Chapter 144.1: Become Sworn Siblings

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Tang Doudou woke up the next day.

All the weariness from traveling for half a month had mysteriously disappeared. Her legs weren’t sore and her waist didn’t hurt anymore. She felt as comfortable as if she had visited a sauna.

Following that, the events that occurred before she passed out reemerged in her brain. She opened her hands. Exactly how much inner strength was contained in this body? When her inner strength burst out, she actually felt an impulse to destroy the world. Cough. Of course, this was purely the result of her overthinking. However, that despotic power really did make her feel like going on a rampage.

She took a deep breath and started sizing up the surroundings. This room was not very large and contained all the normal necessities. The window opposite the bed was facing east. The golden sunlight from the rising sun spilled in from the window; seeing it gave people a warm feeling.

Outside the window was a lush, green rice terrace. From the distance came the sounds of scolding and people frolicking. There were a couple birds by the window.

Where was this place?

Tang Doudou got up from the bed and saw that Xiao Dao was sleeping on a table.

“Xiao Dao.” She walked over and gently pushed Xiao Dao. “Wake up…”

When she had exploded earlier, she had broken Jin Longbiao’s morning star but hadn’t managed to drive off Jin Longbiao and Yu Fenger before she fainted. Xiao Dao had said before that those two were more skilled in martial arts than he was. How had he managed to take her and escape from Golden Wind Jade Dew’s evil clutches?

Xiao Dao had watched over Tang Doudou last night until the sun was about to rise. He had only gone to sleep on the table when he seriously could not hold on any longer. However, only a little while had passed before Tang Doudou shook him awake so he was still a bit groggy when he lifted his head. “What is it…?”

Then he realized who was calling him and his grogginess was immediately swept away. He stood up, pleasantly surprised, as he looked at Tang Doudou who seemed completely unharmed. “Lady Doudou, you’ve woken up!”

“En. Xiao Dao, how long have I been unconscious? You seem very exhausted?” Tang Doudou felt a bit apologetic upon seeing that Xiao Dao’s eyes were bloodshot. She didn’t even know how many days he had been watching over her. It was likely that he had just fallen asleep. If she had known earlier, she wouldn’t have acted so impatiently and woken him up.

Seeing that she was fine, Xiao Dao gave a bashful smile. “I’m fine. You were unconscious for a day, how do you feel now?”

It had only been one day?

Tang Doudou was a bit shocked. She couldn’t quite believe it. In the past, she had always been unconscious for multiple days though?

Of course, it wasn’t that she wanted to be unconscious for a long time, she just felt that there was definitely something behind this abnormality and so she deliberated over it a while. However, she soon stopped thinking about this and threw it to the back of her mind. The fact that she was unconscious for shorter periods of time was something that was worth celebrating ah!

“Where are we now? How did you manage to escape from Golden Wind Jade Dew?”

Xiao Dao rubbed the back of his head in an embarrassed manner. “After you fainted, they didn’t make things difficult for me. It was actually thanks to their help that I could bring you back here.”

“They helped bring me back? Then this couldn’t be…”

“It’s their stronghold.” Xiao Dao saw Tang Doudou’s surprised expression and smiled bashfully again. “Lady Doudou, thank you.”

He was probably talking about the incident in which she broke Jin Longbiao’s morning star. Tang Doudou waved offhandedly. “It’s just a small matter, don’t worry about it.”

In reality, the thought of saving Xiao Dao hadn’t even occurred to her earlier. She was just so angry with the bandits and herself that her inner strength went out of control. She only hit Jin Longbiao’s morning star in order to vent her anger.

However, there was no need to explain this. The most important thing was that everyone was safe.

She discussed with Xiao Dao about their next move, then went with him to look for Golden Wind Jade Dew so that they could take their leave. Tang Doudou hadn’t expected for these two exotic fellows to be this kind-hearted.

“You guys are leaving?”

The sound of Yu Fenger’s shocked and disappointed voice rang out in the main hall of Green Summit Stronghold. “Can’t you stay for a couple more days? Could it be that our reception was not satisfactory?”

Although Yu Fenger had found out from Xiao Dao that Tang Doudou was female, he was still reluctant to let Tang Doudou leave. The reason was very simple. There was no one in Green Summit Stronghold that was better looking than Tang Doudou. If she left, he would have to face these ugly clots every day againE/N. Just thinking about it made his little heart depressed. “We appreciate Stronghold Master Yu’s good intentions, however, we truly have an important matter to attend to and must get to Huai City as soon as possible. If there is a chance in the future, we’ll definitely visit to thank you two for your kindness in offering us shelter!”

Yu Fenger took in Tang Doudou’s determined expression and knew that he wouldn’t be able to convince her to stay. Hence, he said, “Since it’s like this, I won’t detain you two…”

“This matter cannot be delayed so we shall take our leave now. For us, ‘while green hills change not, clear water flows longG,’ Stronghold Master Yu, we will definitely meet again!”

Yu Fenger nodded and was about to get up and see them off when Jin Longbiao seemed to suddenly have thought of something. He stopped Yu Fenger from getting up and asked with a displeased tone, “You guys are leaving just like this?”

Could it be that they shouldn’t leave like this? How else could they leave?

Tang Doudou was puzzled. Xiao Dao, however, recalled what Yu Fenger said earlier and immediately said, “Don’t worry, we’ll immediately send someone to bring over the money once we return!”

“That won’t do. Who am I supposed to look for if you guys decide not to send the money?” said Jin Longbiao, unsatisfied.

Xiao Dao asked, “Then what do you suggest?”

Yu Fenger gave Jin Longbiao a glance and was just about to persuade him not to do this when Jing Longbiao shot him a look and whispered, “Don’t you want that little pretty boy to stay?”

Yu Fenger immediately shut his mouth.

Jin Longbiao said, “Out of the two of you, one stays while the other one goes to bring the money!”


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Dray

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E/N - “There was no one in Green Summit Stronghold that was better looking than Tang Doudou. If she left, he would have to face these ugly clots every day again” /me falls over


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