Chapter 147.2: Surviving Member of the Previous Dynasty

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“Xiao Bai, did you miss me? I missed you to death ah!” The moment the crowd left, Tang Doudou returned to her usual demeanor. Spreading her arms, she threw herself at Bai Feiyun.

Bai Feiyun’s eyes contained a helpless smile as he dodged her wolf pounce. “You’ve finally returned. I was about to abandon my duties and run if you didn’t return soon.”

“Hehe…” In regards to this, all Tang Doudou could do was laugh foolishly.

Bai Feiyun’s gaze then landed on Yuner who was near the entrance and he asked, “Why did you bring him back?”

“What is it? Is there a problem with that?”

Seeing her puzzlement, Bai Feiyun immediately understood that she didn’t know about the situation. Baili Yu probably never told her about the unexpected events that had occurred after she left Huai City.

He(BFY) didn’t know what that person(BLY) was planning.

“I’ll tell you later. Since you’ve already brought the person here, then let’s settle him down first.”

“Haha, I just knew it. Xiao Bai, you’re the best!” Tang Doudou eyes were curved into crescent moons as she smiled. She reached out to wrap her an arm around Bai Feiyun’s shoulder but failed when he dodged again.

“They’re the Wu family brothers from Green Summit Stronghold, right? When did you get to know the people from there?” Having asked about Yuner, Bai Feiyun then shifted his gaze to Wu Li and the others. It was clear that he was questioning to find out what kind of people Tang Doudou had brought back.

Knowing that Bai Feiyun’s cautiousness was for her sake, Tang Doudou scratched her head embarrassedly. “When I was heading back, I encountered Golden Wind Jade Dew. It was familiarity at first sight, so I became sworn siblings with them. They were worried about my safety heading back alone so they had the Wu family brothers send me back.”

Following that, it seemed like something had suddenly occurred to her and she asked, “Xiao Dao didn’t come here to tell you about this?”

“Who’s Xiao Dao?”

After asking this, Bai Feiyun became thoroughly speechless and he sighed. Exactly how many people did she bring back?

Xiao Dao hadn’t met with Bai Feiyun?

Or was it that he still hasn’t made it here? But that wasn’t possible! She had experienced the speed of that fool, at most, it would only take him two days to get here. Tang Doudou thought about it some more. Could it be that he had gotten into an accident?

“Let’s find a place for Bai Yuner first. After all, he is my cousin…” said Bai Feiyun with a self-mocking laugh.

When the matter regarding Yuner was brought up, Tang Doudou could only force herself to stop worrying about Xiao Dao for the time being. Hopefully, it was just that Xiao Dao hadn’t arrived yet and not that he had met with an accident.

What Bai Feiyun said surprised her. “I found it weird too, isn’t he the Prime Minister’s son? How did he end up becoming a beggar?”

“This is a long story. I have to start from right after you two left. Do you still remember the culinary competition at the Prime Minister Residence?”

Of course, she remembered. That was the day she had committed a very huge, vigorous act ah…

There was probably no one else on earth that was audacious as her, to dare to kick and trample the emperor. She didn’t know how many catties of leopard guts she had eaten back then to have been that daring; whenever she recalled the incident now she would still break out in cold sweat.

In the end though, that incident was Baili Yu’s fault. His presence was practically more effective than several hundred leopard guts.

“En, I remember ah. Could it be that it was that culinary competition that caused Yuner to fall to this point? That’s not right ah, could it be due to San Yu?”

“Seems like your brain got straightened out after an outing,” said Bai Feiyun with a smile.

Tang Doudou went 囧. It wasn’t that she was dumb before, alright?

She had just transmigrated over at that time and didn’t have a grasp of the situation at all. Even the most quick-witted person wouldn’t be able to utilize their abilities well in that situation!

“San Yu is a surviving member of the previous dynasty. During the culinary competition, she had added drugs to the dishes. However, your involvement caused her scheme to fail. It was originally a secret scheme but some anonymous person had disclosed it. The emperor sent people to catch San Yu and declared an after autumn execution.T/N T/N - ‘after autumn executions’ were common in the past due to the fact that spring was believed to be the season of vitality and life while autumn was more austere. For the sake of saving San Yu, Yuner went to the Prime Minister. However, the Prime Minister ended up driving him out of the Prime Minister Residence and severing their father and son relationship in order to avoid arousing suspicion.”

After hearing what Bai Feiyun narrated in a sympathetic tone, Tang Doudou was so shocked that she couldn’t even speak. Jesus ah! Then that meant that she had been the one who landed lil’ sis San Yu in this predicament!


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