Chapter 169.2: Disdained by an Animal

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When the mysterious person’s facial color returned to its optimal state, he stopped absorbing the moonlight and sat up in the coffin. He stayed there for a little while with his eyes closed to digest before destroying the coffin with a shockwave and walking towards her direction.

As of now, his eyes had pupils, but they were a strange, dark purple color and contained a dangerous light.

After his looks regenerated, Tang Doudou found that his looks weren’t bad. It still counted as handsome. The only thing was that his aura was too feminine, he seemed rather like a sissy.

Seeing him like this, her fear of him faded almost completely.

He walked over. Bending his still withered fingers, he undid Tang Doudou’s pressure point seals.

“F*ck! It’s a ghost!” After her pressure point seals were released, Tang Doudou involuntarily started screaming to release the terror that she had suppressed this entire time.

The mysterious person didn’t stop her from screaming. He actually waited until she ran out of strength to scream before saying with his weird laugh, “Have you finished screaming?”

Tang Doudou looked at him warily and asked, “Who exactly are you? Why did you capture me? If you want to kill me, then just do it straightforwardly!”

“Hehe, you’ll understand soon.” The mysterious person lifted her chin and looked over her with a probing gaze. “As expected, you really are her child. Your appearance is remarkably like hers. If it weren’t for the fact that I saw her die from being torn apart with my own eyes back then, I really would have thought she had returned again.”

Was he talking about Li Xueyi’s mother?

Tang Doudou was inwardly stunned. She never thought that Li Xueyi’s mother had actually died by being torn apart. That was a terribly cruel way to die!

“She was a genius ah!” said the mysterious person with a tone of yearning. “It was just a shame I hadn’t been able to interact with her. I really wanted to compete with her and see which of us was truly stronger!”

“But, it’s fine!”

Tang Doudou looked at the person in front of her who seemed deranged. A bright light flashed across her eyes. She seemed to have thought of something.

“She’s dead, but you’re still alive! Hahaha!!!”

Tang Doudou didn’t ask who the mysterious person was anymore. In any case, it was enough to know he wasn’t a good person. Her eyes moved slightly. “There’s really no need for you to go through so much trouble. I can’t beat you, I admit defeat.”

“Heehee, as expected of her child, you really are clever.” The mysterious person fiercely pinched Tang Doudou’s chin with his withered fingers. “But, you lack ambition! Who allowed you to admit defeat?”

As the mysterious person spoke, a strange pattern appeared in his dark purple pupils and they sucked Tang Doudou in like a whirlpool. “Remember, you are her daughter, you’re not allowed to admit defeat no matter what! Furthermore, you can’t lose by refusing to fight. You’re not allowed to do so even if the consequence is death!”

Tang Doudou was hypnotized by those strange patterns and stared dazedly at him. She opened her mouth. “Can’t admit defeat no matter what, can’t admit defeat no matter what…”

“That’s right, you can’t admit defeat no matter what… Good girl!” A strange smile appeared on the mysterious person’s lips as he spoke in a low voice and guided Tang Doudou’s thoughts.

Mu Ye, who had been thrown to the side, gradually woke up. When he saw this, fury emerged in his cold eyes.

It was them!

They had appeared again!


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Dray

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C: “After her pressure point seal was released, Tang Doudou involuntarily started screaming to release the terror that had been suppressed this entire time.” What happened to not being scared anymore?


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