Chapter 136.1: Who Would Carry This Black Pot

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Su Yi was the Lord of Cloud City?

The Lord of Cloud City was actually Su Yi!

Even though Tang Doudou was currently feeling horrible, she was so shocked by what Baili Yu said that she was speechless and could only look towards Su Yi in disbelief. She had made guesses at his identity before but she had never tried guessing in this direction because Su Yi simply looked way too young. Bai Feiyun had told her previously that the Lord of Cloud City was already over a hundred years old.

However, she couldn’t reject the reality dangling in front of her face.

Tang Doudou finally understood why Su Yi had always warned her not to get too close to Baili Yu and not to be too sincere towards him.

Everyone within the Jianghu knew that there was much accumulated rancor between Baili Yu and the Lord of Cloud City and that they were arch-enemies. Meanwhile, Li Xueyi was the child that the Lord of Cloud City had brought up like his own child.

There had once been rumors that Li Xueyi was the successor the Lord of Cloud City had chosen. This matter was no longer discussed afterwards for some unknown reason. However, the news that Li Xueyi was going to become the Alliance Head of the martial arts circles soon spread. And then the incident of Tang Doudou transmigrating over occurred.

As the Lord of Cloud City, it would be crazy if Su Yi allowed her to curry favor with Baili Yu and fool around with him.

Sensing her shocked gaze, Su Yi flung his sleeve back and retracted his fist. He said annoyedly, “You can decide whether or not to beat him up! If you want to beat him up, I’ll help you. If you don’t want to beat him up, then come back to Cloud City with me!”

The fact that he could say this was proof that his anger had calmed.

Or perhaps it was that what Tang Doudou had said earlier angered him so much he didn’t feel like caring about her affairs anymore.

Beat him up, of course she wanted to beat him up ah!

Upon hearing what Su Yi said, Tang Doudou hastily scrambled to her feet. Presently, the alcohol had already rushed to her head so her little face was piping red. A trace of fierceness flashed through her hazy intoxicated eyes as she said, “Beat him up! Beat him until even his parents can’t recognize him!”

After she finished speaking, she didn’t wait for Su Yi to start. Moving like a gust of wind, she raised her little fist and fiercely smashed it down on Baili Yu’s eye socket.E/C

Bastard, to dare to dump her!

She had seriously moved too fast. By the time everyone present managed to come to their senses, there was already a panda eye on Baili Yu’s face. It looked quite comical on his exceptionally handsome face.T/N

What a dumb to the utmost degree woman! To punch so hard, was she not worried about having to become the wife of a blind person?E/C2

Baili Yu couldn’t remain unperturbed. The acute pain coming from his eye region clearly informed him that he, Baili Yu, had been punched by someone.

Su Yi was also stupefied. He hadn’t expected Tang Doudou to hit him right after saying so. Immediately afterward, his expression turned pleased. He shot Feng Wu a smug gaze that said, Look, this is the disciple lao zi trained. How is it? Domineering enough, right?

Feng Wu was still soaking in the happiness of the fact that Su Yi had gotten angry with her. Now that she received a little meaningful glance from Su Yi, she was so happy that her head spun.

When Su Yi saw her little girl-like behavior, he finally realized that something wasn’t quite right and silently retracted his gaze. Not even bothering to care about Tang Doudou, he prepared to slip away.

How well did Feng Wu know this guy? The moment his eyes whirled, Feng Wu moved immediately in front of him. “You want to run again?”

Su Yi opened his mouth but before he could even speak his mouth was stopped up by a soft sensation.

His first reaction was to push Feng Wu away but before he could move he was pushed against the wall. A low murmur sounded next to his ear, “Su Yi, how many twenty years do you think we have left?”

The disappointment and frustration in her tone made Su Yi lower his hand. He then slowly lifted it again and flipped around to press the person against the wall before fiercely kissing down.

Jesus ah!

Tang Doudou had just finished hitting Baili Yu but before she even had time to reflect on the refreshing aftertaste of this feeling, she was stunned by this erotic scene.

Big Sis Feng Wu, aren’t you a little too unrestrained!?

And Su Yi, you old fart, if you’re going to kiss her lips then just kiss her lips, what are you moving your hands around all over for ah!?

Couldn’t you guys be a little more reserved in front of the younger generation?

Tang Doudou silently roasted them in her heart but her clear round eyes were filled with excitement and emitted a wolf-like light as she watched with keen interest. She was so engrossed she didn’t even notice when Baili Yu arrived behind her.

“Is it fun to watch?”

“Waste of words, of course it’s fun to watch! It’s a handsome man and a beautiful girl ah! Let’s not talk about kissing, even if they were playing in mud it would still be fun to watch ah!”

The way she was so excited seemed as if that passionate kiss was her own.

Baili Yu became very displeased now. Setting aside the fact that he had been hit for nothing, this stinkin’ yatou was watching others kiss rather than worrying whether his eye was ok. Although these were all things he had brought upon himself…

Tang Doudou had replied casually before realizing that the atmosphere didn’t seem right.

Who did that burning gaze at the back of her head belong to?


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Dray

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T/N - At first I didn’t get why TDD changed her mind about beating BLY up so quickly, but when I went back through, I figured it out. Guess why TDD changed her mind about beating BLY up?

It’s ‘cause she thought SY wouldn’t be able to beat BLY and would end up getting beat up by BLY. Once BLY revealed that SY was the Lord of Cloud City, TDD was like, oh, SY’s martial arts are even better than BLY so no need to worry about BLY being able to fight back! Sweet!

E/C - “fiercely smashed it down on Baili Yu’s eye socket” Woah

E/C2 - “was she not worried about having to become the wife of a blind person?” agree. who punches the eye socket!!

C: Hahaha

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