Chapter 280.1: You- Scoundrel!

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Nangong Yan glanced at her expressionlessly. “The past?”

Tang Doudou nodded. “I know saying all of this is useless. It’s always easier said than done and in the end, you're the one that needs to think it through yourself. However, the current situation is pressing so you should really leave Cerulean Mountain as quickly as possible.”

“Li Xueyi, don’t you hate me?”

“I do ah! If you were suddenly stabbed by someone out of nowhere and  nearly lost your little life, wouldn’t you hate that person?” said Tang Doudou as she sat down on the bed. “But, as I've said, we should let bygones be bygones. You’re still young and have long days ahead of you, so don’t dwell too much on the past...”

Before she could even finish her sentence, Nangong Yan interrupted and said, “You don’t have to say anymore, I understand.”

Tang Doudou rubbed her chin and didn’t continue anymore. Although she didn’t hate Nangong Yan, she didn’t like her either. “En, since you’ve already thought things through, then I won’t say any more. You should get some rest. I’m going to see how Mu Ye's doing. When I get back, I’ll ask someone to send you back.”

Nangong Yan closed her eyes. Her mood was probably terrible right now.

When Tang Doudou saw her like this, she stood up and without further delay, ran outside.

As soon as Tang Doudou left, Nangong Yan opened her eyes again. The hatred in her eyes hadn’t diminish at all. Liu Zhiyuan, Li Xueyi! What I’ve suffered today, I will definitely pay it back tenfold! When Tang Doudou got out of the room, she saw that Mu Ye kicked Liu Zhiyuan to the corner and the iron chain was flying towards Liu Zhiyuan mercilessly.

She had seen the formidable strength of Mu Ye's iron chain before. Every blow resulted wounds that gushed blood..

That hateful Liu Zhiyuan seemed on the brink of becoming a messed of mangled flesh. However, Tang Doudou suddenly saw his hand move. She hastily warned Mu Ye. “Be careful, he has something in his hand!”     

Her warning was uncalled for, Mu Ye had already seen through the move. The instant that thing was thrown at him, he stepped aside. However, this one dodge gave Liu Zhiyuan the opportunity to disappear.

Mu Ye frowned. Then he quickly moved in front of Tang Doudou instead of chasing after Liu Zhiyuan.

He shielded her behind him.

Tang Doudou didn’t understand at first, but she understood when Liu Zhiyuan appeared at a spot not very far away from her. When Liu Zhiyuan saw that Mu Ye was standing protectively in front of her, coldness flashed through his eyes and he vanished again.

After Liu Zhiyuan’s figure disappeared, Mu Ye said, “He left.”

Upon hearing this, Tang Doudou breathed a sigh of relief. But then she stamped her feet in rage. “This is too infuriating! He actually managed to escape!”

“He’ll be back.”

Tang Doudou glanced at Mu Ye, but she understood his words. She then asked, “What about Nangong Yan?”

Mu Ye didn’t even bother to look back at the house and just said, “Look for Baili Yu.”

His voice sounded a bit displeased. Tang Doudou rubbed her nose awkwardly before walking back to the room to ask for Nangong Yan’s opinion. However, when she walked in, Nangong Yan was nowhere to be found.     

“Where did she go?”

“She left.”    

Tang Doudou was confused. Didn’t Nangong Yan injure her leg?

How did she manage to leave so quietly?  

Mu Ye supplemented, “Someone took her away.”“Fine, I’ve already tried my best.” Tang Doudou sighed, then she glanced up to check the position of the sun. “Where are we going now?”

“Where do you want to go?”

Tang Doudou rubbed her chin. She found it a bit awkward to say, but soon a trace of craftiness flashed through her eyes. “So, you’ll go to wherever I go?”

Mu Ye lowered his gaze. Though his eyes were still cold, they carried a trace of warmth. “Wherever you go, I’ll follow.”

Tang Doudou gave a couple dry coughs. “But, you're the Leader of the Demonic Sect.”


“And I’m the martial arts Alliance Head.”


“It’s probably not a very good idea for you to follow me, right?” It wasn’t that Tang Doudou wanted to burn the bridge after crossing it. But, she had a feeling that the road ahead would be worrying if Mu Ye followed her.  

Mu Ye didn’t reply.

It seemed he had already decided not to answer this question. Tang Doudou suddenly felt like weeping but had no tears. If he didn’t talk, everything she said a moment ago would be meaningless!

The two of them walked around aimlessly for a while. Then Mu Ye seemed to think of something and handed the bone fragments in his possession over to her. “Wait for me.”

After saying that, he vanished without a trace.

However, soon after, he returned with two sets of black robes in his hand. He threw one set over to her and put the other one on himself. The outfit even covered up his mouth and nose.

Tang Doudou instantly understood. The way she was strolling around without a care like this on the Sacred Tree was pretty much like asking for people to notice her.

This string of events that happened earlier almost made her forget where she was.

“Hold this for me.” The bone fragments landed back on Mu Ye’s hand once again. Tang Doudou then put on the black robe and concealed her face.

This time they completely transformed into unrecognizable black-robed men. Following that, they moved slowly toward a more crowded area.

They blended into the crowd of black-robed men and stopped speaking. After a while, Tang Doudou glanced up at the darkened sky. The past few days have been unbearably tiring. Since she probably wouldn’t be able to find Baili Yu in a short period of time, she might as well rest up before proceeding further.

Hence, she proposed to rest and Mu Ye agreed. The two of them found an inn on the Sacred Tree and walked toward their respective rooms to rest.  

Before Mu Ye entered his room, he stopped Tang Doudou and said, “If there’s anything, call for me.”

Tang Doudou nodded agreeably. “Okay.”

Mu Ye then entered his room and closed the door.

Tang Doudou rubbed her chin. She giggled sneakily then entered her room as well.

Once she walked in, she didn’t sit or lay down obediently. Instead, she ran to the window, pushed it open and looked around. She was about to jump down, when she heard the neighboring window open.

She thought it was Mu Ye, but when she looked over, what she saw was Lan Jia's clear but slightly apathetic eyes. “Lady Doudou, long time no see.”

Tang Doudou's expression stiffened like she just ate a dead fly. With a bang, she slammed the window shut.

“So unlucky! Wasn’t that Mu Ye’s room? What was Lan Jia doing there?” exclaimed Tang Doudou, puzzled. However, she didn’t ponder over this too much. She concluded that Lan Jia was probably here to discuss some matters with Mu Ye.

He'd definitely tell Mu Ye about what happened just now, so she cast aside the thought of fleeing from the window and walked back to lie down on the bed. After rolling back and forth a few times, she drifted off to sleep.                

She had fallen asleep.

But, in the room next door, Mu Ye seemed to be trapped in his room. He stared coldly at the two uninvited guests in his room.


Credits: Translated by Yuna, Tlced and Edited by Chiyomira

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