Chapter 274.1: Friendship Born of Having Weathered Dangerous Situations Together

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Tang Doudou dusted off her hands, then walked back to sit down.

"Who asked you to be so long-winded and talk so much..." muttered Tang Doudou. Her ears felt much better now that Shen Moru's voice wasn't continuously scratching her eardrums.

At first she had planned to used the needles on herself, but it occurred to her that this was her first time doing acupuncture.

If she ended up missing, she would definitely suffer. Her gaze shifted towards Shen Moru and an idea occurred to her. Rather than risk stabbing herself the wrong way, she should just use the needles on Shen Moru!

Although she was apprehensive while approaching Shen Moru due to fear that he would suddenly rise up and attack her, Shen Moru didn't even react when she stabbed the needles in him.

It was only now that Tang Doudou realized Shen Moru was probably quite injured. It was likely that he was hanging on by just a breath. Otherwise, why would he be so well-behaved?

Also, she couldn't have killed him with those needles earlier, right?

When her thoughts arrived at this point, she turned to look towards where Shen Moru was sitting. What she saw immediately caused her back to be covered with cold sweat. Where was he?

She hastily looked around but didn't see Shen Moru anywhere. Her heart dropped. Oh no, he was gone!

However, Shen Moru seemed half dead just a moment ago. How could he have disappeared in the blink of an eye?

Could it be...

A lightbulb lit up in Tang Doudou's brain. The needles!

This thought had just occurred to her when Shen Moru's sinister voice came from the other side of the cave. "Little girl, say, should I be grateful to you, or extremely grateful to you?"

Tang Doudou trembled as she looked over, but she couldn't tell where he was. "W-what do you want?"

After she finished asking, she itched to slap herself again. The thing Shen Moru had been trying to do this whole time was capture her in order to feed her blood to the bugs!

"Heehee, can't you tell what I want to do?" Shen Moru's sinister voice contained strong resentment. "In the end, you've still fallen into this old man's hands!"

When Tang Doudou heard this, she knew that he was about to make a move and tightened her grip on the iron chains. "Mu Ye is here in this cave and definitely hasn't gone far. As long as I pull this iron chain, he'll immediately head back. Who has fallen into whose hands still isn't for certain. I'd advise you to take advantage of this chance to hurry and escape!"

Shen Moru just laughed coldly. "Head back? I'm afraid he probably isn't capable of doing so anymore!"

Tang Doudou's heart tightened and she shouted, "Liar!"

"I'm not lying, but wouldn't you know once you try?" said Shen Moru coldly.

Tang Doudou didn't pay too much heed to his words and started thinking about the current situation. Since Shen Moru was able to move again, why hadn't he immediately caught her and was instead wasting so much time speaking with her?

And he even told her to try calling Mu Ye back?

This old guy definitely had bad intentions!

What should she do?

Tang Doudou was panicking, but she didn't dare to actually try to call Mu Ye back. If Shen Moru was purposefully trying to get her to call Mu Ye back so that Mu Ye would fall into a trap, wouldn't her actions have harmed Mu Ye?

"What? Could it be you don't even dare to attempt something like this? That heroic blood which flows through your veins is such a waste on you!" taunted Shen Moru.

"Quit wasting words! Whether you decide to kill me or flay me is up to you, but you haven't done a thing after such a long time! It couldn't be that you can't move, right?" As Tang Doudou spoke, her eyes lit up. Perhaps she had made a mistake in stabbing the needles and accidentally undid some sort of seal on Shen Moru's body.

She wasn't sure what exactly it did to him, but based on the current situation, it probably wasn't a far venture to guess that Shen Moru's movements hadn't recovered. The reason he had been able to move was probably due to that strange martial arts of his. It allowed him to turn into black smoke and recondense at another location. She had seen him use it several times, but she didn't know any scientific explanation that could possibly explain it.

Shen Moru laughed coldly again. "You're clearly extremely scared, yet you insist on acting so fearless. Tang Doudou, you're really too similar to that deceased father of yours!"

After he said that, he spat with resentment. "Back then, if it weren't for you and that damned father of yours, why would she have ended up with such a tragic fate? She had done nothing wrong!"

Even though Tang Doudou was often slow, there was no way she could miss that Shen Moru was currently talking about the deceased Li Xueyi's parents.

Could it be that this old guy had ties with them?

She felt the urge to tell him that the family of three had already died. The way he was cursing at them despite the fact that they were already dead seemed a little too malicious.

Oh, she forgot. When had Shen Moru ever been kind?

If it was Li Xueyi, perhaps she would have been drawn in by Shen Moru's words, but Tang Doudou only felt pity for that family and observed a moment of silence for them.

Shen Moru had fallen silent, probably because he saw that she didn't seem to be interested in this topic. Tang Doudou felt that he was probably silently cursing her for being heartless and a white-eyed wolf.

"Aren't you curious about your own identity?"

As she expected, Shen Moru wasn't someone that could hold his breath. After a few moments of silence, he started to talk again.

He was probably the reincarnation of a sparrow. If not, why else would he have so much nonsense to say? Tang Doudou squeezed the iron chain as she said, "What's the use in being curious? And what's the use of knowing? Could it be that after I find out, if I wasn't satisfied I could change my birth? Since it's something that's already set, what's the point of worrying so much about it? It's not like I have that much free time to waste!"

Shen Moru fell silent again. He really didn't understand what went on in Tang Doudou's mind.

He remembered that she used to travel all around in order to find clues about her past. She had even been searching for the location of the Green Bone Phoenix Lamp and collected all the antique lamps that had fallen into the hands of commoners. Why would she do all of this if she hadn't been curious about her identity?

But why wasn't she interested in it anymore?

No matter how intelligent Shen Moru was, there was no way that he would be able to guess that the person in front of him now had a different soul.


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