Chapter 143.1: Strange Within Strange

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Golden Wind Jade Dew, the two bandits, were currently flirting with each other when they heard Tang Doudou’s clear voice. They simultaneously looked over and shouted “Shut up!”

before going back to kissing and flirting. After a while, Yu Fenger finally pushed Jin Longbiao away and said, “Focus on your work!”

Jin Longbiao disliked delicate, handsome pretty boys like Tang Doudou the most, because every time Yu Fenger saw this kind of men, his eyes would light up. It made Jin Longbiao very unhappy.

Due to the fact that he had angered Yu Fenger earlier, Jin Longbiao’s tone was no longer as harsh when he spoke this time. He pointed at Tang Doudou and asked Yu Fenger in an attempt to curry favor, “Fenger ah, what did he mean by what he said earlier?”

“Blockhead, to not even understand this! He’s saying that we’re really awesome!” Yu Fenger rolled his eyes at Jin Longbiao, before extending his hand towards him. The latter jumped off the horse in a fawning manner, carefully hugged Yu Fenger’s legs and lifted him off the horse.

After Yu Fenger got off the horse, he tidied up his clothes and hair before lifting his hand in the orchid fingers gesture and walking with a bashful expression towards Tang Doudou.

Although Jin Longbiao was very unhappy seeing this, he still followed compliantly. “Fenger ah, be careful where you step, there’s rocks.”

Xiao Dao could not bring himself to keep watching this gross display of affection between the Golden Wind Jade Dew pair and turned his head to look vigilantly at the mountain bandits. He was searching for an opportunity to escape with Tang Doudou.

Gongzi, were you the one who composed that Golden Wind Jade Dew poem?”

In all truthfulness, if this Yu Fenger was a woman, even if his appearance was a little unsightly, his natural and unrestrained manner would be able to cast those daughters of rich families several hundred streets away.

However, when he made this look with his not only unsightly, but also vulgar-looking face, it still made Tang Doudou, who had experienced all sorts of strange vicissitudes in her life, almost cough out blood.

It was lucky that her toleration ability was strong so she had quickly adjusted to Golden Wind Jade Dew, this pair of strange mountain bandits. She gave a light cough and said, “It is precisely this untalented one who composed it.”

Yu Fenger gave a delicate laugh and said, “Gongzi is truly humble… Fenger really likes this poem, wonder if gongzi would be willing to return with Fenger to write it down as a present for Fenger?”

The moment he finished speaking, Jin Longbiao who was behind him gave a thumbs up with adoration written all over his face. His family’s Fenger was so brilliant, to be capable of even putting kidnapping in a way that sounds good.

My fudge, this Yu Fenger had talent ah!

Tang Doudou rubbed her chin. From the looks of it, Yu Fenger wanted to kidnap her and bring her back. If it was like this, she might not be able to make them leave with money!

“Hm, about this…”

Gongzi’s not willing?” Yu Fenger pressed his lips together dejectedly and started weeping.

When Jin Longbiao saw his darling crying, he immediately glowered and smashed his morning star towards the ground. “Boy, you actually dared to reject my family’s Fenger’s invitation? Do you no longer wish to live!?”

Seeing that Jin Longer was about to attack, Xiao Dao immediately moved in front of Tang Doudou to shield her. He shouted coldly, “Jin Longbiao, cease your impudent actions!”

“Who do you think you are, boy? Scram!” Xiao Dao’s warning had no effect. Jin Longbiao roared as he lifted his morning star and attacked Xiao Dao. The aggressive aura he gave off was so strong it gave one the impression that a single attack from him could crush Xiao Dao to death.

As things had happened too suddenly, Tang Doudou had no chance to react. When she saw that the enormous morning star was about to land on Xiao Dao, her pupils abruptly dilated. “Xiao Dao!”

The next second, she seemed to see Xiao Dao’s terribly mangled state. Tang Doudou was heartbroken with grief and indignation. It was all her fault, she had caused Xiao Dao’s death!

Feelings of self-blame and anger flooded her. Her fists tightened and her normally calm dantian was aroused by the fury. Power surged out and rushed through her entire body. Tang Doudou felt as if her body was being torn to shreds. She couldn’t help but tilt her face towards the sky and roar, “Aaah!”

As her black hair lifted into the air, a trace of red light actually flashed through her eyes. Following that, her figure seemed to become that of a demon’s. In the blink of an eye, she arrived above Jin Longbiao’s head. She reached out and lightly placed her palm on the morning star.


Eye-piercing white light mixed with an enormous movement of air caused the morning star to break completely into pieces,before abruptly exploding outwards. The pieces screamed as they whizzed by, instantly causing all the bandits surrounding them to fall to the ground.

The dust gradually settled, revealing a chaotic mess.

The mountain bandits were so terrified by this scene that they were pretty much about to shit (and pee) in their pants. They instantly ran away screaming.

Yu Fenger stood not far away. There were only a few ripped pieces of his clothes left. He was frozen in place with astonishment, his hand still in the orchid fingers gesture as he stared at the figure in the center whose long black hair was dancing in the air.

Xiao Dao stared, just as shocked, at Tang Doudou who was in front of him and at the trembling Jin Longbiao behind her. His throat was a bit dry. “L-lady… Doudou.”

The energy that had abruptly taken over her body had been completely released in that outburst just now. She finally felt comfortable again, but soon after, pain as if she had been run over by a wheel hit her. Tang Doudou loosened a breath of relief when she heard Xiao Dao calling her. She brushed away the hair that had fallen over her forehead and turned around. “I…”Pfff!

Before she could finish speaking, she spurted out a mouthful of blood.

“Lady Doudou!” Xiao Dao’s facial color changed drastically as he immediately went to catch her.

Tang Doudou gazed toward the sky, her eyes dull, her complexion pale as snow. Her lips were stained dark red. Seeing her like this made Xiao Dao completely lose his head. “Lady Doudou, ar-are you alright? Can you hear me?”


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