Chapter 220.2: Lowly Slave

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Even a rotten umbrella dared to bully her! Nangong Yan wanted to run after it, but as soon as she moved a wave of pain hit her. In the end, she could only stand there and curse helplessly.

Nangong Yan waited just like this underneath the scorching sun for an entire hour. Just as she was about to faint from heat stroke, a palanquin appeared in front of her.

Meanwhile, Tang Doudou and Baili Yu were already in a boat on the lake. The cool refreshing breeze swept over them gently and lush weeping willows curtained both sides of the shore. In the distance was a pavilion filled with blooming lotuses. The scenery was truly indescribably beautiful.

"Wah! If I had known earlier that there was such a wonderful place, I wouldn't have stayed in the City Lord Residence doing nothing every day!" Tang Doudou took a deep breath and spread her arms wide to enjoy the feel of the wind.

Baili Yu was sitting and holding an exquisite little wine cup with his fingertips. He took a sip and said, "If Wife likes it, this husband will bring you here every day in the future."

"It's just a pity that no matter how beautiful the scenery is, there'll be a day when one gets sick of it."

"There are countless places in the world with beautiful scenery. As long as Wife wishes for it, this husband is willing to bring you to travel the world and see all the beautiful sceneries in the world."

Unexpectedly, right after he said that, Tang Doudou replied acridly, "That's right ah. There are so many beautiful sceneries in the world, you can just switch to a different one today and switch to another one tomorrow. In any case, Baili gongzi has the money for it." (Sceneries can be euphemistic for women)


Baili Yu almost choked from her sudden change of topic. This little woman had probably been laying this trap for him from the start. He expected her to take a small revenge from the moment he took Nangong Yan's fan, but he had been completely caught off guard with this.

Baili Yu put down the cup in his hand and wiped the wine from the corners of his lips, then said unhurriedly, "No matter how beautiful the sceneries of the world are, they are not even a match for Wife's fingertips. Moreover, there are identical sceneries, but only one individual like Wife in the world."

"Humph! All you know is to sweet-talk!" Although Tang Doudou was so happy to hear these praises that she was practically on cloud nine, on the surface she still acted unaffected. Why ah, did women act in such contradictory ways?

"Eh? How come it looks like Big Brother Yu and the others are on that boat in front of us!?" Tang Doudou suddenly saw that there were some familiar figures in the boat ahead of them and she immediately said, "Big evil spirit, help me take a look!"

After she stopped being able to use inner strength, her vision strength faded again. Since their boats were too far apart, she couldn't make out the people clearly. Baili Yu glanced in that direction, then looked over to the boatman and commanded, "Catch up to that boat."

Only then did Tang Doudou recall that Baili Yu hadn't seen Golden Wind Jade Dew before, so he might not recognize them even if he could see them clearly. Having the boat catch up with them was no doubt the best option.

These sightseeing boats moved very slowly on the lake, so after they sped up, it only took a few minutes to catch up to the boat ahead of them.

Tang Doudou was delighted to find that it really was Golden Wind Jade Dew on the boat. However, she was surprised to find that the other people on the boat were Yuner, Xi Qiuyue, and Bai Lianhua!

How did they end up together?

Despite her confusion, Tang Doudou still stood at the side of the boat and called out excitedly, "Big Brother Yu!"

Yu Fenger who was in the middle of drinking happily jolted when he heard her call and hastily turned around. When he saw that it was really Tang Doudou, an ear-to-ear grin immediately appeared on his face. "Aiyah, it really is Doudou!"

"It's me ah. Big Brother Yu, why are you guys here!?" She really wanted to go over, so she looked towards Baili Yu with a pleading gaze.

Baili Yu immediately stood up and walked to her side. Lifting his brows, he asked, "Golden Wind Jade Dew?"

"En en, it's them! Big evil spirit, hurry and bring me over! Big Brother Yu and Big Brother Jin treat me really well!"


Luckily Golden Wind Jade Dew had rented a large boat because they thought that there would be a lot of people, otherwise, Tang Doudou and Baili Yu really would have made the boat crowded.

Yu Fenger ran over and excited grabbed Tang Doudou's hand the moment she landed and pelted her with questions. As he spoke, tears fell from his eyes. "Doudou ah, you've become skinny. How did you get so skinny?"

As he spoke, he reached out to stroke Tang Doudou's cheek.

Baili Yu's facial color immediately turned dark. It was enough that he was grabbing her hand, but he even wanted to touch her face...

Half a chess piece appeared between his fingers. He was just about to flick it towards Yu Fenger's hand when someone stopped him by pressing his hand. The person wasn't Tang Doudou.

Baili Yu looked up and saw a pair of eyes that seemed familiar.


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