Chapter 277.2: Complicated Identity

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Actually, Mu Ye was the only one with his head lowered silently. Tang Doudou couldn't bear the long silence whatsoever. When Mu Ye caught a wild rabbit and swiftly roasted it for her, she started to spill words out in an unending stream.

"Mu Ye, I never thought that you would actually know how to roast a rabbit as well! You have a good personality, great martial arts, amazing looks, and you even know how to roast such a tasty rabbit! Jesus! You're so perfect that it's practically going against the natural order..."

"Mu Ye, since you know how to roast a rabbit, do you know how to roast other stuff? Like chicken? How about fish? Do you know how to cook?"

"Mu Ye, speaking of which, why were you looking for me? What were you planning to do after finding me? You didn't know about my identity before?"

"Mu Ye, don't walk so fast ah!"

"Hey! Mu Ye..."

Mu Ye turned around. "Hm?"

Tang Doudou gasped for breath and covered her forehead. "Wait for me!"

Mu Ye stopped and turned around to walk back to her. "I'll carry you."

"Huff, huff... no need, I can walk on my own, but can you slow down a little? I-I can't keep up." There was no way that Tang Doudou would admit her stomach was hurting from eating too much earlier.

Mu Ye replied seriously, "That's too slow."

Tang Doudou glanced around and muttered, "It's not like this place is dangerous..."


Before she even finished her sentence, a hidden weapon shot towards her from behind. Mu Ye's expression turned serious as he reached out to knock aside that hidden weapon. He pulled Tang Doudou and said, "Let's go!"

Tang Doudou silently rebuked herself for making such a bad remark as Mu Ye pulled her forward.

"Mu Ye, didn't you say that no one comes here?"

"No outsiders!"

Tang Doudou couldn't help but inwardly criticize Mu Ye. The fudge? Couldn't he speak more clearly? No wonder he was walking like the wind, it was because he had sensed someone coming!

Yet she had naively thought that they were the only ones here and could take their time...

There was no need for Mu Ye to explain. The people that had come after them were definitely people of the Seven Great Saint Tribes. She just didn't know where they came from.

When her thoughts reached this point, Tang Doudou grabbed Mu Ye and said, "Mu Ye! I think I figured out a way to get back quickly!"

Mu Ye froze for a moment, he then lift his hand, attracting the rocks from the road and sending them shooting towards the forest behind them.

Several muffled groans could be heard. It was clear that they had gotten hit.

"Speak!" Mu Ye glanced towards her with his cold eyes.

Tang Doudou moved to his ear and whispered a couple sentences, quickly telling him about her scheme.

Mu Ye's eyes darkened but he nodded. "Alright."

An hour later.

In the small forest, Tang Doudou angrily kicked Mu Ye with tears in her eyes. She pointed at him with a trembling finger as she shouted, "Bastard! Hoodlum, beast! I always thought of you as a friend, but you're actually trying to rape me!?"

Mu Ye coldly grabbed her chin and said, "Behave."

En, not bad, it was quite well done! As Tang Doudou thought this, she continued struggling and shouting, "Go away, scram! Don't touch me! Stay away!"

Mu Ye: "En?"

Tang Doudou: ...

That wasn't what she taught him earlier, right? She had taught him so many lines! Yet he just summed it up with an 'en'!? She was stuck between laughter and tears, but still had to look indignant as she glared tearfully.

A thought rapidly flashed through her mind. Fine, she didn't have much hope for any titillating words to come out of Mu Ye's mouth anyways. It seemed she had no choice but to pull this through herself!

"Didn't you say that you only thought of me as a friend? How could you do this to a friend!? If you do this, you'll lose this baby forever!"

Mu Ye lowered his eyes. "That won't happen."

Then he seemed to recall Tang Doudou's words and his cold face turned sinister as he supplemented, "This will only make it so you won't ever leave me!"

Tang Doudou's balls were hurting. He's pulled the act way too far off!

If they continued on like this, she was bound to make a mistake. Her eyes whirled and she quickly came up with an idea. She lifted her hand and slapped Mu Ye. "Scram!"

Mu Ye covered his face, stunned. It was clear he was a little baffled since Tang Doudou had sped up the plot.

However, Tang Doudou couldn't be bothered to care. She took advantage of this moment to pushed Mu Ye away and run off while sobbing.

Mu Ye gazed at her back for a few moments, then expressionlessly spoke a line. "You can't escape."

When the black-robed people hiding in the forest saw this, they immediately started a discussion.

A black-robed person said, "This is perfect timing for us. Them splitting up makes things easier!"

Another black-robed person shook his head. "I feel like something is off. Although Mu Ye is someone of the Demonic Sect and very ruthless, his conduct is still very admirable. How is it possible for him to do something like this?"

"Tch, even the most virtuous person can't escape from passion. From what I see, Mu Ye seemed to have fallen in love with Li Xueyi!"

"But isn't it rumored that Li Xueyi is involved with Baili Yu..."

"Sweet, fair, and graceful beauties easily attract noblemen, don't you know?"

"Alright, enough. What does that matter? Since that girl's alone now, let's catch her first to use as bait. Once Mu Ye falls for the trap, we'll bring them back and be done with the task!"


Tang Doudou wiped at her tears as she ran. At the same time, she continuously shouted things about how shameless Mu Ye was.

However, in reality, she was on high guard. Tall trees and dense underbrush surrounded her, but there was no sign of movement at all. She couldn't help but frown. Could it be that her scheme had failed?

When her thoughts reached this point, she felt defeated. She stopped cursing and wiping her tears and collapsed against the tree trunk nearby. Just as she was about to sigh, she heard a voice that didn't seem to have good intentions. "Hehe, why isn't Alliance Head Li cursing anymore?"

Upon hearing this voice, Tang Doudou knew that the people she had been waiting for had come. Her heart was completely calm, but she feigned alarm. "Who's there? Show yourself!"

"Alliance Head Li, aren't I right behind you? Could it be that you can't see?" The voice came from right behind her.


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