Chapter 2: Inconceivable, Transmigration?

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Chapter 2: Inconceivable, Transmigration?

When her thoughts traveled here, Tang Doudou let out an evil laugh and kneaded that soft breast a couple times. Faking a lecherous expression, she said, "The feel's not bad, how old are you?"

The woman's entire body turned soft at Tang Doudou's touch and she softly moaned, "Replying gongzi, this servant has just passed her sixteenth."

Sixteen? Auntie, from your looks, you had to be at least thirty-six already! Tang Doudou silently exclaimed in her heart. However, she still kept a vulgar smile on her face and said, "Oh, still quite inexperienced, huh!"


The woman's bashful look caused even Tang Doudou's heart to throb.

"Gongzi, the spring nights are bitterly short*, why don't you let this servant hurry and help you undress so that we can head to bed!"

"the spring nights are bitterly short" is a saying that refers to the fact that in one's life, the happiest/pleasurable moments are never long enough.

"The sisters are all impatient from waiting ah!"

Seeing that she had finally reacted to their advances, all the women in the room approached and encircled her. All of them had alluring, ‘the-gentleman-may-do-whatever-he-pleases’ manners. Tang Doudou feared that if she had been a man, she would've already pounced on them with her eyes shining.

Unfortunately, the old heavens gave her a female body, not to mention she didn’t know how many cameras were installed in this room. No way did she want to do any on-the-spot live broadcast.

"Big sisters, look at how many of you there are. I'm afraid that no matter how awesome I may be, I still wouldn't be able to satisfy you guys!"

Tang Doudou's eyes slightly narrowed as she continued acting. From the overall situation, she knew that the role she was given was that of a playboy, so naturally she couldn't act very honorably.

But unexpectedly, the moment she said that those women all started laughing.

Tang Doudou also laughed, staying in the character of an old pervert.

"Gongzi, how could you be so unduly humble? Look at gongzi, your formidable and majestic body. Even if ten more sisters came, presumably... presumably it would still be nothing difficult..."


Tang Doudou spurted out a mouthful of old blood a distance away. The hell you mean by formidable and majestic, having ten more? The hell, you think I'm a studhorse?!

This script was way too crazy!


Tang Doudou forced a laugh and waved her hand, "This gongzi is tired today. I don't want to move, let's play something fresh. This big uncle will bestow a large reward on whoever does the best"

Calling yourself big sister, uncle, grandfather in Chinese conversation is often used to show arrogance or an informal joking manner. Also, the word for uncle is also used to refer to the masters of a house so it's used a lot to act arrogant.

As she spoke, she vigorously patted her chest a few times, acting like a cocky and wealthy big master.

Unexpectedly, after a few couple pats, her smile froze on her face.

"What the hell!"

Where's her chest!

She lowered her head to look. "Ah!"

Goddammit, where did her meat buns go!? As Tang Doudou went through and felt her entire body from head to toe, she soon discovered another, even more shocking matter.

She had actually turned into a man!

A broad palm with prominent joints, with just one look you could tell that it was a man's hand. On her body was a moon-white ancient-styled chang pao and a folded paper fan was even tucked at her waist.

What kind of situation was this!

Tang Doudou was thoroughly confused.

Don't tell her that while she was sleeping, the staff of this program even changed her clothes and styled her?

"Gongzi, gongzi..." While Tang Doudou was lost in thought, those women approached again. "Gongzi, why did you end up in a daze again?"

"Wait, wait, ahem! Do you guys have a mirror here?" Tang Doudou currently didn't have the mind to tangle with these women again. She could still understand if her meat buns were gone, but this palm of hers was clearly a man's! Modern technology had no way of transforming her this way in such a short time!

Suddenly, a flash of lightning streaked through her mind and with a rumble thundered Tang Doudou until she was scorched on the outside and tender within.

Don't tell her she transmigrated? And even transmigrated into a man's body! Heavens, how could this be!?

Tang Doudou's expression was complete chaos. Meanwhile, those women had already found an antique copper mirror from somewhere and brought it here.

"Gongzi, what do you need a mirror for?"

Tang Doudou took the mirror without replying, because how could she have the mind to care about that woman's question right now? Her little heart thudded 'thump thump thump'. If she really transmigrated into a man's body, this was all f-ing seriously too shocking, wasn't it!

She lifted the mirror with trembling hands. The muddy yellow surface of the copper mirror was smooth and shiny, and on its surface, the image of a face was reflected clearly.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by MrPriest, Proofread by Ocelot

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