Chapter 222.2: Mandate of Heaven's Child

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Yu Fenger hastily stopped. There was no trace of doubt in his actions; it seemed that he believed in this idea of Mandate of Heaven's child strongly. "W-where?"

Yuner smiled without answering.

Only then did Yu Fenger realize that he had fallen into this child's trap. He scratched his head embarrassedly and then shared a look with Jin Longbiao. It seemed like they were going to confess honestly this time.

Suddenly, there was the sound of a familiar voice.

"Senior Brother!" Everyone looked in that direction and saw that Nangong Yan was standing on the shore not far away and waving at Baili Yu.

Yuner's face immediately turned deathly pale and he subconsciously drew closer to Tang Doudou.

Surprisingly, although Baili Yu seemed to mind other people touching her a lot, he only glanced over when Yuner approached her and didn't do anything.

Now that she thought about it, he didn't reveal any indications of disgust when Yuner tugged at his sleeve last time either. Her gaze was filled with puzzlement. It must been known that when she had a nosebleed in Plum Garden, he had used her hand to wipe her nosebleed...

Tang Doudou's question-filled gaze kept moving between Baili Yu and Yuner and she completely forgot about Nangong Yan. As for Baili Yu, he didn't even cast a single glance over.

By the time Tang Doudou came back to her senses, she could sense Nangong Yan's awkwardness despite the distance between them.

Yu Fenger asked, "Isn't that..."

He glanced at Baili Yu. "Junior Sister?"

Tang Doudou nodded but didn't explain why Baili Yu would be so indifferent towards his own junior sister. What she was interested in was Yuner's reaction. "Yuner, is the danger you were talking about going to come from Nangong Yan?"

Yuner knitted his brows for a moment before they smoothed out again. He shook his head. "No."

Yu Fenger laughed 'hehe,' thinking that Tang Doudou was making a fuss over nothing. "How could such a little girl be dangerous? She's probably tired from waving. We should move the boat over and let her on."

In Yu Fenger's eyes, everyone that looked pretty was a good person. Tang Doudou could say nothing in regards to this. She pushed Baili Yu and said, "Big evil spirit, can't you show a stand?"

Who could tell that although he seemed to be floating among dreams, he was completely clear of the situation? When Baili Yu saw that Tang Doudou's facial color wasn't good, he immediately gave a beautiful smile and said, "This husband will do whatever Wife asks. Everything will be as Wife commands."

It was this sentence again! How was this any different from doing things half-heartedly?

If he said this every once in a while, she would feel that he was being considerate and putting her opinions first. However, after he did this multiple times, she finally felt that something was off. He was completely half-assing these matters!

Just like right now, rather than this sentence, she wanted to hear him arrogantly say to ignore her!


Of course, she also knew that this wasn't a half-hearted act but the result of Baili Yu doting on her. However, she still felt unhappy and very displeased!

"Beautiful Big Sister, what's wrong?" Yuner was very close to her so he could tell with a glance that something wasn't right.

Tang Doudou could see the reflection of her displeased expression in his jade-like black eyes. She forced a smile and said, "It's nothing ah, I'm probably just a little seasick!"

She had just said this to console Yuner, but right after she spoke, a strong arm wrapped around her waist and, with a slight tug, pulled her into a certain person's broad chest. "If you're dizzy, then just nap for a while. Don't think about too much."

His gaze was as gentle as water and his tone was both soft and commanding. His actions slowly stroked her heart like the willow branches along the shore; it felt both numbing and very comfortable. Her earlier dissatisfaction and complaints were instantly swept clean.

She thought, perhaps this was just what he was like - sometimes gentle, something tyrannical. It was just like the aura he gave off - the combination of a seductive yao and a untainted celestial.


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