Chapter 130.1: Plan

Prodigal Alliance Head


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This incident was actually that severe?

The two sat in silence for a while. Suddenly, a question occurred to Tang Doudou. Baili Yu and she had also been to Five Kilometers Emporium before. Would the Lord of Mist City try to dispose of them as well?

“What exactly is the City Lord trying to do? Brother Gu has such influence in Mist City, do you know anything?”

Gu Xun shook his head. “Alliance Head Li truly doesn’t know our City Lord. His conduct has always been very strange and no one can predict what he does next. In this aspect he’s actually quite similar to the Lord of Cloud City. They’re both characters that normal people can’t comprehend.”

“Brother Gu said earlier that everyone who has been to Five Kilometers Emporium are being disposed of… then does that mean I won’t be able to stay in Mist City anymore?” For some unknown reason, Tang Doudou felt like that paper strip had been referring to this incident.

Could it be that someone had already predicted everything that was going to happen before she even went to Five Kilometers Emporium?

No way it’d be this troll, right?

“This is very hard to say…” Gu Xun gave a vague reply.

Tang Doudou looked at him. Gu Xun was a human trafficker. These type of people had the fastest ways of obtaining the most accurate information. There was no way he was completely unaware of what the Lord of Mist City was planning to do. After all, he couldn’t have established a stronghold here in just a few years if he hadn’t been good at getting information.

However, there was nothing Tang Doudou could do if he didn’t want to say it. Although he was wary of her, the wariness was due to the fact he wasn’t aware that she didn’t know martial arts. If it ever got revealed that she was simply a paper tiger, the consequences would be too horrible to imagine.

So she flung the idea of trying to demand information from him using her status as an Alliance Head as far as possible. She had no interest in courting disaster for fun.

Thinking up to this point, Tang Doudou prepared to leave. She had already been out for half a day. Baili Yu would definitely run out to look for her if she stayed out too long. With his remarkable abilities, he might find her before she even stepped out of Gu Residence. He might even be waiting outside to catch her red-handed right now.

It’s not like she didn’t reap any benefits from this visit. At the very least she learned that the Lord of Mist City might be a threat. This way, at least she wouldn’t be caught unprepared when the situation caught up with her.

“However, there’s no need for Alliance Head Li to be worried. Although the City Lord’s conduct has always been a little strange, he wouldn’t antagonize the entire martial arts community for a small matter like this. Furthermore, there’s no way he’d be presumptuous enough to provoke Cloud City, so there’s no need for you to worry.” Gu Xun watched silently as Tang Doudou contemplated.

Lately, rumors have been spreading that Li Xueyi was a woman.

Gu Xun had snorted at those rumors when he first heard. Though Li Xueyi did have a delicate and pretty appearance, a figure and frame that was rather slender, a voice that was a bit androgynous...

But the fact that Li Xueyi was a man was something his biological brother, Bai Feiyun, had personally told him.

Who didn’t know about the close relationship between Li Xueyi and Bai Feiyun? Ever since Li Xueyi ascended to the position of the Alliance Head, he had never stayed in the Alliance Head Residence for more than a few days. Hence, all the matters of the martial arts circles, regardless of whether they were big or small, were handled by Bai Feiyun.

Anyone with sight would be able to see what kind of relationship those two had. If even Bai Feiyun wasn’t clear about Li Xueyi’s gender after interacting with him for so long, then all that could be said was that Li Xueyi’s method of disguising himself must be godly.

This was what Gu Xun had thought in the past. No matter what people said, he refused to believe that Li Xueyi was a woman.

Now though, he was starting to doubt himself.

It had been dark last time so he didn’t get a clear look at Li Xueyi, but presently they were sitting right opposite each other in the bright sun. He could clearly see the layer of short soft fur on Li Xueyi’s tender and white skin, the exquisite little jasper nose, and moist pink lips…E/C

The more Gu Xun looked at him, the more he felt that Li Xueyi seemed like a girl!

When his thoughts got to this point, Gu Xun knitted his brows. Could it be that the rumors were true?

“I hope for that to be the case.” Tang Doudou was preoccupied with her worries and didn’t notice Gu Xun’s probing stare. She stood up and said, “It’s pretty late so I’ll head back first. I’ll come visit Brother Gu another day.”

Gu Xun didn’t urge her to stay either. He stood up and said, “Then I’ll see you off.”

“No need, just have that manservant from earlier send me out.”

“He’s probably slacking off somewhere right now and in any case, I’m not busy so I might as well see you to the door.”

She’ll let go of the fact that he didn’t urge her to stay, but his tone was actually urging her to hurry and leave!

Aiy, it’s still Xiao Bai that’s the best ah!

It’s been a long time. Wonder how Xiao Bai was doing? Was he in the Alliance Head Residence cursing about her, this arm-flinging shopkeeper? (Person who asks others to work but does nothing himself)

Tang Doudou soon arrived at the door while thinking about random things.

“Here is good enough. Brother Gu, no need to see me off any further!” Tang Doudou stood in front of the door and spoke up in advance to prevent Gu Xun from seeing her out any further. She didn't dare to take this kind of risk.

“Alright, then Alliance Head Li, please take care on your way,” said Gu Xun.

Tang Doudou nodded, then walked out of Gu Residence.

Gu Xun watched her until her figure faded, then his eyes turned serious. He told the manservant to close the door and returned to the pavilion.


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E/C - “He could clearly see the layer of short soft fur on Li Xueyi’s tender and white skin, the exquisite little jasper nose, and moist pink lips…” Sounds more like a rabbit than a girl.


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