Chapter 174.2: Tree Valley

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He hastily rushed out and caught up with Shen Moru. “She has a fever. Do you have medicine?”

Seeing the anxiety on his face, Shen Moru laughed strangely. Then he pointed at the village in front and said, “Let’s go, there’ll be a doctor to treat her in the village.”

“Where is this place?” Only then did Mu Ye realize with surprise that they were next to a very desolate cliff. Below the cliff was black soil and rubble. It was the color of coal that had been burned by a fire. Black leaves hung off the few withered trees and located within the black area were houses made of stacked stone.

In the center of that village was an unbelievably large tree with lush, dark green leaves that seemed to cover the skies. It was completely incompatible with the surrounding dark, ashy environment. It gave the feeling that all the nutrients here had been absorbed by this large tree.

Shen Moru didn’t answer him and simply walked on.

Mu Ye was worried about Tang Doudou so he could only follow.

When they reached the village, he discovered that there were quite a lot of people in it.

They were all wearing the same black garment as Shen Moru. Regardless of whether they were young or old, male or female, they were all dressed in black and their facial features couldn’t be clearly made out.

Shen Moru led Mu Ye to the large tree in the center of the village. He sent out a palm strike and a long wooden ladder appeared from above. He jumped up and soon disappeared among the dense leaves.

Mu Ye also started climbing the ladder while carrying Tang Doudou.

The ladder went straight up along the tree trunk until it reached a point where three enormous tree branches diverged. There were simple wooden planks on it, and wrapped around the planks were vines that formed a large house. Shen Moru was standing at the entrance, and in front of him was an aged old lady wearing a black robe.

The two were originally talking but when they saw that Mu Ye had come up, the old grandma looked towards the two. Her eyes lacked white and were a terrifying sight.

She looked at Mu Ye for a long time. Her gaze seemed to sweep over Tang Doudou, then she spoke in a hoarse and unpleasant-sounding voice, “Come in.”

Mu Ye didn’t move and simply looked towards Shen Moru.

Shen Moru said, “Go in. Grandma Shen is a Sky Doctor Saint Envoy. She can cure her illness and treat her wounds.”

In a rare occasion, he didn’t make that eerie laughing sound. After he said this, he entered the house made from vines.

Grandma Shen was actually a Sky Doctor Saint Envoy?

A trace of astonishment flashed through Mu Ye’s eyes but it soon receded. He entered carrying Tang Doudou.

“Put her there!”

After Mu Ye entered, Grandma Shen spoke, pointing at the wooden plank in front of her.

Mu Ye glanced at Tang Doudou and saw that her face was currently an unhealthy red. Her body temperature was so high that even he was starting to feel hot. He hastily put her down on the ground.

“Leave,” said Grandma Shen.

Mu Ye frowned. Upon seeing this, Shen Moru said, “You won’t be able to help even if you’re here and will just end up affecting Grandma’s concentration.”

He still felt uneasy.

“It’s rare for me to do something with good intentions, don’t test my patience!” said Shen Moru, annoyed.

So Mu Ye left.

Right after he walked out, he heard a ‘bang’ behind him. The door had been closed, but Shen Moru hadn’t come out.

Mu Ye didn’t know whether what he did was right or not. However, he didn’t dare take risks with Tang Doudou’s life. He found a concealed spot on the tree and sat down to adjust his internal energy. However, his attention didn’t leave that house for a second.

Inside the house, Shen Moru was sitting at the side with his legs crossed and his eyes closed. It was unknown what he was doing.

Meanwhile, Grandma Shen knelt in front of Tang Doudou with a knife and chanted strange words with an expression of reverence. Then she kowtowed towards Tang Doudou.

“Grandma Shen, help treat her injury first. Even more blood is needed for the later parts. If she loses too much blood now and isn’t able to hold up until the end, all that work would have been for nothing.”

Upon hearing this, Grandma Shen’s muddy eyes revealed even more reverence. “Understood, the body must be cleansed before the wounds are to be treated. I’d have to trouble Saint King to withdraw.”

Shen Moru said ‘en,’ then vanished from the room like smoke.

Had a normal person seen this, they’d definitely faint from fright, yet Grandma Shen seemed to treat it as an ordinary sight. She unhurriedly stood up and walked with the crutch to the cupboard. With shaky hands, she pulled out the things for treating injuries, then pulled out some garments and placed them on the ground. After doing this, Grandma Shen called, “Maner, go prepare the medicinal bath.”

A young girl who looked about sixteen rolled out from the dense leaves. She had a chubby baby face. Her mischievous large eyes rove around like that of a doll’s. She spotted Mu Ye who was standing in the shadows with a single look.

Her agate-like eyes immediately lit up. “Hey, man ah-yo! Where did you come from? You’re really good looking! Are you Grandma’s new guest?”

When Mu Ye saw her naive and clear eyes, he was reminded of Tang Doudou’s similar charm and his cold eyes turned a little gentler. He replied softly, “En.”

A bell-like laughed spilled out from the young girl’s lips. “Heehee, I’m Nan Maner. You have to call me Maner, alright-yo? I’m Grandma’s granddaughter-yo. What’s your name?”

“Maner, stop messing around and go prepare the medicinal bath!” Just as she was about to walk forward in order to get a closer look at Mu Ye, Grandma Shen’s displeased voice came from inside the room.

Maner pouted and replied unhappily, then shot Mu Ye a brilliant smile. “I have to help Grandma prepare the medicinal bath first-yo! Man, you have to wait until I come back-yo!”

Mu Ye didn’t reply to her and instead looked towards the vine house. Medicinal bath?

Tang Doudou’s entire body was covered with wounds. Would she be able to endure a medicinal bath?

However, these were clearly things out of his control. Nan Maner did things very quickly. Barely fifteen minutes later, she returned from beneath the tree, carrying an enormous cask. It was covered by a large wooden plank so the medicinal bath inside couldn’t be seen.

However, a strange smell floated out from that cask. Mu Ye sniffed. This scent was a little familiar but he couldn’t recall what it was.

Although Nan Maner’s face was plump, her figure was abnormally petit. The black robe was too wide for her so she tied it up with rope, revealing a little waist that was the size of a palm. It was hard to imagine how she was capable of carrying this cask up with her slender arms and legs.

Even he, this large man, would probably have to use a lot of energy. After all, this place was quite far from the ground.

However, she wasn’t moving slowly either. When she finished climbing up, she put the cask down and pushed a cart out from the room. Placing the cask on the cart, she hopped as she pushed it into the room.

In the blink of an eye, she pushed the empty cart out again.

When she got outside the room, she tilted her head to think. Afterwards, she discovered that Mu Ye was staring at her the entire time and a bashful expression immediately appeared on her delicate face. “Man, you still haven’t told me your name yet-yo.”


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