Chapter 167.1: Ghost!

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Director Mo looked towards Jun Xin with shock. Saint Envoy?

Jun Xin met his gaze coldly, causing Director Mo to immediately shiver and look away. Inwardly, he remarked that this person truly was scary. His imposing aura was even stronger than that of His Majesty.

“Quell my anger? How am I supposed to quell my anger when things have gotten to this stage?” said Jun Xin with a cold smile.

Xi Qiulin felt really sullen, but he didn’t want anyone to see, so he told Director Mo, “Call everyone from the High Judiciary Office over here. I’d like to see who had the guts to do something like this in the Imperial City! Also, send people to search through the entire city and track down Li Xueyi’s whereabouts! Carry over your heads to greet me if you aren’t able to locate him!”

Seeing that Xi Qiulin was serious, Director Mo didn’t dare to waste time. He immediately left after accepting the order.

He only allowed his puzzlement to show when he reached the door. What kind of ‘saint envoy’ was Jun Xin to make the Emperor fear him so much?

He had served Xi Qiulin since childhood and knew his temper well. He wasn’t a master with a good temper. His particularly abnormal behavior today was greatly out of character.

Director Mo turned towards the middle of the hall to  glance at Jun Xin, but then hastily retrieved his gaze and left in fear of being caught.

“Does Saint Envoy have instructions on anything other than this matter?” After Director Mo left, Xi Qiulin asked this with an apologetic smile.

Jun Xin gave a light humph. “Just focus on dealing with the task in front of you properly. Caring less about other stuff won’t bring you any detriments!”

He was a monarch that reigned over ten thousand people, when had he ever been treated like this?

A trace of darkness flashed through Xi Qiulin’s eyes. He wondered how capable this Jun Xin was. If…

The moment this thought emerged, Jun Xin’s ice-cold gaze swept over. “Restrain your wild schemes. Otherwise, I wouldn’t mind letting Wind Spirit change owners.”

Xi Qiulin instantly became covered with cold sweat. His gaze filled with reverence as he looked at Jun Xin. This person knew how to read human hearts. Could it be that he was one of the legendary Saint Envoys?

He really didn’t know if it was good luck or bad luck that he actually ended up encountering this figure.

After finding out that Jun Xin could read a person’s heart, Xi Qiulin didn’t dare to casually entertain ideas anymore. He sat back down on his dragon throne and acted like he was seriously reading through the memorials.

Since Tang Doudou was yet to be located, Jun Xin currently felt extremely fidgety. However, he couldn’t do anything else. The person in front of him, Xi Qiulin, was the person that had the most influence and power in Wind Spirit Imperial Court.

Although Baili Yu was wealthy, most of his power was in reality only for show. Xi Qiulin did fear Baili Yu, but it was just fear of the consequences that attacking Baili Yu would bring. If they really did have a falling out, it’s not certain who would emerge victorious.

Xi Qiulin was the monarch of a nation. He had to take many more things into consideration compared to Baili Yu, which led him to have many misgivings about certain actions.

In regards to this matter, getting help from Xi Qiulin was the simplest and most effective method. If it weren’t for that, there was no way he would have barged into the Imperial City despite the risk that his identity would be revealed.

He subconsciously touched his chest. If he hadn’t gotten injured, he would’ve been able to sense where Tang Doudou was.

It was just that...

His brows furrowed. Perhaps there was still another way.

With that thought, his figure dissolved into a shadow and disappeared from the imperial study without a word.

Xi Qiulin’s palms turned sweaty as he took in this move that seemed like magic. It was a good thing he didn’t indiscriminately rush into action earlier. Otherwise, it really would have been as the Saint Envoy said, Wind Spirit would have changed owners.

He was fully convinced that Jun Xin had that ability.

He waved, indicating for the shadow guard hidden in the hall to come out. He sighed, then said, “Secretly call the second prince here.”



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