Chapter 183.1: Reunited

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Her guess wasn’t wrong; Jianghu had indeed become a mess.

The Demonic Sect Leader and the martial arts Alliance Head had disappeared at the same time. Everyone other than the few people that knew the inside details of the situation were offering all sorts of speculations. There were even rumors that the two had eloped.

Of course, people only dared to discuss these things quietly in bookstores or at home. No one dared to publically spread these rumors.

A few thousand meters from Green Maple City, Shen Moru threw Mu Ye on the ground and started coughing violently. He touched the place on his chest where Tang Doudou had stabbed him. Sticky blood soaked his hand. “Jeje, this trip was truly worth it! It was actually Xuanyuan’s child… Cough cough, looks like the plan will have to be adjusted a little.”

Following that, his gaze landed on Mu Ye. Currently, Mu Ye was already a lifeless corpse.

At that time, he had struck out with all of his power. Even if Mu Ye had been at full strength, he would still have been severely injured, so it was completely within his expectations that the strike would kill the injured Mu Ye. What was unexpected was that it actually triggered the awakening of the Xuanyuan Tribe blood within Tang Doudou.

However, this transaction was definitely worth it. After all, that was Xuanyuan Saint Blood!

No wonder she was the only one that managed to cultivate poison blood out of all the people he had planted poison in, so it turned out that it was due to the existence of the Xuanyuan Saint Blood. Could it be that this was the secret the two torn off pages of that ancient text contained?

No matter what, the harvest from this trip was great. It was just that it would take quite a long time to nurse this injury and this Mu Ye would be troublesome to deal with.

Thinking to here, Shen Moru took out a black box from his chest and opened it. Inside was a black-colored bug, not much different from the ones Tang Doudou had seen in the sacred tree. The only differences were that this bug was much larger and it didn’t have those sharp incisors below its stomach, so it looked much more docile than those bugs.

However, this seemingly docile bug immediately jumped out of the black box when it smelled the scent of blood and landed on Mu Ye’s face.

When Shen Moru saw how impatient the bug was, an extremely ruthless and dark smile appeared on his face. “Good baby, from now on this is your body!”

As he spoke, he took out a pill from his chest and fed it to Mu Ye. As he did so, his face slightly twitched as if he felt very pained at having to do so.

When the pill entered Mu Ye’s mouth, his breathing gradually returned and a bit of color was also restored to his pale face.

The black bug circled impatiently near Mu Ye’s mouth but didn’t dare to enter without Shen Moru’s command.

Shen Moru consoled it, “For the sake of being able to increase his functionability, good baby should wait patiently for a while more.”

It’s unknown if that bug understood. It still continued to circle in place until Shen Moru finally pinched open Mu Ye’s mouth and said, “It’s ready, go ahead!”

It immediately stopped circling and rushed towards those parted lips.

Just as it was about to climb in, a blood-colored light flashed past. Before Shen Moru could

block it, the black bug was knocked flying by the light. It flew far away and crashed into the ground, completely smashed.

“Shen Moru!” An angry voice arose. “I just knew that it was you who was secretly causing trouble!”

That was the precious baby he had spend half a lifetime to raise, and it actually got smacked to death just like this. Shen Moru was so angry flames practically came out of his nose as he glared at the person standing on a branch of a distant tree. “Ming Mengxin, you’re seeking death!”

“Humph, you’re the one that’s seeking death!” A chilling voice came from Ming Mengxin’s mouth. He jumped down from the tree and approached Shen Moru step by step. When he saw that Mu Ye was the only one on the ground, the dark aura around him became even more oppressive. “Where is she?”

“You want to get news about that stinkin’ woman after destroying my precious baby? Keep dreaming!” Shen Moru was still grieving for the loss of his treasure and itched to just skin Ming Mengxin alive.

It had occurred to Jun Xin back when he was in the Imperial City that it was someone from the Saint Tribe that was causing trouble. He had been in charge of this task the entire time and the Saint Tribe did not permit interference with other people’s tasks.

Of all the current Saint Tribe descendents, Shen Moru was the one who tend to ignore the rules the most. So it had immediately occurred to Jun Xin that it was probably Shen Moru who took Tang Doudou.

He had searched the entire country for the past three months, trying to find Shen Moru’s whereabouts, but nothing turned up.

Today he happened to see the crows gathering in the sky and decided to head over to take a look. On the way, he just happened to encounter Shen Moru feeding Mu Ye the Soul Devouring Bug.

He hadn’t hit the Soul Devouring Bug away out of kindness or desire to save Mu Ye. It was just that he knew Shen Moru wouldn’t confess Tang Doudou’s whereabouts honestly, and anyone would be able figure out from the fact Mu Ye and Tang Doudou disappeared at the same time that they had definitely been captured together. So as long as he saved Mu Ye, he would be able to get news on Tang Doudou.

If he hadn’t been injured, he definitely would have killed Ming Mengxin, this loathsome little brat.

Shen Moru weighed the odds of winning against Ming Mengxin. It wouldn’t be hard to defeat this brat, but the problem was that this place wasn’t very far from Green Maple City. Once Tang Doudou found out that he had taken Mu Ye away, she would definitely chase after him, so he couldn’t stay here any longer.

Thinking to here, he took advantage of the fact that Ming Mengxin was off guard to pick up the smashed Soul Devouring Bug and dissipated into black smoke to slip away.

Ming Mengxin didn’t chase after him. Before considering whether he could win or not, there was the fact that he would be burned to death by the Saint Tribes if he killed a Saint King when his status was simply a Saint Envoy.

Since Mu Ye had already been rescued, then it was best to first find a place to rest!


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