Chapter 221.2: Don't Go, There's Danger

Prodigal Alliance Head


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She wasn't sure she'd be able to keep control over her emotions if she continued to watch Baili Yu and Tang Doudou's displays of affection. Since she had decided to restart and act with a personality Big Brother Baili liked, of course she had to do it well! At the very least, she got a pretty good harvest today. It could be said to be an unexpected harvest; he has finally started to look straight at her.

"We had just come, yet you guys are already leaving..." Tang Doudou didn't know what to say either to ask them to stay. She had also noticed earlier that Xi Qiuyue seemed uncomfortable. What was surprising was the fact that Bai Lianhua also wanted to leave.

After all, anyone with eyes could see how her gaze would linger on Baili Yu from time to time...

"Lianhua rarely touches alcohol and is worried about letting everyone see a joke after drinking too much. Rather than that, it would be better to leave with Sangfroid Prince now. Next time when there's an opportunity, Lianhua will definitely drink again with Alliance Head Li!"

Seeing that she was bent on leaving, Tang Doudou didn't try to stop her anymore and said, "That's also good. Then you should return and rest properly. Next time when we are free, we should head out to play, just the two of us. We won't drink alcohol and will just drink tea."

"En. Girls should drink less alcohol!" said Yu Fenger with a smile. "Miss Bai, have a good rest. However, you two girls aren't allowed to go out by yourselves next time; it's not safe!"

"Lianhua understands. At that time we'll definitely invite Big Brother Yu along." Bai Lianhua glanced at Xi Qiuyue. When she saw that he didn't seem impatient from waiting, she turned and slowly walked over.

After Xi Qiuyue and Bai Lianhua left, the atmosphere immediately became a lot more harmonious.

"Doudou ah! Which damned bastard did it!? Your Big Brother Jin and I almost thought that you, you..." After chatting a while, Yu Fenger couldn't stop himself from bringing this matter up. He cursed even as he spoke.

Baili Yu's brows furrowed upon hearing this. Yu Fenger wouldn't be a bad influence on his wife, right?

Tang Doudou sighed and said, "It's already in the past, so Big Brother Yu shouldn't keep worrying about it."

Although she thought of Yu Fenger as family, she still couldn't tell him everything. There were very few people on the Jianghu that knew about the Seven Great Saint Tribes, which meant that knowing about it probably wasn't a good thing.

Golden Wind Jade Dew lived freely and unfettered outside the reach of the law. It was best not to drag them into these things.

"Doudou's right. Since Doudou has already returned safe and sound, what need is there to continue worrying about those vexing matters?" Jin Longbiao patted Yu Fenger's shoulder. "Didn't we already agree to only talk about the beautiful scenery today? Stop nagging about these vexing topics; it ruins the scenery!"

"Pei! With your rough manner, the scenery is ruined wherever we go!"

"Hehe, Fenger's actually quite right about this."

Upon seeing them clowning around, Tang Doudou smiled and lowered her hand beneath the table to poke the waist of the person napping and serving as a backdrop.

Baili Yu immediately responded, opening his eyes slowly and looking towards her in confusion. He had already wrapped his large palm around that soft, restless hand.

"You want to head back as well?"

In reality, he wanted to leave too since this atmosphere really didn't suit him.

Tang Doudou shook her head.

"Hm?" He lifted the end of the sound and his already languid voice became even more captivating to the ear.

Tang Doudou hastily used her gaze to indicate towards Golden Wind Jade Dew, then said in a small voice, "I feel like we're too in the way here. We should go back to the small boat after all."

This was exactly what Baili Yu wanted, so he immediately became filled with energy. "Alright!"

He stood up right after he finished speaking. "Let's go."

His movements jolted Golden Wind Jade Dew out of their little moment. Yu Fenger looked towards Tang Doudou guiltily. "Doudou, I'm sorry. You know sometimes I can't hold back."

"That's not it, Big Brother Yu. I'm just a bit sleepy so I want to go back to the small boat and sleep awhile." Of course she wouldn't say that she wanted to leave because she didn't want to act as the third wheel while the two were enjoying themselves.

As for Yuner, he seemed terrified of Baili Yu and had ducked right at the start into the hold of the boat and hadn't come out since. He probably wouldn't be a bother for Golden Wind Jade Dew at all.

Ahem. She just hoped that they wouldn't corrupt Yuner.

Although she didn't say these things, Yu Fenger could guess half of it. He slanted a blame-filled glare at Jin Longbiao. "It's all your fault!"

However, Jin Longbiao seemed completely confused as if he had no idea what this had to do with him.

"Alright, alright. Big Brother Yu shouldn't bully Big Brother Jin anymore! Doudou is already very satisfied just to see you guys happy and in love with each other!" After she finished speaking, she stood up as well and glanced towards Baili Yu.

Baili Yu got the message and lifted her up in a princess carry. He was just about to softly leap off the boat when Yuner's timid voice drifted out from the hold. "Don't go, there's danger."


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