Chapter 278.2: Eavesdropping

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Nangong Yan seemed to be angry and was even smashing things. She didn't know which unfortunate soul had ended up angering this wealthy miss again.

However, that pitiful soul soon spoke. "Miss, if you don't drink the medicine, you won't be able to hold up until Baili gongzi comes back!"


Karma sure came around full. Nangong Yan had contracted a fatal illness!

"Dog of a slave! You have no right to meddle in this miss's matters!"

"Yan er..."

Liu Zhiyuan had gotten some guts! He actually dared call Nangong Yan in this way now.

Tang Doudou was absorbed in listening and couldn't help but press herself against the wall to hear better.

"Damned slave! Who lent you the guts for you to dare call this miss by her name! Is Yan er a name that a lowly slave like you has the right to call!!!?"

"Yan er, calm down!"

"Scram!" Nangong Yan smashed something again. Her voice was trembling as she screamed, "Scram! Go away! The farther the better! I'm disgusted by the sight of you, you lowly thing! Don't think that I don't know about those filthy thoughts of yours!"

Since they were separated by a wall, Tang Doudou had no way of seeing the look on Liu Zhiyuan's face, but it was probably not pretty. After all, he was still a man with dignity. How could he take being abused like a dog continuously by the woman he loved?

Tang Doudou shook her head. Although Nangong Yan's personality was loathsome, Liu Zhiyuan was also the one bringing this upon himself.

"If my love for you is filthy, then what about yours!?" Liu Zhiyuan's voice was hoarse from repressed anger. Tang Doudou could sense his suppressed resentment even though she couldn't see his face.

"You like Baili Yu and has been infatuated with him for so many years. You often call out his name even in your dreams. You've done so many disgusting things because of him! Isn't your love just as filthy?"

"Could it be that just because you were born with a noble status and I was born with a lowly identity, your like is just like while my love is filthy and disgusting?"

"That's right! You're just a lowly servant! You have no right to talk about love!" Nangong Yan was very stirred up as well.

Liu Zhiyuan laughed coldly. "Is that so? I'm lowly? Then what about you? How are you not lowly? Back then, you drugged Baili Yu to try and use your body to bind him..."

"Shut up, I never did!" When this matter was brought up, Nangong Yan immediately exploded like a cat whose tail had been stepped on. Her sharp voice even attracted the attention of the black-robed men on this side.

"What was that..." Before they even got all of their words out, there was the sound of a sword slicing through the air.

Tang Doudou was alarmed. Liu Zhiyuan had killed them.

Following that, she heard the sound of a door being pushed open. Tang Doudou hastily looked around and couldn't help but curse this house for being so crude. There wasn't a single place to hide.

The windows were also tightly locked. After giving a couple trial tugs, she gave up and glanced towards the door again.  Outside, Liu Zhiyuan had already taken off the lock and seemed about to come crashing in.

Suddenly, her eyes lit up and she rushed forward.

At almost the same time, the door was pushed open and made a bang.

Liu Zhiyuan walked in with a dark expression and glanced around the room, even checking the roof. He only slowly walked out once he was certain that there was no trace of a person around. The sword in his hand flashed like snow and instantly turned the two corpses outside into unidentifiable pieces.

Tang Doudou leapt down soundlessly from the roof of the door only after she heard the sound of the door closing. She glanced at the two piles of bloody flesh in front of the door with sympathy in her eyes, then approached the wall to keep listening.

It wasn't that she was unafraid of death, but she wanted to know whether Nangong Yan had succeeded with the drug back then!

When Liu Zhiyuan returned, Nangong Yan seemed to have calmed down. "You said that you would help me keep it secret."

"Yes, I agreed to help you keep it secret, and I have done it. Haven't I stayed silent all these years?" Liu Zhiyuan's tone wasn't as stirred up as before either. "All these years, I've listened carefully and remembered everything you said, but what about you? You've forgotten everything you've once said!"

Liu Zhiyuan roared with a pained tone, then there was the sound of something being pushed down.

Nangong Yan shouted in alarm, "You! Liu Zhiyuan, what do you think you're doing!? Let me go!"

Liu Zhiyuan replied fiercely, "Yan er, I shouldn't have let you go back then. If I had held on, we wouldn't have fallen to this point."

"You! What do you mean by this!?" Nangong Yan's originally panicked voice suddenly became grim as if she could tell Liu Zhiyuan was about to say something shocking.

Liu Zhiyuan didn't reply. He seemed to have started violating Nangong Yan as there was the sound of a slap followed by Nangong Yan's trembling voice. "Damned slave, you actually dared to assault me!?"

Tsk tsk tsk. Tang Doudou shook her head. Was there something wrong with Nangong Yan's brain?

Wasn't his actions clear enough? He clearly wanted to do dat ah!

"Assault?" Liu Zhiyuan seemed to have gotten used to being hit as he didn't get angry at all and just laughed coldly. "Yan er, could it be that you aren't curious why Baili Yu doesn't remember that incident?"

"Why?" Nangong Yan's voice trembled.

Liu Zhiyuan laughed again. Following that, there was the sound of weeping and moans. Tang Doudou wasn't some naive little lady and naturally knew what Liu Zhiyuan was doing.

She rubbed her chin as she considered whether or not to go stop this...

After all, how could she keep a clear conscience if she allowed a young lady to be defiled right in front of her?

However, if she tried to be a hero with this little frame of hers, she'd probably be killed with a strike.

"How is he supposed to remember something he has never done?" Liu Zhiyuan's words landed on Nangong Yan's heart like a freezing blade.

She refuted angrily, "You're lying! I remember it clearly! B-back then, back then, it was Big Brother Baili!"

"Back then?" Liu Zhiyuan was becoming stirred up as well. "Back then, Baili Yu hadn't even touched that soup. He has never accepted anything you gave him!"

"No!" Nangong Yan's voice was filled with horror. "You're lying, you're lying! Don't think you can trick me, that person was clearly Big Brother Baili!"

"Whether or not it was him, don't you already know?" Liu Zhiyuan laughed coldly.


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