Chapter 216.2: Show of Conjugal Love Draws Hatred

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Confusion then filled her eyes. When had Senior Brother started taking a liking to women that threw themselves on him like this?

No. This woman had definitely used some sort of vixen technique to seduce Senior Brother. Last time, when Murong Ming came to find her, he had told her that Li Xueyi was related to the Seven Great Saint Tribes and the Seven Great Saint Tribes had plenty of unorthodox techniques.

The more Nangong Yan thought about it, the more she felt like this was the truth, and she felt even more contempt for Tang Doudou. She itched to just tear her from limb to limb and torment her until she died.

While she was being consumed by jealousy, Baili Yu had already walked to Tang Doudou's side. He waved away the maid and the maid hastily curtsied before withdrawing.

When Tang Doudou saw the maid move to leave, she thought the maid was bringing her to get water so she hastily followed after her. However, she suddenly felt herself fly into the air.


She cried out in alarm, but when she saw that the person was Baili Yu, she just wanted to crawl into a hole. This was already the second time she had a nosebleed in front of him. No matter how thick a person's face was, they wouldn't be able to continue being unperturbed in this situation.

"Wife ah, I already told you not to eat so much spicy and fried stuff, yet you didn't listen. This husband feels heartache at seeing you bleed so much." Baili Yu spoke in a low languid voice filled with affection. The sound of it made a person feel intoxicated.

At the side, Nangong Yan was completely stunned. Although Baili Yu wasn't the type that was cold and cast people ten thousand miles away and it was very rare to see anything other than a smile on his face, his smile was usually even more unbearable then the chill some people gave off.

He treated everyone this way, even herself was not an exception.

But now it was different. He actually smiled towards that woman and even hugged that woman! And he even said such sweet words!

Nangong Yan felt like she was about to go crazy. She really wanted to pull out her dagger and stab Tang Doudou to death.

However, she couldn't do that. If she did that, it would only make Senior Brother loathe her even more.

Sometimes, when she thought about it, she would feel very wronged. She had never done anything before, so why did Senior Brother hate her so much? Was it just because she was the daughter of the Wind Cloud Island's Master?

If she could choose, she would have chosen not to be!

“Miss.” Liu Zhiyuan had appeared at some unknown time by her side. When he saw the woman he loved in pain, he also felt the urge to murder someone.

“They’ve already left!“


Nangong Yan fiercely slapped him and his face immediately started to swell. It could be seen that she had used a lot of force.

"Do you think I'm blind and can't see that with my own eyes!? Scram!"

“Miss, Island Master sent another letter yesterday.“ In the end, Liu Zhiyuan was still a man. How was it possible for him to feel no hatred seeing the woman he liked smile for another man, cry for another man? How could he possibly feel nothing when the joys and sorrows of the woman he liked were completely unrelated to him?

However, he only hated himself. He hated himself for being useless, hated his birth status, and hated the fact that he hadn’t appeared in front of her before Baili Yu had.

“I know already! Help me write a letter back and tell Dada that I'll go back as soon as I can!“ Although Nangong Yan hated the Island Master, she didn't dare to be rude towards him. After replying in an irritated manner, she strode out of the room with large steps and angrily went downstairs.

At this time, Baili Yu and Tang Doudou were currently in the kitchen located in the inn's back courtyard.

Baili Yu smiled contently as he gently lifted her hair and swept his slightly cold fingers over the back of her warm neck. Tang Doudou involuntarily shivered, then heard a certain seductive yao chuckle as he asked, "Is Wife cold?"

Who would ask someone if they were cold in the middle of summer?

Tang Doudou rolled her eyes. How was it possible that he didn't know why she shivered? She decided not to react to his pointless remark that was filled with deep meaning. As she used the handkerchief to wash away the blood on her face, she said, "Help me pat some cold water on my nape, the place where it bulges out a little!"

For some reason, her nosebleed was flowing like crazy. It was still flowing incessantly even as she wiped and showed no signs of stopping at all.

Baili Yu said 'en' softly and then dipped his slender fingers in water before gently patting her nape.

"Did you miss a meal? Pat harder!" Baili Yu was probably worried about hurting her if he hit too hard because his movements were so gentle it felt like a tickle. Tang Doudou was speechless.

"Isn't this husband just worried about hurting Wife from patting too hard?" replied Baili Yu in a tone filled with grievance.

Tang Doudou said helplessly, "It's useless if you don't pat harder. Look, this blood isn't stopping..."

"Wife had better go find a doctor!" Seeing that the blood wasn't stopping, Baili Yu's eyes became filled with worry.

"That's too much trouble. Help me pat for a while first. If it seriously doesn't work, then I'll consider looking for a doctor!" When doctors were brought up, the image of those bitter black pills immediately appeared in Tang Doudou's mind and she quickly rejected the idea while shaking her head.

"However, I've never heard of the fact that patting cold water on one's nape can stop bleeding. Wonder how Wife learned about it?"

"It's just some first-aid knowledge. It's because there's a large artery on the back of a person's neck. Splashing cold water on that region can cause the artery to contract and stop blood from continuing to flow to the nasal cavity..."

Before she even finished talking about this common knowledge, she felt a chill enter the back of her neck. However, it wasn't very strong. On the contrary, it was gentle and brief to the point it actually felt a little nice.

"This husband seriously cannot bear to hit you, but since the goal is to make the artery contract, this cold energy will probably do just as well." Following that sensation came the sound of Baili Yu's voice.

Tang Doudou was immediately bowled over by his intelligence. Who was it that said the ancients were obstinate and habitual people!? Look at Baili Yu, a hint was all that was needed! He was practically too smart!

But, would this method be effective?

Tang Doudou was skeptical even as she moved the handkerchief away from her nose. She was immediately stunned to find out that it really was effective!


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