Chapter 173.2: Crafty Wolf

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Only then did Tang Doudou realize that the way she was hugging Mu Ye seemed very intimate. Because she had been too frightened earlier, when she saw Mu Ye flying over to catch her, she grabbed onto him like a koala. Even now her legs were still wrapped around his waist…

The more she thought about it, the more her face burned. She hastily let go and jumped down. “I’m sorry ah, Mu Ye. I-I was just too scared earlier, so…”

A trace of darkness flashed through Mu Ye’s eyes when he saw that she immediately got away from him after Baili Yu was mentioned. However, by the time he lifted his eyes again, they were only filled with coldness. “It’s fine.”

Tang Doudou snuck a peek at him. She only loosened a breath in relief when she saw that he truly didn’t have any intention of picking fault at this.

Then she directed her attention towards Shen Moru. Knitting her brows, she asked, “What do you want? Why don’t you just say it directly? There’s no meaning in toying with us like this!”

“Jeje, this saint just loves it when people are straightforward like you.” Shen Moru laughed darkly, then waved towards Ah Meng. Ah Meng howled towards the moon and the wolves that were still waiting around the cave entrance immediately scattered, leaving behind only the enormous corpse in front of the cave entrance that was soaked in its own blood and the wolves that had been burned to death earlier by Tang Doudou.

Shen Moru didn’t even glance at them. Turning around, he walked into the cave. “If you want to know why, then follow me.”

Tang Doudou shared a glance with Mu Ye. They saw restrained fear in each others’ eyes.

Tang Doudou said, “In any case, since we can’t beat him or escape from him, let’s take a look first!”

Mu Ye didn’t speak. He just glanced at the Ah Meng behind them, then nodded.

Now that the alpha was dead, Ah Meng was the new alpha of this pack. If they wanted to forcefully break out, not only would they have to defeat Shen Moru whose martial arts were so profound they couldn’t been seen through, they even had to withstand the wolves’ attack.

In addition, Tang Doudou was currently heavily injured. It wasn’t a good time to take risks.

Earlier, Tang Doudou didn’t notice the pain but now that the adrenaline wore off, the pain hit her all at once. After taking a couple steps, she couldn’t hold up anymore due to the injuries on her legs.

Mu Ye saw her limp as she walked and his eyes flickered. He walked over and lifted Tang Doudou onto his back without a word.

Tang Doudou was first startled, then she immediately opened her mouth to say that it wasn’t necessary.

Mu Ye coldly interrupted the words she was about to say. “You’re too slow this way.”

After he finished speaking, he seemed to feel that it was a bit too heartless and supplemented, “The injuries will worsen.”

He seemed to still feel that it wasn’t enough. “Don’t worry, there’s only the three of us here.”

The meaning was, Baili Yu wouldn’t see.

After he finished speaking, he sensed a strange gaze aimed at the back of his head. He naturally knew that it was Tang Doudou looking at him. As for why the gaze was strange, he wasn’t willing to think about it. He closed his mouth and silently followed Shen Moru.

Shen Moru saw that Mu Ye entered carrying Tang Doudou and laughed ‘heehee’ without saying anything. However, the laughter clearly contained a strange meaning.

Tang Douodu moved near Mu Ye’s ear and asked quietly, “Mu Ye, do you know him?”

Her moist and warm breath hit Mu Ye’s ear along with a faint, barely perceptible fragrance. Mu Ye immediately froze. It took him a while to reply, “En.”

His tone was a little low and horse, but Tang Doudou didn’t notice it. She continued leaning on Mu Ye’s shoulder and quietly chattering into his ear. “Who is he ah? Do you know each other? Why did he kidnap you as well? Could it be that there’s a grudge between you two? But I don’t know him ah? From what he said, it seems he wants me to help him with something? To tell the truth, I’ve never seen anyone ask for help in such an arrogant manner. Also, what martial arts does he use? That one which he absorbs the moonlight, what martial arts is that? Why do I feel like he’s not like a human, could he be a sprite? Aiy, have you seen a sprite before?” (referring to a type of Chinese demon that has seductive qualities, like a fox spirit.)

She was talking energetically so she didn’t notice that Mu Ye’s breathing was becoming disorganized. He had never been in such close contact with a girl before, so how could he stand such an intimate gesture?

“Heh, little girl, you’re the one that’s a tormenting sprite. Didn’t you notice that the iceblock’s breathing is all messed up? Jeje… Mu Ye, don’t you feel that it’s such a pity I’m here and in the way?"


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