Chapter 206.1: He Has Come

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Unexpectedly, right after she finished speaking, Ming Mengxin gave a cold laugh and said mockingly, "When did people from Wind Cloud Island start getting involved in Cloud City's affairs?"

Many people had already guessed Nangong Yan's identity, but when it was revealed in front of everyone like this, their hearts couldn't help but flip. Then they started wondering about Ming Mengxin's identity. Who exactly was he?

No one had ever seen him before, nor heard of such a youngster. However, from the way he was dressed and how unique his martial arts were, he didn't seem like someone that would blend into a crowd.

It was seriously strange.

Suddenly, someone recalled what Tang Doudou said when the person went up earlier - Ming Mengxin.

Ming Mengxin?

This name seemed a little familiar.

"Ming Mengxin? Wasn't the Hall Master of that God Firmament Hall from a while earlier called Ming Mengxin?"

"That's right, that's right! I remember it now too."

"That's right, it was the Hall Master of God Firmament Hall. Back then I was still joking about who would be so egotistic as to dare to name themselves the God Firmament Hall. Unexpectedly, it was him!"

"God Firmament Hall? I seemed to have heard this somewhere as well?"

When Nangong Yan saw that everyone started discussing this topic, paying no attention to the subject she brought up earlier, she became so angry her body trembled. However, right at this time, the person she didn't want to see the most showed up.

"Look, Baili Yu is here!" Someone with sharp eyes immediately spotted him.

After all, it was hard to miss him. It was unknown if he did it on purpose, but he was dressed in bright red from top to bottom like a bridegroom that was heading to get married.

Although he also usually wore crimson, it was clear that he had paid a lot of attention to today's crimson outfit.

In the past, he just wore a simple crimson garment without any ornaments at all. Today's crimson garment, however, was embroidered with dark gold thread and had an exquisite decorative design on the lapel. He was even wearing a jade ornament at his waist and his usually loose hair was pulled up with a red coronet crown. The black contrasted with the red, making the red appear even more vibrant.

Coronet Crown

His facial color also looked particularly jubilant due to all the red. From the start his features were beautiful enough to captivate all humans, but now the charm was even more intense. Everyone stared dumbly as the same question emerged in their hearts: could it be that he was really here to get married?

Regardless of what other people thought, Tang Doudou was beside herself with happiness. This evil spirit has finally come! She almost thought that he had forgotten!

At the same time, she noticed that he hadn't brought anyone today. He came down by himself like the wind and landed in front of everyone.

The first thing he did was cup his fist in salute towards Su Yi with a smile. His peach flower eyes were filled with unconcealable joy as he said, "Father-in-Law daren, this son-in-law has come late!"


Su Yi had been quite surprised by Baili Yu's appearance, so he lifted a cup of tea to take a sip as he guessed at the reasons behind this guy rushing here happily in bright red. Then the words that Baili Yu spoke shocked him so much that he spat out the tea.


Following that, he stood up and shouted angrily, "Baili Yu!"

"This son-in-law is here!" responded Baili Yu with a smile.

Su Yi's eyes rolled back and he almost fainted from anger. Shameless, he was too shameless! To call him Father-in-Law right after getting here, has his pride been eaten by a dog?

Su Yi was so furious that he couldn't even get a word out, but Tang Doudou felt delighted. Look, this was the man she had taken a fancy to! He's just this tyrannical, who could compare ah!?

She really wanted to stand up as well and tyrannically declare, this is this lady's man!

Um, please excuse her for not being aloof inside because on the surface she was still quite aloof. After glancing bashfully at Baili Yu, she jabbed Su Yi's arm and said, "Isn't this enough? Let's stop the competition."

"Tch, whether to stop or not is for me to decide. Moreover, this is all part of my plan, don't mess it up!" warned Su Yi in a small voice.

"What plan?"

"I'll tell you once we get back. For now, let's deal with Baili Yu, this little brat first. Hell, why did he have to do this? Couldn't he just quietly follow the plan?" Su Yi was indignant.

Tang Doudou asked, "You've told him about your plan?"

"I didn't!"

... Tang Doudou was immediately made speechless and had to admit complete respect for Su Yi!

He hadn't even told the person the plan, yet he wanted the person to follow the plan? Did he think the person was a god?

Then she became a bit unhappy and grumbled, "Things have already gotten like this, what else do you want to do?"

"Let's see what he does first!"

Ah, fine. She also wanted to see what exactly Baili Yu wanted to do.

And more importantly, there was Nangong Yan!

When Baili Yu appeared, she looked as if she had eaten a dead kid, her facial color turned ugly to the point it was scary. However, it changed again barely a moment later!

Her facial expression changed faster than the weather in June!

Her dark expression instantly changed into a smile that was as beautiful as a flower and incomparably innocent. She skipped as she got up from her seat and ran down. "Senior Brother, you're here!"

"I wanted to call you earlier, but you seemed to be sleeping really soundly so I decided to come check it out by myself!"

The words she spoke no doubt were intended to belie two meanings. One was that she had a very good relationship with Baili Yu since he was her Senior Brother. This didn't really matter since everyone already knew about it. The second meaning was that it was such an important day, yet Baili Yu had been sleeping, and even sleeping so soundly...

It was a good thing she knew about Baili Yu's condition and that he required a lot of sleep in order to recover. Otherwise, she definitely would have started holding a grudge against Baili Yu due to this.

This woman was seriously persistent in trying to cause a rift in their relationship!

After Nangong Yan went over, Baili Yu turned to look at her. His peach flower eyes were filled with a smiling expression, but his emotions couldn't be made out at all.

"Yan er is here too? Hurry up and come here to greet your Sister-in-Law!" His words and manner seemed to set one at ease, yet it almost caused the smile on Nangong Yan's face to crumble.

She glanced around, then gave an embarrassed smile. "Senior Brother, what are you joking about? This is the date of the Young City Lord's grand martial arts matchmaking competition. The winner is still standing on the stage."

After she finished speaking, she pointed towards Ming Mengxin. "That person is really amazing ah!"

"Matchmaking? Winner?" Baili Yu's eyes narrowed slightly. "He's really amazing?"

When Su Yi saw that Baili Yu seemed interested, he hastily stood up. "Baili Yu, I know that there are some misunderstandings between you and my disciple, but those are all events of the past. This is an important day for my disciple, so please take into consideration our former friendship and just act as a good spectator. However, if you want to marry my disciple, then go up and battle this young hero! Regardless of whether you win or lose, don't accuse me of not having given you a chance!"

Tang Doudou's mouth parted and she was just about to speak when Su Yi stopped her with a look.

It wasn't that she was afraid of Su Yi, but that she couldn't act insensitively. Su Yi treated her well. Since this was a big scheme of his, and since it wouldn't cause Baili Yu any harm, she might as well just let them play it out.

Wait. She suddenly looked towards Ming Mengxin, at that man whose entire body gave off a dark chill, as she kicked Su Yi's leg. "Old brat, will Baili Yu be able to beat Ming Mengxin?"

That old man disliked Baili Yu a lot, so Ming Mengxin definitely wouldn't have a favorable opinion of Baili Yu either. Wouldn't it be terrible if Baili Yu couldn't beat him?

Su Yi laughed. "What a joke. Even I, this uncle, can't beat Baili Yu, that brat is way too young to even attempt it!"

Upon hearing this, Tang Doudou finally understood why Su Yi would have misgivings towards Baili Yu. So it turned out it was because he couldn't beat him ah!


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