Chapter 142.3: Mountain Bandits Golden Wind Jade Dew

Prodigal Alliance Head


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If it weren’t for the fact that Xiao Dao was behind her, Tang Doudou would have already fallen off. However, she was still hit quite hard by this force so she decided to just lean forward and lay on top of the horse’s back.

She glanced behind and was immediately scared to the point her soul was about to scatter. “Xiao Dao, t-they, they have a lot of people!”

Not only did they have a lot of people, they also had a lot of horses. The scene was a mass of black. They rushed out from the forest and rapidly chased after them like a sweeping tide.

All of the horses that belonged to these mountain bandits were robust and moved astonishingly fast. Despite the fact that they were in a dense forest, they didn’t seem to be hindered at all. The bandits would probably be able to catch up with them very soon.

Actually, their horse was also not bad, but two people were riding on it so naturally it couldn’t go as fast as the bandits’ horses.

“I’ll go block them while you escape!” Xiao Dao also knew that they would inevitably be caught up to at this rate so he made a prompt decision.

“How long could you possibly hold them off on your own? And there’s no point mentioning trying to ride a horse, I still can’t even move my legs!” Tang Doudou didn’t even think before rejecting Xiao Dao’s disaster-courting idea.

“But if things keep going like this, both of us will be captured.” Xiao Dao felt very helpless. He couldn’t think of any ways to safely get through this current crisis. The task Master had given him was to get Tang Doudou to Huai City safely.

As long as they got through this Green Mist Mountain where many mountain bandits lived, Tang Doudou would be able to safely travel the rest of the way even if she was on her own.

“Quit wasting words. You can’t give up until the very last moment!” berated Tang Doudou. Then she warned him, “If you get off the horse now, I’ll immediately get off as well!”

Of course, Tang Doudou knew about the task Baili Yu had entrusted Xiao Dao with. What else could it be but to protect her? However, there was nothing that mountain bandits wanted except money. As long as they gave them money, they wouldn’t demand their lives. If it turned out that they wanted to murder for money, well, she could only admit that she had bad luck.

Thinking up to this point, Tang Doudou immediately said to Xiao Dao, “Stop!”

Xiao Dao didn’t understand what she was doing and didn’t stop.

“I have an idea for dealing with the mountain bandits, so stop now!”

Xiao Dao hesitated for a while; signs of struggle flashed through his eyes. However, in the end, he obeyed Tang Doudou’s order and pulled the galloping horse to a stop.

When the mountain bandits behind them saw that they had stopped, they stopped rushing. They slowed the speed of their horses and gradually moved to surround the two.

“Haha, run ah! Why aren’t you running anymore!?”

The leading mountain bandit was a large bald man who looked very fierce. When he laughed he revealed a mouth full of yellow teeth. He was holding an enormous morning star and looked like a stereotypical mountain bandit.

Beside him was a short man who had a villainous appearance. When he got a clear look at Tang Doudou, his small eyes lit up and he threw Tang Doudou a coquettish glance. Delicately lifting his hand in an orchid fingers gesture, he pressed the tips of his fingers to his chest. “Aiyoh, that young fellow is sure handsome!” (‘orchid fingers’ is a gesture in which the thumb and the middle finger is joined while the rest are extended.)T/N

Upon hearing what he said, the bald guy spat disdainfully, then shouted at the short man. “Good for nothing! What is handsomeness good for? Can it be eaten as a meal? Can it be spent as money?”


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Dray

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