Chapter 181.2: Shen Moru Is Coming After Them

Prodigal Alliance Head


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As for Mu Ye, originally he was heading towards Huai City. However, for some reason - perhaps because it was too dark or his injuries were too severe and affected his ability to judge direction - when dawn came, he discovered that he had been heading in a direction opposite of Huai City.

If he immediately turned back he might encounter Shen Moru or pursuers sent by him, so he decided to simply turn towards another direction. He planned to go to the closest city, Green Maple City and rest awhile before continuing on his way.

The medicine that Tang Doudou had drunk still hadn’t worn off. She had been asleep the entire time.

He had no choice but to carry her into the city. The moment he entered the city, he felt that something was wrong. There were at least seven people that looked towards him with strange expressions. After he entered the city, he found that even a lot of ordinary citizens were looking at him strangely.

Although he was worried, his body was already sending out warnings that he couldn’t continue rushing on anymore.

Hence, he ignored those stares and found an inn to stay in. Since he felt uneasy leaving Tang Doudou on her own, he only asked for one room.

After he placed Tang Doudou on the bed, he sat down behind the nearby screen and took off his clothes. He cleaned his injuries and applied medicine before calling up a waiter and ordering a few simple dishes. Once he ate his fill, he sat down next to the bed to meditate and adjust his inner energy.

Earlier, when he crashed through those stalactites while escaping from the snake with Tang Doudou, he had not only injured his back but had also received severe internal injuries. Afterwards, he had carried Tang Doudou and ran like his life depended on it, so his body had long already been pushed to its limits.

However, the moment he calmed down and got ready to adjust his mentality, he heard movements from outside the window.

His cold eyes immediately opened as a white light shot from his fingers towards the figure outside the window.

A scream came from outside. Following that, a group of black-clothed men rushed in from a different direction.

Mu Ye reached out and pulled the still-unconscious Tang Doudou into his arms. Without even glancing at the black-clothed men, he shoved open the window next to him and jumped out.

The leading black-clothed man said softly, “Follow him!”

Right after he spoke, another group squeezed into the room. The leader was a large, coarse-looking man. When he saw that Tang Doudou and Mu Ye weren’t in the room, he glared at the black-clothed men. “It was you guys that startled them and allowed them to get away!”

“Stay out of our business!” warned the black-clothed man coldly.

“Heh, and you’re quite fierce!” That large man jeered with disdain. “Dressed in black and covering up your faces, one could tell with a look that you guys aren’t good people. Brothers! For the sake of Alliance Head daren, let’s get rid of this group of black crows!”

“You are seeking death!”

The two sides’ anger instantly collided along with their physical bodies. It instantly became hard to distinguish the sides as they became entangled in battle.

Just as the battle was heating up, another group of people sneakily left the inn and soundlessly went after Mu Ye.

Mu Ye was rushing through the streets frantically. Suddenly, a troubled expression flashed across his face and he hastily stopped. His gaze swept over the crowd of passersby and finally landed on a still black figure that was on a nearby roof.

Shen Moru, how did he catch up so quickly?

Mu Ye didn’t dare to continue running and could only slowly walk with the not very dense stream of people. However, from start to finish his gaze didn’t leave Shen Moru.

As long as he stayed within the crowd, Shen Moru would feel apprehension and wouldn’t act rashly. In addition, this was the only way to ensure that he would have enough time to recover his inner strength in order to be able to fight back later.

Right at this moment, Tang Doudou knitted her brows due to being woken by the surrounding noise. Her eyes moved slightly and her eyelashes fluttered. It could be seen that she was right about to open her eyes. A strange wind swept around the ground. Mu Ye hastily extended his hands to block Tang Doudou’s gaze.

However, it was too late. Right as he reached out, Shen Moru’s demon-like figure appeared in front of him. A soft palm strike, one that looked extremely slow yet contain an overpowering might, landed on his shoulder.

Mu Ye was sent flying. Tang Doudou, who was only half awake, was thrown into the air. The strange wind made her immediately open her eyes, and the first thing she saw was Shen Moru’s terrifying face. He reached out and tucked Tang Doudou under his arm. “Jeje, I’ve caught you!”


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