Chapter 235.2: Hurry and Fight so We Can Move on to Work

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Village houses were very small and this room was the best the village chief had. Since Tang Doudou was resting here, he could only rest in the carriage. However, it wasn't the time to rest yet. He took advantage of this time while Tang Doudou slept to call Feng Long and Jun Xin to the path outside the village.

"Feng Long, how is the investigation going?" He had been focusing on suppressing the Hoarfrost Poison for the past few days so he hadn't had the chance to ask Feng Long about this.

Feng Long was still pretty docile in front of Baili Yu. However, she would still seize Jun Xin up from time to time. "Replying Master, this subordinate has found the place where Madam Qin was last seen."

"Where is it?" Baili Yu seemed excited to hear the words Madam Qin and hastily asked about it.

Feng Long glanced at Jun Xin. "It was the Jia family village outside of Wind Cloud Island. The people that knew of the event said that Madam Qin had arrived in the Jin family village with two children. After staying there for a night, she disappeared. No one saw how she left."

"Two children?"

"Yes, a boy and an infant girl. The boy was about three years old and the age of the girl was unknown," replied Feng Long.

Baili Yu was silent for a long while, then he glanced at Jun Xin. "Are you sure that it was a female infant?"

"Yes! After that villager said that, I looked through the room Madam Qin once lived in several times and found this under the bed."

As she spoke, she pulled out something wrapped with cloth and handed it to Baili Yu.

Baili Yu opened it in front of the two. There was half a broken jade piece inside. He picked it up to examine it, then noticed that there was a tiny 'ling' character on it.


"Baili Yunling." Feng Long checked Baili Yu's expression. Upon seeing that it seemed normal, she continued, "She's Master's biological younger sister, and the female infant Madam Qin had been carrying back then."

"Are you certain?"

"This subordinate has already investigated it thoroughly and brought back all the evidence and witnesses. They are located in the nearby stone garrison. Once we reach that place, Master can question them again and examine the evidence."

"Alright, good work." Baili Yu put away the jade. Then he glanced at Feng Long before turning to Jun Xin. "Ah Xin, you still haven't been able to get in touch with Yun Hai?"

"I've already mobilized everyone in God Firmament Hall but there has been no news about him at all. I'm afraid something has already happened to him." When this matter was brought up, Jun Xin's expression turned gloomy. It was very likely that the plan had failed and Yun Hai had already encountered an unexpected development.

"Even if something had happened, there should still be some news," said Feng Long.

Jun Xin slanted a glance at her. "Regardless of whether it's the Seven Great Saint Tribes or Wind Cloud Island, neither of them are easy to deal with. The more you learn about them, the more you'll realize that they have too many secrets and what we know is nothing but the tip of the iceberg."

"The Seven Great Saint Tribes are very mysterious, but Yun Hai's task this time doesn't provoke them in any way, so why are you linking them together?" Feng Long lifted her brows as she refuted with a cold laugh.

Jun Xin gave a disdainful humph. "How ignorant! Yun Hai's task doesn't have anything to do with them this time, but the Seven Great Saint Tribes are also investigating this matter so encounters and conflicts will be hard to avoid. Those people are all lunatics and won't sit down to talk reason."

"So you're saying that we have to go find the Seven Great Saint Tribes to demand the person back?" said Feng Long pointedly.

Jun Xin could hear the meaning contained within her words and shot her a cold look. "I've already said that Yun Hai isn't in the Seven Great Saint Tribes."

Feng Long sneered, "Then isn't everything you just said fart?"

"Feng Long! Don't think that I don't dare to hit you just because you're a woman!" bellowed Jun Xin. This crazy woman had started needling him again the moment she came back. He seriously couldn't take it anymore.

Feng Long didn't seem concerned about his threat at all. Rolling up her sleeves, she pushed Jun Xin and said provocatively, "Come on, you think I'm still afraid of you? I've been wanting to thrash you for a long time!"

Upon seeing that the two were about to fight, Baili Yu swept a mild gaze over the two and said, "If you want to fight, then hurry up. Don't waste our discussion time."

After saying that, he smiled and started playing with the jade ring on his thumb. "Know that I won't be giving compensation if you die though. However, it's also good timing. This place has beautiful scenery. At that time, it'd be pretty convenient to get someone to dig a hole and bury you guys."

Feng Long and Jun Xin simultaneously rolled their eyes. How could there exist such a heartless master who looked forward to his subordinates fighting so much?


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