Chapter 263.1: You Can't Like Him

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Tang Doudou first took a moment to check the expression on the white-robed Saint Envoy's face. This Saint Envoy didn't look as angry anymore, probably because she had acted cooperative. His eyes were quite gentle so he didn't seem like a bad person.

However, Lan Jia seemed like a good person as well, yet he turned out to be so annoying. As expected of the people of the Seven Great Saint Tribes! It really was hard to see through them. No wonder even a genius as amazing as Baili Yu was apprehensive of them.

Tang Doudou saw that the Saint Envoy's follower was about to press her again and replied with a smile, "Then I'll have to trouble Saint Envoy!"

There was definitely no choice but to go over, so she should just wait and see what he would do with Lil' Gray first. It wouldn't be too late to act after that.

Although she wouldn't be able to beat him, her inner strength had recovered quite a lot so it wouldn't be a problem to use qinggong.

All she had to do was get into the crowd of black-robed people and take advantage of the chaos to escape. Afterwards, she could discuss with Mu Ye about what she should do with Lil' Gray. She just didn't know if he had finished his talk with Lan Jia.

As she was thinking about this, she started following the Saint Envoy towards the east side of the Sacred Tree.

On the other hand, Baili Yu who had been gone for many days was also currently on the Sacred Tree.

He was currently tracking a person. Lan Jia was the one who had told him about this person. He said that back then, after Madam Qin came to the Saint Tribes, she had interacted with this person. One year, she had even given a little girl to this person.

Lan Jia was an intimate friend that he had encountered one time when he came to Cerulean Mountain from Wind Cloud Island. Although Lan Jia didn't know martial arts, he had very deep insight towards martial arts and academic topics. Back then, the two had countless long conversations accompanied with wine at the border between Cerulean Mountain and Wind Cloud Island for almost three years.

Even after finding out that he was a Saint Envoy of the Saint Tribes, their friendship remained unaffected. When Lan Jia learned that Baili Yu was looking for Madam Qin and information about the Hoarfrost Poison, he secretly passed on many of the Seven Great Saint Tribes' secrets to him.

When Baili Yu came to Cerulean Mountain this time, he encountered Lan Jia again right when he arrived. When Lan Jia found out what Baili Yu had come for, he agreed to look after Tang Doudou and told Baili Yu about what he had managed to discover from investigating these past years. All the clues had pointed towards the person Baili Yu was currently tailing.

Baili Yu was also in a black robe. He mixed in with the crowd as he walked along the road.

Soon, that person stopped at a small house. He looked around cautiously and only went in after confirming that there was nothing out of the ordinary.

Baili Yu's eyes narrowed slightly. He first walked past the small house without a sound, then with a leap he landed near the back wall of the house. Stooping down, he approached the open window of the house.

He saw that there were currently two black-robed figures in the room. One was the person he had followed. The other, based on her figure, seemed to be a woman.

He guessed that the woman was probably around twenty years old by the look of her clear eyes. Her age was a good match with the female infant that Madam Qin had brought away back then. When Baili Yu's thoughts got to this point, he extended his hand and a bit of red appeared at the tip of his finger.

Before he even moved, he heard the black-robed man in the room speak angrily, "If I knew earlier that you would turn out to be so disobedient, I wouldn't have agreed to keep you back then!"

The young girl didn't reply and just hung her head like she had been wronged.

"Didn't I already send you out of Cerulean Mountain, what did you come back for? Are you really not afraid of dying?" The black-robed man asked.

The young girl still didn't speak and just sighed.

"You ah! You're completely spoiled rotten!" The black-robed man also sighed. "Alright, what did you come back for this time?"

"I-I want you to help me find someone!" The young woman finally spoke. Her tone was eager and she even grabbed the black-robed man's hand.

The familiar voice caused Baili Yu to frown. Why did all his searching end up leading to her!?

"Find who?"

"Baili Yu."

"Baili Yu?" The black-robed man sized up the young woman in front of him and reached out to pull off her black robe. An innocent baby face with large eyes that looked about sixteen years old was revealed.

Nangong Yan...

Baili Yu's emotions immediately became complicated. Why would it be her?

"What are you looking for him for?" The black-robed man withdrew his hand and walked to the table at the center of the room to sit down. "He came to Cerulean Mountain?"

"Uncle, Yan er was wrong to not come back to visit you for such a long time! But you also know how that damned place is. Wind Cloud Island definitely wouldn't allow me to come to Cerulean Mountain. Moreover, they always send people to keep a watch on me. I don't have any freedom at all..." Nangong Yan first spent quite a while complaining about all the things she had to endure, then sat down next to the person she called uncle in a very affectionate manner. "If it weren't for that idiot from the Murong family helping this time, I wouldn't have been able to get to Cerulean Mountain this time either."

"Are you here to find Baili Yu or here to visit me?"

"Uncle, of course I came to visit you. I just found out later that he was in Cerulean Mountain. That's why I wanted to see him too." Nangong Yan giggled sweetly, then poured a cup of tea and respectfully offered it to the man.

"That's more like it." The black-clothed man accepted the tea and took a sip before looking back up. "Why didn't I get any news that he had come to Cerulean Mountain? Could you have gotten wrong news?"

"It's definitely true!" Nangong Yan was very sure. "Just earlier, I encountered Mu Ye at the inn..."

"He came as well?"

"Of course. Not only that, he almost killed me!" Nangong Yan patted her chest to calm her lingering fears.

"Him being here doesn't mean that Baili Yu is here. Those two don't really have a relationship."

Nangong Yan said, "Uncle, Cerulean Mountain's way too closed off. You probably haven't heard the news that Mu Ye and Baili Yu have fallen in love with the same woman. It's that disciple of Su Yi, the guy called Li Xueyi. When I ran into Mu Ye, he was accompanied by a woman. Although her features were covered and she had lowered her voice, I recognized her with one glance. It was definitely Li Xueyi!"

"I only got news that Li Xueyi and Baili Yu were going to get married. I haven't heard that Mu Ye had any relationships with that Li Xueyi."

"Baili Yu himself probably doesn't know the details of this matter." Nangong Yan smiled darkly for a moment before instantly returning to normal. "Aiyah, Uncle, just help Yan er a little. Help Yan er find Baili Yu, alright?"


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