Chapter 234.1: Seriously Ugly

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Although she was standing to the side of the street now, he should be able to spot her with one glance as soon as he walked out from the inn, so why did he need to search for?

Qing Yu didn't give her the chance to ask questions and immediately started pulling her towards the inn. "Lady Doudou, please don't delay. Master said that we're leaving Cloud City in an hour, and you still have a lot of things to pack!"

"That soon?" Tang Doudou was astonished and hastily asked, "Why so urgent?"

Qing Yu replied helplessly, "It was Master's instructions. How would Qing Yu know why?"

That was true. Tang Doudou followed after Qing Yu. After a few steps, something seemed to occur to her and she turned around to look towards Jun Xin. "Lil' brat, you're not coming?"

Inwardly, Jun Xin gave a bitter smile, but on the surface, he responded in that same infuriating manner. "Even if I'm going, I wouldn't go together with an annoying woman like you. Stop wasting time and go!"

After he finished speaking, he turned and put his arm around Feng Long's shoulders. "It's been a long time since we've drunk together. Let's go have a drink!"

She had been asking out of good intentions, yet this was the way this guy responded. She was practically about to be angered to death!

Whatever. He could do whatever he liked. It was also good that they weren't heading back together, otherwise, she'd probably be driven crazy on the way back.

When she thought up to this point, she turned around and walked into the inn with San Yu.

At this time, Jun Xin, who originally said he wanted to go drink, stopped walking and the smile on his face was replaced by pain. He let go of Feng Long's shoulder and pushed him to the side. "Go play by yourself. If there's nothing important, don't come here and cause trouble."

Feng Long leaned over again with an evil smile and swept his finger across Jun Xin's forehead. "Little Xinxin, are you jealous right now?"

"As if! And stay away from me, you disgusting woman!" Jun Xin slapped away Feng Long's hand and felt depressed again about how Tang Doudou had acted. That stinkin' woman actually couldn't tell that Feng Long was a woman!

There was no way he would miss the way she had looked at him at the start. She had probably been imagining those dirty things that two grown men did.

As a woman, why did she like thinking about that kind of thing so much!?

Jun Xin started to sink into gloom again and didn't even notice when Feng Long's finger touched his lip.

"Little Xinxin, you dare to even think about Boss's woman? You're really seeking death ah." Feng Long exhaled softly and slowly approached Jun Xin's cheek.

When two grown men acted in such suggestive ways on the street, of course, it attracted a lot of attention.

The sounds of people whispering finally jolted Jun Xin back to his senses. When he found that Feng Long was doing something strange, anger rushed to his head. A knife appeared in his hand, and he swung it towards Feng Long's neck. The attack was precise and vicious!

Feng Long simply smiled tauntingly as the light in her strange eyes condensed into blades and shot towards Jun Xin with equal viciousness.

The two attacked at practically the same time, and also dodged at the same time. One landed on a roof, the other on the opposite tree.

"I'm warning you, stay away from me. Otherwise, don't blame me for being merciless!" In the end, since Jun Xin's inner strength was extremely profound and his skill was also a level higher, his attack cut off some of Feng Long's hair.

Meanwhile, Feng Long's blades hadn't even come close to him.

"But Master told me to follow you." Feng Long shrugged helplessly with an innocent expression.

Jun Xin said unhappily, "That's your master, not mine."

"For that woman, Little Xinxin intends to betray master?"

"I already said that he isn't my master. And stop saying 'that woman, that woman.' She counts as at least half a master to you. Being a bit more respectful would be good!" After Jun Xin said that, he gave a cold humph and was about to jump down when he heard a sharp whistle. Before he could react, the hair next to his forehead had been cut and drifted down in front of him.

He looked at the thing that had cut his hair. It was the blade he had dodged earlier.

A trace of anger flashed through the depths of his eyes. Feng Long, that damned woman, had actually perfected the demon blade to this extent? How hateful!

However, he wasn't scared. This time he had underestimated Feng Long's ability out of disdain, but the next time she said something to provoke him, she shouldn't blame him for being merciless!

Once his thoughts reached this point, he turned and left without bothering at look at Feng Long again. His figure soon disappeared into the crowd.

Only then did Feng Long jump down from the roof. As she touched the wound behind her ear, she sighed with a troubled expression. Originally she thought that she would be able to oppress Little Xinxin with her martial arts now that she had gotten stronger, but unexpectedly his martial arts had improved much more than hers had. The road to successfully oppressing Little Xinxin was really getting tougher and tougher to travel.

However- Feng Long smiled. That little woman seemed pretty fun. It seemed that her Little Xinxin liked that little woman a lot! She used to think that Little Xinxin was a block of wood that didn't understand love and affection.

She had seriously been gone for too long! Feng Long sighed again.

Meanwhile, Qing Yu had brought Tang Doudou back to Propitious Clouds Inn, but Tang Doudou still didn't see Baili Yu.

She pulled Qing Yu and asked, "Where's Baili Yu?"

"My dear lady ah, everything I said earlier was made up. Master still hasn't come back yet." Qing Yu glanced out the window. When she saw that Jun Xin and Feng Long were no longer there, she patted her chest in relief.

There was no way Tang Doudou could miss the implicit meaning after Qing Yu had put it so clearly. "That Feng Long..."

"Is a very fearsome person!" Qing Yu said firmly.

From the looks of it, her sixth sense had been pretty accurate. Since he was a fearsome person, it was best for her to avoid him. She asked Qing Yu about when they were going to head out, then headed back to her room. The way people rushed to places during ancient times was too horrifying. Even that comfortable carriage of Baili Yu's almost made her bones break from the constant shaking. She should take advantage of this time while she still had a comfortable bed and get some good sleep!

Most importantly, that medicinal book was still inside the room. She had to hurry and put it away carefully in order to avoid accidentally leaving it behind.


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