Chapter 223.2: Let Her On

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The boat started moving again, so Yu Fenger invited Nangong Yan to sit with them. However, Nangong Yan had barely sat down for a few seconds before Baili Yu pulled Tang Doudou up. He looked towards Yuner and asked, "Do you know qinggong?"

"I-I don't," replied Yuner embarrassedly as he lowered his head.

"Have Yu Fenger bring you over." After Baili Yu finished speaking, he pulled Tang Doudou and flew over the lake to land on the small boat that had been following this boat. Throughout this entire process, he didn't bother to even glance at Nangong Yan.

Nangong Yan was struck dumb. Her originally vexed and heated heart instantly plunged down into a hole of ice. Before Tang Doudou appeared, Senior Brother would still talk to her a little. However, now he wouldn't even look at her anymore.

Yu Fenger probably noticed that she looked really crestfallen and was about to console her when Yuner tugged at his arm and, his clear eyes full of entreaty, said, "Big Brother Yu, can you bring me over?"

His voice was very soft and weak. If one didn't listen carefully, one would think it was a girl speaking.

Due to the fact that he also looked very close to Tang Doudou, Nangong Yan turned to look at him curiously. However, when she saw his eyes, a strange feeling involuntarily arose in her heart. It was as if her very blood was responding...

The moment that thought emerged, it scared her so much she became covered with cold sweat.

She wanted to get a better look, but Yu Fenger had already flown off with Yuner.

She angrily slammed the table and silently cursed, hateful!

Following that, she looked over and found that there was still a person at the table.

The large and burly guy was putting on an act of sampling wine. No matter how she looked at him, she felt he was crude and unsophisticated, too terrible of a sight to look straight at.

Whenever Baili Yu wasn't present, she would resume the manner of an arrogant and manner-less wealthy miss. "Hey! What relationship do you guys have with Li Xueyi?"

From the start, Jin Longbiao was annoyed with her for snatching away Yu Fenger's attention and forcing Baili Yu to leave with Tang Doudou. Now this person was talking with such an impolite tone, so naturally he just gave a disdainful ‘humph’ and ignored her.

Nangong Yan creased her brows and said in a displeased tone, "Hey, I'm asking you something. Are you deaf?"

She faintly recalled that she had seen these two at the martial arts matchmaking competition yesterday. After yesterday, everyone that had been at the competition knew that she was the daughter of Wind Cloud Island's master. That was why a scene like Murong Yu currying favor with her would occur.

Even Murong Yu didn't dare to have an attitude towards her, yet this country bumpkin dared to look at her with disdain? It was seriously hateful!

It was definitely because Tang Doudou, that lowly wretch, said bad things about her!

Jin Longbiao still didn't pay any attention to her. Yu Fenger had once said to him that it was better to offend a petty person than to offend a woman!

He didn't want to pay attention to Nangong Yan and make Tang Doudou unhappy. It wasn't like he was dumb. He could see the strange relationship between the three. In addition, he wasn't like Yu Fenger and wouldn't become muddled just because Nangong Yan had good looks.

In his heart, there was no one more beautiful than Yu Fenger.

As he was thinking about this, Yu Fenger had already come back. When Yu Fenger saw that Nangong Yan seemed annoyed, he immediately asked in concern, "Does Lady Yan er's leg hurt a lot? I have a bottle of medicinal ointment that's very effective at reducing swelling..."

As he spoke, he pulled a black bottle out from his chest and passed it to Nangong Yan. It looked quite old and was stained with an unknown gray filth.

How could Nangong Yan possibly dare to take this kind of medicine? She hastily evaded and said, "There's no need. I already applied medicine earlier. It'll recover once I rest awhile."

After she finished speaking, she no longer tried to ask Jin Longbiao about their relationship with Tang Doudou and sat there quietly waiting for Liu Zhiyuan to get here.

On the distant small boat, Tang Doudou was squinting to try and see Nangong Yan's expression. However, they were too far away and all she could see was the faint sight of their figures. She couldn't make out what they were doing clearly.

However, Nangong Yan's expression was probably very ugly right now. Even she couldn't stand how enthusiastic Golden Wind Jade Dew's show of love was, so how could a woman like Nangong Yan, who lacked love so much, be able to stand it?


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