Chapter 219.1: Devastating Heat of Midsummer

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Forget it, in any case, she wouldn't be able to figure it out even if she thought about it, so she should just ask Mu Ye about it next time they saw each other!

This was Tang Doudou's innocent thought.

“Why hasn’t your little Junior Sister caught up with us yet?” She looked behind her and was surprised to see that the annoying Nangong Yan hadn't followed after  them and felt curious. Could it be that she realized that she couldn’t come between them, so she decided to simply not to bother trying?

Even though the mention of Mu Ye made Baili Yu somewhat unhappy, he also understood that this was all because his little woman was truly too charming and likable. As her husband, he ought to be very proud of that.

Who asked his little woman to be so dense when it came to love-related matters?

He was glad that he struck early, otherwise… He reckoned that he too would be more or less in the same situation as Mu Ye right now...

Even as he dwelt on this, his gaze swept towards the tree at the side of the street with a smile that was not quite a smile. He saw a blur of black. The person that had been following them finally left.   

“Could it be that she's not coming?” Tang Doudou thought that Nangong Yan wasn't coming anymore and immediately lost the mood to wander around aimlessly. It was so hot! Her brain must have short-circuited, to suggest doing something like aerobic exercises.

Baili Yu noticed the fine beads of sweat oozing from her forehead and he reached out to wipe them off for her. Then he took out a jade green colored bamboo fan from his sleeves, opened it and gently fanned her. “If she was that considerate, then she wouldn't be called Nangong Yan.”

Her entire mood had brightened up when the fan sent a cool and refreshing breeze over. But when she heard those words, she felt inexplicably sour again. “You understand her that well? As expected of the senior brother.”

Baili Yu didn’t get angry and simply glanced at her gently. “Wife is jealous?”

“Tsk, jealous of her?! I’m not that idle.”

She was truly a stubborn girl.

Speak of the devil, sure enough, they saw Nangong Yan walking towards them while constantly fanning herself with the round fan in her hand. She was complaining incessantly while walking. “This is really infuriating this miss to death! It's his good fortune that I took a fancy to this lousy fan, yet he still wanted to snatch it from me?!”

“Miss Nangong, please calm down. They're just some ignorant people, so don’t waste your anger on them. It certainly isn’t worth it to ruin your body from anger.” A voice that contained traces of gentleness could be heard soon after. This voice sounded somewhat familiar.

Tang Doudou hurriedly turned to look in Nangong Yan's direction and found that, as expected, it was that madman Murong Yu.

How come he was together with Nangong Yan again?

Two lunatics had gathered in the same place now, how is a person still supposed to enjoy themself in peace?

However, Baili Yu didn’t find this odd at all, or perhaps, it could be said that he simply didn’t care about these things. He only glanced over there indifferently before withdrawing his gaze again. “Wife, do you plan to continue walking?”

Tang Doudou also retrieved her gaze. It was seriously gross to watch Murong Yu. “No, I want to sit in the palanquin!”

Baili Yu then said to the maid behind him, “Did you hear what Madam said?”

“This servant will go right away and have them carry the Chrysanthemum Glass Jade Palanquin over here.”

“Hey hey! It's enough that you already call me Wife, don't be like Madam this and Madam that. We're not even married yet!” Tang Doudou immediately had a complaint. The fact that Baili Yu was addressing her as Wife couldn’t be changed no matter what. However, when she thought about how his subordinates and his maids would address her as Madam in the future, she started to feel uncomfortable all over.

Baili Yu didn’t mind this at all. “It's something that will happen sooner or later, so Wife doesn’t need to mind these small details.”

After they exchanged a few sentences, Nangong Yan had already reached them. She was still smiling very sweetly as always. “Senior Brother, you guys walk too fast, Yan er couldn’t keep up at all.” After she finished speaking, she pouted with grievances. “Senior Brother, someone bullied Yan’er just now, you have to get justice for me!”

“The store owner from earlier had indeed crossed the line a bit,” said Murong Yu who was standing beside her. Afterward, he looked toward Tang Doudou. “Greetings, Young City Lord.”      

“Murong gongzi, there’s no need to stand on ceremony.This was really strange. Before, whenever Murong Yu saw her, his nostrils would be facing towards the sky, but he was so polite today. This had really made her feel a little 'overwhelmed by favor from superior.'

He then looked at Baili Yu with a rather courteous smile and asked, “This must be Baili gongzi, I presume?”

One doesn't hit a person's smiling face, moreover, Baili Yu was a businessman. The smile on his face didn’t decrease at all as he replied, “That’s right, Murong gongzi really has a good memory.”

“Baili gongzi’s good looks and graceful demeanor are such that it is difficult to forget even if one wishes to ah! It’s no wonder that our Young City Lord would harbor secret feelings for you. As of now, it can be said that the Heavens have granted grace and fulfilled both of your desires.” Murong Yu put this nicely, but his words were actually belittling Tang Doudou for liking Baili Yu based on none other than his outer appearance.

It seemed that he had decided to stand on Nangong Yan’s side. That must be the case, otherwise, how could such a coincidence such that Nangong Yan encountered him while she was buying a fan in that store occur?

But there were plenty of people that were against her out there, so an addition Murong Yu didn't change much. However, Murong Yu’s rapid mood swings did make Tang Doudou feel somewhat apprehensive.

“Murong gongzi flatters too much.” Even Tang Doudou understood the meaning behind his words, so how could Baili Yu have possibly missed it? But his way of thinking was more or less the same as hers. There was no need to take these petty troublemakers seriously. After giving a polite reply, he whispered to Tang Doudou in a soft voice, “Wife, look at you, you're covered with sweat. Allow this husband to wipe them for you?”

Today’s weather was truly unusually hot, it was still tolerable until Baili Yu had reminded her. Once he said that Tang Doudou started to feel increasingly hot. “Where’s that fan from earlier?”

“I was worried that Wife wouldn't be able to stand the cool breeze from the fan, so I put it away.”

She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at his words. The weather's already like this, what harm could that tiny bit of cool wind from the fan do? It's not like it was an air conditioner.

He was making a big fuss over nothing ah!


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