Chapter 200.2: A Remarkable Background

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Tang Doudou pulled Jun Xin to her room, then stared down the person that followed them. She gave him a firm warning. “I won’t go out, so give me some distance. Otherwise…”

That person retreated to the perimeter of the courtyard with a whoosh.

He was still quite obedient!

Tang Doudou nodded, rather satisfied, as she softly closed the door.

When she turned around, she saw that Jun Xin was staring at her with a strange expression. She rubbed her face. “What is it? Is there something on my face?”

Jun Xin lowered his eyes without saying anything.

It tickled her curiosity and she was just about to ask more when Jun Xin lifted his head again. His expression was a little embarrassed, which baffled Tang Doudou even more.

“Lil’... Jun Xin, are you alright?” She was about to say lil’ brat but was taken aback by Jun Xin’s scary glare. She walked over gingerly. How come Jun Xin felt a little off this time?

“Stop acting like a little thief. If you have something to say then hurry up and come out with it.” He seriously didn’t know whether to remark that she was too slow or too naive at the fact that she only started to put up her guard now.

If he really was a bad person, he would have kidnapped her right at the door. Why would he have waited until he got into the room?

Moreover, he couldn’t stay here long. If it weren’t for the fact that he couldn’t suppress his longing for her anymore, why would he come to Cloud City despite the risk of having his identity discovered? He didn’t even take the time to drink a sip of water before rushing impatiently to the City Lord Residence to look for her.

Of course, he had only dared to knock after he saw Su Yi leave.

What he asked was what Tang Doudou was about to say. Thus, she condensed what happened in the past two months as quickly as possible. After she finished speaking, she asked, “Was my Disseminating Tassel Fragrance cured by the Black Demonic Nightcrawler’s heart?”

After Jun Xin listened to all of this, he didn’t show much reaction on the surface but inwardly it was as if something had exploded.

Tang Doudou wasn’t clear on the entire situation so she didn’t link a lot of the events, but he knew about them all!

However, he didn’t tell her about it and simply asked, “What do you personally think?”

If she knew, then would she still be this vexed? “What else could I think ah? Right now my head’s like paste, I can’t even think straight.”

Jun Xin didn’t continue asking. His gaze landed on her lower abdomen. “Has your injury gotten better?”

“En. Xiao Bai said that as long as I don’t use inner strength, I’ll probably be fully healed within half a year.” If this had been the modern era, she probably would have been able to jump around as she pleased by now, right?

That long? It seemed that the injury was not as light as she was making it out to be. At the very least it had probably been a mortal wound.

When Jun Xin’s thoughts got to that point, a trace of ferociousness flashed through his eyes. His tone was no longer as nonchalant as before. “Su Yi hasn’t found the perpetrator yet?”

There were rules in Cloud City that prohibited casually injuring people. Moreover, she was the Young City Lord. How could Su Yi possibly let off someone that injured her?

Tang Doudou also found it strange. “I already told Su Yi the name of the perpetrator so logically speaking he should have already found her! But every time I ask him about it, he would try to change the topic. Could it be that he can’t afford to offend that person?”

“Name? What name?” Jun Xin locked on to the main point in her words. As long as he found out who that person was, he would be able to understand the reason behind Su Yi’s actions.

“Nangong Yan!” Whenever this woman was brought up Tang Doudou would feel so angry her teeth itched. When the thought that the girl had been allowed to live free and unfettered for so long after what she did, Tang Doudou became even more furious!

The proverbs put it well, if you wanted something done well, do it yourself!

Su Yi refused to help her get revenge, so she would go get it herself!

“Nangong Yan?” Jun Xin’s expression turned strange after he heard this name.

The moment Tang Doudou saw, she knew that this was an opportunity!

She hastily asked, “You know her?”

Jun Xin snapped back to his senses. It was too late to cover up now so he could only nod. “I do.”

“Wah! I just knew that you’re the most amazing!” Tang Doudou bounced up, her eyes sparkling with excitement. “Who exactly is she? What’s her background? You have no idea how arrogant she was!”

“With her status, she truly does have the power to be arrogant.” Jun Xin glanced at Tang Doudou, his eyes flickering with hesitation as he considered whether to tell her or not.

“What? Her background is actually that amazing?” When Tang Doudou heard the helplessness in Jun Xin’s tone, she became apprehensive. No wonder Su Yi kept putting off making a move. So the opponent really was difficult to deal with!

Jun Xin didn’t reply to her words and instead stood up. “I’ll go investigate what happened first. I’ll come back and tell you after I get results.”

“Don’t go yet! Can’t you do that after you tell me about her background?” It hadn’t been easy for her to find out a little more. She didn’t want to have to stay up all night wondering about this clue again.

Jun Xin’s resolve weakened a bit when he saw her pitiful expression but he forced himself to be resolute. “If I tell you about it now, it would just harm you. You should stop thinking about it. At most, it’ll only be another two or three days before you can find out about the whole story. Yuner came with me this time and I left him alone in the inn so it’s about time for me to head back and check on him.”

At the very end, Jun Xin couldn’t think of any other idea, so he used Yuner's name.

Tang Doudou was surprised to hear that Yuner had also come here. “How could he possibly be here with you? Wasn’t he waiting for San Yu in Huai City?”

“I’ve already helped him get San Yu out. As the price, he now follows me.”

“San Yu has been saved?” No wonder Yuner would come with Jun Xin here. So that was why. But how did he do it? Tang Doudou wanted to ask about it but Jun Xin had already pushed open the door and left.

As Tang Doudou watched him walk away, she had a feeling that a lot of things were fishy, but she couldn’t figure out what parts exactly were strange.


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