front of them, and knelt down. The maid leading them sobbed as she cried, “Master, where did you go ah? Everyone was worried to death!”

“Qing He, bring Lady Doudou to freshen up.” Baili Yu didn’t explain anything to these maids. However, which one of these maids weren’t experienced? How could it be possible for them not to know what happened when they saw Tang Doudou standing next to Baili Yu?

When the crying young girl heard her master’s order, she hastily got up from the ground and curtsied towards Tang Doudou. “Lady Doudou, please follow this servant.”

After she got up, the maids that were kneeling behind her got up as well. They were curious and wanted to see what kind of person this Lady Doudou was. However, when they saw her face, they all received the same shock: isn’t this Alliance Head Li, Li Xueyi?

Why is he now called Doudou?

And even a lady?

Qing He froze for a moment and looked towards Baili Yu in confusion. It couldn’t be that Master’s head had gotten damaged from his illness? Isn’t Alliance Head Li male?

When did he become a lady?

When Tang Doudou saw the confused gazes of the maids, she finally noticed Baili Yu’s strange choice of words. Earlier she was so confused her brain felt like paste so she completely overlooked this problem. Now that she was thinking about it, it was actually a little scary. Could it be that Baili Yu had already known her true gender since earlier?

Seemingly knowing what she was thinking, Baili Yu turned back around and tapped her nose in a doting manner. “Stop thinking about useless things, go get changed first!”

Fine, in any case, she wouldn’t be able to figure it out by overthinking so there was no point wasting her energy in that direction.

Tang Doudou nodded and was just about to leave with Qing He when she suddenly recalled something. Slapping her head, she said, “Almost forgot the main issue.”

So she wiggled her butt and ran back. Pulling Baili Yu to the side, she whispered in his ear, “I should help you change your medicine first. If I don’t change your medicine and your wound ends up festering it’d be fatal.”

Baili Yu ruffledE/C Tang Doudou’s messy hair. “It’s only a little while so it’ll be fine. You should go get changed first.”

As he spoke, he started walking in a different direction, not giving Tang Doudou any chance to try and dissuade him. After walking several steps, he suddenly stopped and walked back again. While Tang Doudou looked at him with a completely confused expression, he looked her up and down, then said, “Qing He, remember to prepare female clothing for Lady Doudou.”

Following that, he lowered his head and whispered softly next to Tang Doudou’s ear, “In the future, it’s fine if you just be yourself. There’s no need to worry about anyone or anything else.”

After he finished speaking, he strode away, leaving behind a dumbfounded Tang Doudou. As she thought, he already knew!

However, now that she thought about it, it seemed that it didn’t really matter that much whether he knew or not…

But… Suddenly Tang Doudou had a vulgar thought. What if she had transmigrated over as a man? What would Baili Yu do?

Would he still like her? Or would he be disgusted and try to throw her as far away as possible?

“Alli… ahem, Lady Doudou. This servant would be so bold as to ask what style of female clothing you like? This way this servant can go prepare them.” Qing He had waved her hand to dismiss the other maids and was now standing behind Tang Doudou.

Upon hearing this, Tang Doudou’s eyes immediately lit up. She can choose clothes ah! Woohoo! She’s finally about to regain her privilege to be a sis! Pretty clothes, Doudou’s coming for yah!

However, though she did learn a bit about historical apparel back when she was in the modern era, this was a parallel universe. She didn’t know what styles they had so there was no way she would know which style she liked.

“Just bring one of every style. I’ll choose something myself later.”

In reality, she really wanted to say that anything was fine. However, when it occurred to her that there probably wouldn’t be many chances for her to choose, she changed the words when they reached her mouth.

“Understood.” A trace of a smile flashed through Qing He’s eyes. She had known that Tang Doudou would say this after seeing the confused expression in Tang Doudou’s eyes.

She soon sent down instructions, then led Tang Doudou to the bathing area.

After finishing the preparations, she withdrew.

It was clear that there was no custom of having the maids help the master bathe in Baili Yu’s home. Tang Doudou was very satisfied upon seeing this.


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