Chapter 281.1: Getting Married

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Lan Jia curved his eyes into a smile. “Many thanks for Lady Doudou's praise!”  

Tang Doudou was alarmed at first, but then she was distracted by his appearance when he narrowed his eyes. She almost thought that she was looking at Baili Yu.

However, she soon returned to her senses and checked her clothes. When she saw that her clothes were still intact, she breathed a sigh of relief.

“Lan Jia, what exactly do you want?” Tang Doudou’s gut feeling told her that he came to find her for something specific. There was no way he, with his identity, would come all the way here to tease her out of boredom.

Upon hearing what she asked, Lan Jia opened his eyes. His mild-colored glass-like eyes were shining brightly as he answered, “Nothing actually, it’s just that Lady Doudou and I are like kindred spirits, I felt a bond the moment I saw you. I like you, so I couldn’t help but want to come over and see you. To relieve… my yearning…”

Even though Tang Doudou couldn’t see his facial features clearly, she could discern from his eyes alone that he must be inevitably handsome. He was half reclining on the bed with his clothes somewhat disheveled. His fair slender fingers could faintly be seen outside of his black robe and his voice was extremely soft and soothing to the ear. His voice was like the clear note of a skillfully plucked string, extremely beautiful to hear.    

He probably counted as an extraordinary beauty.

Tang Doudou inwardly made a very pertinent evaluation of Lan Jia’s current appearance.

If she hadn’t already been baptised  by that seductive yao Baili Yu, she would have likely believed this guy's nonsense. Now though… She just gave him a big rolleye and said disdainfully, “Dear Saint Envoy Lan Jia, this lady’s not interested in you, so you can stop wasting your energy acting all coy.”

Despite having his actions described as coy even though he was a man, Lan Jia didn’t get angry. He just smiled slightly before getting off the bed.

“Lady Doudou’s truly different from ordinary women, but…” He paused, dragging out the last word teasingly. “Some people don’t to cherish what they have and actually left such a unique lovable lady behind to marry someone else.” Tang Doudou frowned, confused as to what he meant.

Lan Jia then leaned forward and asked, “Could it be that Lady Doudou has already forgotten what this one said to you before?”

Tang Doudou stiffened when she heard this. She recalled that back when they were walking on the iron chains, he told her that Baili Yu had gotten engaged a long time ago. Could it be that this was what he was talking about?

When Lan Jia saw the look in her eyes, he knew that she remembered and spoke again, “That’s right ah! I'm talking about Baili Yu and the Saint Maiden’s engagement. The wedding ceremony will be held today at the Saint Palace… I’m afraid that by now, the bride and the groom are already about to start the ceremony.”

Tang Doudou’s face instantly turned pale. She could tell that he wasn’t lying to her, but how did things turn out like this?

Lan Jia glanced at her and said with a soft sigh, “You shouldn’t blame Brother Baili. He also had no choice.”

Tang Doudou could tell that his words carried a double meaning, so she asked with a frown, “Has no choice? What do you mean by that?”

“This- It’s a long story…” Lan Jia's tone lifted lightly. He then tipped up her slightly round chin with a slender finger and continued, “Why don’t we find a nice place to sit down and talk about this slowly?”  

Tang Doudou’s face darkened and she slapped his hand away. “If you got something to say, then just say it, if not then scram!”

Upon hearing that, Lan Jia burst into laughter. He then folded his hands behind his back and said, “I’ll talk, of course I’ll talk.”

“Baili Yu is the son born of the previous generation's Saint Maiden, Shu Yin, and the imperial family’s Xiq Qiu Qqing. He’s the next in line for the position of Saint Emperor, so the moment he was born, he was engaged with the next Saint Maiden. This has been the rule of the Saint Tribes since hundreds of years ago. Since Baili has decided to come back and become the next Saint Emperor, then the first requirement he has to comply with is to take the current Saint Maiden as his wife…”

While he was speaking, he glanced at Tang Doudou’s face. When he didn’t see any unusual change in her expression, a trace of anger flashed through his eyes. “When Brother Baili parted with Lady back then, he took the Saint Emperor’s token and went to find the elders at the Saint Palace.”

“During this time, he has been, of course, ready for the wedding ceremony.”

Tang Doudou jumped to her feet and said, “I’m going to find him.”

“But, that’s the Saint Palace. Ordinary people aren’t allowed to enter,” remarked Lan Jia with a smile even as a scheming look flashed through his eyes.       

Tang Doudou sat down again with a conflicted look on her face. What should she do now?

Should she just sit here and allow Baili Yu get married to someone else, allow him to spend the rest of his life with another person?

No way!

If he liked that person, she wouldn’t have had any objections and would have just quietly left while wishing them the best. But how could she resign herself to this when he was getting married just to become the Saint Emperor?

She wasn’t a generous person to begin with. Moreover, she had already decided on having Baili Yu as her husband. Before, she had been muddle-headed and kept doubting this and that, but now she has finished thinking things through. She hadn't even had the chance to convey to him all the yearning in her heart, yet he was about to marry someone else...       

The words stifled in her heart were refusing to fade.

Lan Jia watched the changes in her expression for a while, then sat down on the edge of the bed and yawned languidly before closing his eyes. If Tang Doudou had been looking at him, at this moment she definitely would have seen Baili Yu’s reflection in him.

However, it was a pity, but all she was thinking about right now was how she could get into the Saint Palace. She didn’t even notice that Lan Jia was still watching her with slightly narrowed eyes. En, there was indeed some resemblance.       

After noticing this, Lan Jia's eyes turned cold again.


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