Chapter 240.1: Vow Bound By Hair

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Tang Doudou copied his beaming smile, but realized that no matter how she tried, she couldn’t give off the same feeling. So she decided to just pushed Baili Yu to put some space between them.

“Nothing in particular. Didn’t you say that you wanted to get married?”

Baili Yu was shoved to the side to lie on his back. When he saw that her eyes were sparkling mischievously, his lips hooked up. “Mhm.”

"But you haven't even proposed and you want to get married!? No way I'm accepting it!”

“Propose?” Baili Yu once again moved over closer to her. “Wife, you want this husband to propose?”

“En!” Tang Doudou affirmed. Geez, it was marriage for goodness sake!

It wasn't like playing house, alright?

She'd like to ask what girl didn’t want to experience a super romantic proposal before getting married?

Besides, the most pressing matter right now wasn't getting married, but the Hoarfrost Poison in his body. After discussing with Tian Weishi a long time, they came to the conclusion that the Hoarfrost Poison has long already integrated with his organs so there was no antidote that could neutralize it. After that, she told Tian Weishi about Cang Baicao's acupuncture treatment and the little pamphlet he gave.

As expected of someone with extensive world experience, Tian Weishi was immediately able to guess Cang Baicao's intentions. He had used yin yang harmonizing acupuncture, then pressure point sealing acupuncture to suppress the poison. However, this wasn't enough to completely cure the poison.

At most it could only prolong Baili Yu's life for a few more years.

Since ancient times, food has shared common properties with medicine. There were a lot of diseases which couldn't be treated with drugs but could be treated with medicinal food. Due to this, Tian Weishi also knew a little about human acupuncture points and veins. Meanwhile, Tang Doudou knew quite a lot about the body's internal organs, so she explained to Tian Weishi that there were things in human blood vessels that were capable of generating blood and that it was the heart which pumped this created blood through all parts of the body.

The only way to completely cure the Hoarfrost Poison was through a blood transfusion!

By swapping out the poisonous blood in Baili Yu's body with healthy blood and using the heart to pump the new blood through all the organs, the poison blood could be thoroughly washed away. With this, once the poison blood was gone, the Hoarfrost Poison would be cured.

However, though this was easy to talk about, implementing it was harder than touching the sky. After all, everything she talked about was only possible with very advanced technology.

In this ancient era where there was no suitable equipment at all, a blood transfusion shouldn't even be mentioned. Just the question of how to preserve the good blood was difficult to answer, and then there was the question of how to perform the transfusion when there were no needles or sterilized tubes. It couldn't be that they should directly feed him the blood by mouth, right?

There was actually another way, but it was far too risky.

That method was to completely let out all of the poison blood within Baili Yu's body, then use medicine to stimulate his bone marrow so that new healthy blood cells would be produced.

But how could a person survive after all the blood in his body was drained?Tang Doudou sighed. No wonder they said the Hoarfrost Poison was difficult to cure. This wasn't just difficult, it was practically impossible.

When Baili Yu saw that her expression seemed off, he thought he had said something wrong. However, he really didn't understand what proposing meant. To propose to get married?

Since ancient times, marriage has always been decided by the parents and a matchmaker.

Baili Yu really didn’t understand what a proposal was.

He peeked at Tang Doudou who was still deep in thought out of the corner of his eye. Then, taking advantage of her distraction, he lifted her up and set her on his waist.

“What are you doing?” Tang Doudou was startled. Her face immediately flushed when she saw Baili Yu below her. This position was way too ambiguous ah!

“Didn’t Wife want this husband to propose?” Baili Yu reached out and removed the jade ring from his thumb. “However, this husband doesn't really understand what Wife means by proposing and can only presumptuously make a guess."

“Guess?” Tang Doudou covered her forehead. She had only asked him to propose in order to delay the matter of the marriage. It hadn't occurred to her that he would propose immediately!

But how could Baili Yu know that? He just wanted Tang Doudou to be a little happier, for that little face to be able to smile beautifully every day rather than furrowed with worries.

Even after interacting with her for so long, all he knew about her was that she liked eating and cooking. He didn't know much about the other things, but he had faith that he'd be able to slowly learn about what she liked and didn't like. From the moment he had set his heart on this woman, he had wanted to spend his life loving this woman.

Even if he didn't have long to live, he wouldn't let go.

To propose meant to ask for her hand in marriage.

Baili Yu smiled and his features instantly transformed into a beautiful painting. Even when he was lying on the bed in this position, it didn't diminish his aura at all. His bright eyes only reflected a single figure. His lips parted slowly. "Tang Doudou."

This was the first time he called her by her full name. It was not Li Xueyi, nor Wife, but Tang Doudou.

His expression was very serious. As Tang Doudou gazed down at him, her heartbeat quickened. She could guess what he was about to do.

Baili Yu lifted the thumb ring in his hand, then took her hand and placed that ring in her palm.

As she looked on, slightly confused, he kissed her hand as if he was making a vow and said, "Today, I, Baili Yu, formally asks Tang Doudou to marry me. With this ring as proof, from now on, all that I possess belongs to Tang Doudou!"

Tang Doudou was a little touched, but just a little. She mostly felt like laughing.

What kind of proposal was this!?He didn't even ask her if she was willing or not. This was completely forcefully cornering her!

“Wife, are you happy now?” After Baili Yu placed the thumb ring in her palm, he pulled Tang Doudou into his arms and tightly hugged her the way a child hugged a treat he was just given. “I've proposed, so now let's choose an auspicious date to hold the wedding ceremony!”What else could Tang Doudou say? This guy was completely forcing her to buy this without giving her any opportunity to decline.

It was so forced that it was a little cute.

He didn't even ask what exactly it meant to propose because he was afraid of her saying the true meaning and rejecting him. That was why he came up with such a unique way to propose!

After all, based on how smart he was, how was it possible for him to only think of the marriage meaning and not of the 'ask' part of the proposal?

In any case, she felt that she had been tricked into this.

However, the person who tricked her was Baili Yu ah.

"Isn't this a little too rushed?" Tang Doudou's heart filled with delight. However, when she recalled his Hoarfrost Poison, she felt worried again.

"It's not rushed at all. This husband even feels that it's late," replied Baili Yu with a smile.

Tang Doudou glanced at the thumb ring in her hand and all of a sudden felt disdain. "Your proposal was so simple and crude. I won't accept it if the wedding is like this too. After all, for better or for worse you're the richest man in the country!"

Baili Yu's smile froze on his face. "Crude?"

"That's right ah, with such a crappy thumb ring, how can it not be crude?" As she spoke, she picked the thumb ring up and looked at it in the sunlight. This quality didn't even seem as good as the two gemstones she dug out from the Chrysanthemum Glass Jade Palanquin.


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