Chapter 164.2: F*cking Retard

Prodigal Alliance Head


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“Ha. You actually still have the energy to dodge after several days of starvation. Looks like we haven’t starved you enough!” Xi Qiuyi retrieved his leg. He sneered as he crouched down again. Suddenly, he reached out and clutched Tang Doudou’s neck.

“Dodge ah, I’d like to see where you can still dodge to!”

Cough, cough. Let go of me!” Tang Doudou’s arms and legs were tied up so she couldn’t even struggle. All she could do was cough helplessly.

Xi Qiuyi didn’t continue to tighten his grip, but he didn’t relax it either. The feeling of being stuck in limbo made Tang Doudou almost want to bite off her own tongue to end it.

“Let you go?” Xi Qiuyi lowered his head and forced Tang Doudou to meet his eyes. “Then beg me ah!”

Pei! If you have the guts just kill me! Otherwise, scram!”

Damned pervert! There was no way she’d beg!

At most, it was just death! She wasn’t afraid!

This was the type of person Tang Doudou was. She only accepted the carrot, not the stick. If you wanted to try to make her do something with force, then oh so sorry, but she doesn’t accept this type of ‘encouragement!’

In addition, she had noticed that Xi Qiuyi wasn’t planning to kill her, so she became even less cooperative.

“You really think I don’t dare to kill you?”

“Humph! Of course you dare, but you can’t!” The more pressing the situation was, the clearer Tang Doudou’s thoughts became. If he wanted to kill her, he would have already done so. There was no way he’d make such a huge effort to capture her and bring her back here.

Xi Qiuyi didn’t explode like Tang Doudou expected when his actions were seen through. Instead, he stared at Tang Doudou calmly for a long while before releasing her.

“That’s right, I can’t kill you.”

Tang Doudou exhaled in relief. As long as she wasn’t dead, there was a chance to make a comeback.

However, what exactly was the point of leaving her alive and keeping her here?

In other words, what benefits could she possibly bring Xi Qiuyi? Or was it that it would cause some sort of trouble for him if he killed her?

Tang Doudou felt that the latter question was a more probable issue. There were plenty of problems that would be caused by her death, but she didn’t know of any benefits in keeping her alive.

The things that were unknown caused people the most fear.

“I can’t kill you, but I can slowly torment you until you beg for death. I’d like to see how you can manage to stay this insolent then!” After Xi Qiuyi finished speaking, he called, “Liu Yan!”

There was the sound of hurried footsteps. In the blink of an eye, a man dressed in flexible clothing appeared. “Your Majesty!”

“Bring her to the interrogation room!”


After Xi Qiuyi gave that order, he strode out of the prison and disappeared into the darkness outside. The man named Liu Yan entered, grabbed Tang Doudou’s shoulder, and started dragging her outside.

“Where are you bringing me? I’m not going!”

Just the words ‘interrogation room’ sounded intimidating, so Tang Doudou naturally refused to quietly let herself be dragged there. Who knew if she’d be able to come back in one piece after going there?

Tang Doudou’s brain whirled. Xi Qiuyi didn’t dare to kill her, but he dared to exert criminal law on her. This proved that he was keeping her alive due to the former reason. She definitely possessed something Xi Qiuyi wanted, some sort of benefit!

If he had planned to torture her simply to destroy her insolent attitude, just starving her for another hour would be effective enough.

But the fact that he wanted to use the interrogation room meant that he definitely wanted to force her to tell him something. And it was something he knew she wouldn’t give up easily!

Calm down, calm down. What exactly did she have that was beneficial to Xi Qiuyi?

The Alliance Head Command Tablet?

No, that’s something that Elder Yu would want.

Could it be some sort of secret?

That didn’t seem right. All the secrets she knew about were regarding Jianghu matters. There was nothing that was related to the imperial court ah!

Wait, the imperial court?

Baili Yu?

Tang Doudou seemed to have realized something and she immediately shouted, “Xi Qiuyi! You just want to get info on him, right? I’ll tell you all I know!”

Xi Qiuyi immediately re-appeared in her sight. Liu Yan stopped trying to drag her out and stood to the side.

“You sure are smart, to be able to guess my motive this quickly,” said Xi Qiuyi in a tone that contained other meanings.

Tang Doudou swallowed with difficulty. Her throat was uncomfortably dry. “Haha, it’s such an obvious matter, it was easy to guess.”

After all, the only relation she had to the imperial court was Baili Yu.

He was the Resplendent Prince, with wealth and influence that overwhelmed the world. Any emperor would find it difficult to sleep peacefully with this type of person around.

So there was no need to even mention the ambitious little princes!

Baili Yu, an existence that was like a fish bone stuck in the throat of emperors, was capable of overthrowing them, and could definitely be used to exchange for an emperor’s appreciation. His aid would be greatly beneficial in the struggle for the throne. If he could also get rid of the martial arts alliance and cause all the sects on the Jianghu to become like scattered sand, never to threaten the imperial court again, that would be even better!

That’s why everyone knew that Elder Yu and Xi Qiuyi’s collaboration were each for their own interests. They were playing with fire in hopes to win big!

Xi Qiuyi was betting, Elder Yu was also betting, and naturally, she was betting as well. What she was betting on was whether Baili Yu would rush back to save her after hearing the news!

After going through everyone she knew and eliminating them, she felt that the only one capable of rescuing her was Baili Yu.

Her current most important task was to stall for time!

She had to stall for enough time for Baili Yu to rush back from Mist City. Even just the thought of it was hard. Would Xi Qiuyi allow things to go as she wished?

He clearly would not. He would definitely get rid of her before Baili Yu rushed back!

The only thing she could do was stall for every minute possible!

“Since you know that, then why don’t you try guessing what this prince wishes to know?”


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