Chapter 261.2: Tang Doudou was About to Fall Apart

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"Lady Doudou..."

"Saint Envoy Lan Jia, for better or for worse, aren't you a Saint Envoy? We've barely walked anywhere, yet you're saying that you can't walk anymore? You're purposefully teasing this lady, aren't you?" Tang Doudou was a little annoyed with his antics and turned around to yell at him.

Lan Jia's eyes narrowed slightly but he didn't get angry. "Lady Doudou, although this one is a Saint Envoy, this one doesn't know martial arts and would often fall ill. That's why this one's physical strength isn't very good."

Tang Doudou didn't believe him. What kind of Saint Envoy was he if he didn't know martial arts? How could the Seven Great Saint Tribes possibly allow him to be a Saint Envoy if he didn't know martial arts?

Perhaps Lan Jia noticed that she was skeptical because he said, "If you don't believe me, you can just take a look yourself!"

How was she supposed to 'take a look'? It's not like she had all-seeing eyes.

"Saint Envoy Lan Jia, if we don't walk a little faster, the people behind us will nag again!" Although she had increased her speed during this time and left the crowd behind them quite a ways off, with how slow Lan Jia was going, the crowd would catch up to them again soon.

"Usually Ah Yu would carry me over..." Lan Jia sighed. "Why don't we rest for a while before continuing?"

As he spoke, he really sat down on the iron chains and even dangled his legs carefreely.

The hair tie wasn't very long. After Lan Jia sat down, Tang Doudou had to crouch as well.

When she crouched down, the bugs in the seams of the iron chains became even more visible. She hastily said, "Aren't you worried that these bugs would bite your butt?"

"They don't like to eat meat."

"Even rabbits would bite people once they're cornered. You're sitting on them right now and probably causing them a lot of pain. Are you sure they wouldn't bite you?" Tang Doudou's greatest worry was that these bugs would bite her. Although she no longer had the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance in her body, her poison blood was still present!

Lan Jia waved his hand. "You should sit down as well. Don't worry, even if they like to bite, they wouldn't bite the butt."

Following that, his gaze actually swept towards Tang Doudou's butt and he said disdainfully, "Moreover, there's no way they'd be interested in such a skinny one!"

Tang Doudou's face turned completely black in speechlessness.

Because she discovered that Lan Jia's butt was actually perkier than hers...

Tang Doudou was depressed. Why did she end up encounter Lan Jia, this weirdo, at this sort of time? She didn't even know how far ahead Mu Ye had gotten. She probably hadn't even gotten half way.

"Get on!" Tang Doudou saw that the black-clothed people behind them were almost caught up and kicked Lan Jia's butt before standing up.

Lan Jia looked up, confused. "Lady Doudou?"

"I'll piggyback you!" Tang Doudou glowered at him. "Hurry up!"

When Lan Jia heard that Tang Doudou was going to carry him, he immediately smiled and replied 'alright' happily. Without bothering to be polite at all, he got onto Tang Doudou's back and forced Lil' Gray who was originally on her back to move to her front.

"Aiyah, Lady Doudou's chest has become bigger!" Tang Doudou sensed that his gaze swept over her chest. Following that, he remarked this in a surprised tone.

Tang Doudou felt an internal injury. "Shut up, otherwise I'll throw you off!"

Lan Jia finally shut his mouth. Tang Doudou sighed in relief, then started revolving her inner strength and walking forward.

Originally, she thought that it would be very tiring to carry Lan Jia, but unexpectedly he was very light. It was to the point that she suspected this guy of being a girl. However, she recalled that there was an Adam's apple on his throat and immediately dispersed this thought to focus on continuing forward.

When she got to the other end of the iron chain, she saw that Mu Ye was standing with Ah Yu who was sitting.

Right after they got off the iron chain, Tang Doudou threw Lan Jia onto the ground and ran towards Mu Ye. "My god ah! I'm exhausted!"

Mu Ye glanced at her, then glanced at Lan Jia. It was clear he was confused as to why Tang Doudou had ended up carrying Lan Jia over.

"Did you encounter danger?"

Tang Doudou shook her head. However, she felt that she would prefer encountering danger over being with Lan Jia. That guy was seriously too annoying!

She thought that he had finally calmed down, but after carrying him awhile, he started chattering again nonstop like he was reciting a chant. Most of it was about Baili Yu being nothing special and that she should just marry him instead.

Tang Doudou had shot back a few sentences.

Did you have as much money as him?

Were you as good-looking as him?

Were your martial arts as good as his?

Lan Jia immediately fell silent. In the end, he remarked quietly, "So it turns out that you're this shallow of a woman."

Anyone would be able to tell that she was just saying this due to anger, alright?

The more she thought about it, the angrier she got. She didn't bother to answer Mu Ye and tried to pull him and leave.

Unexpectedly, Ah Yu blocked her way. "You're not allowed to leave! Saint Envoy Lan Jia helped you, yet you repaid grace with cruelty and threw Saint Envoy down. Now you want to just run off? Don't you think that's a little too excessive!?"

Tang Doudou rubbed her forehead. "He helped me? Yes, he did help me, but I also carried him over! It's canceled out!"

Ah Yu laughed coldly. "It's your fortune to have the opportunity to carry him. In any case, you're not allowed to leave!"


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