Chapter 237.1: A Place You Can Never Go Back To

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An hour quickly passed. The entire kitchen gradually became filled with wonderful scents, plus one greedily sniffing sound that didn't fit in with the atmosphere.

Tang Doudou, who was in the middle of cutting spring onions, snickered as she watched the village chief who was leaning against the wooden pillar. A mischievous spark flashed through her eyes and she plated the pig liver she had just finished stir-frying then sneakily ran to the village chief.

As the fragrant pig liver was waved around in front of the village chief, his nose followed the plate like it was being attracted by a magnet - left and right, forward and back, up and down. During this entire time, the village chief's eyes remained closed but his lips kept smacking continuously. Tang Doudou was way too familiar with that intoxicated look on his face.

It was the standard expression of a foodie!

She giggled evilly, then moved the plate away. When the village chief couldn't smell that dish anymore, he pouted unhappily. "Girl, after teasing this old man you should at least give some compensation, right?"

After he finished speaking, he opened his eyes. Looking towards Tang Doudou, he said in hopes of currying favor with her, "Who would have thought that this little girl's culinary skills were so high? Which master taught you?"

Tang Doudou's nose started to sting when she saw the old village chief act this way, because it reminded her of her grandpa.

Every time Grandpa smelled her cooking, he would make this same expression.

But she wouldn't ever be able to see Grandpa again.

Grandpa was so old, yet she left him and went off to such a far away world. It was hard to imagine what he must be going through without her there. She was such an unfilial granddaughter!

The more she thought about it, the more she felt like crying. The village chief immediately started panicking when he saw her sad expression. Wasn't this girl fine just a moment ago? Why was she like this now?

Could it be that he had said something wrong?

"Aiyah, why are you crying little girl?" Right after he spoke, he felt that those words came out wrong. Large beads of tears formed in Tang Doudou's eyes and fell silently to the ground.

Tang Doudou rubbed away her tears, but the more she rubbed her eyes, the more tears formed. Her line of sight gradually became blurry. She sobbed as she looked towards the benevolent village chief. "Village Chief Grandpa, I'm fine. I'm just- I just, when I saw Village Chief Grandpa, I recalled my own grandpa..."

"If you miss your grandpa, then go back and visit him more. What's the point of crying about this?" The village chief took the dish from her hand and set it down at the side, then took out a clean handkerchief help wipe her tears. "Aiy, don't cry anymore. You're such a good child, but you won't be pretty anymore if you cry. You should just go back and visit him when you have time. Young people have a lot of things to do, us old folk won't hold it against you guys."

The more the village chief tried to console her, the harder Tang Doudou cried. She also wanted to go back to see Grandpa ah!

But she couldn't go back anymore.

"I- I know that Grandpa won't blame me. He dotes on me so much... B-but I can't go back anymore. I won't ever be able to go back. Wuuwuu... Grandpa, I miss Grandpa so much..." Tang Doudou hugged the village chief. "Village Chief Grandpa, I won't be able to see my grandpa ever again."


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Dray

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