Chapter 283.1: How Was She Supposed to Consummate?

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Tang Doudou had gotten used to Baili Yu messing around and teasing her, so when he reached out to hug her, she didn't react much and continued wondering why he was acting so strange. In the end, she only snapped back to her senses when her lips had been plundered so much that she ran out of breath.

While she had been lost in thought, she had been pushed onto the large bed that had been behind them. Baili Yu's movements hadn't stopped and his hand was currently slowly traveling down her body. Tang Doudou hastily pressed his hand and told him to stop, but all that came out of her covered lips were muffled sounds.

When she realized that Baili Yu didn't seem to be joking around, she became completely flustered and pushed him away. "Baili Yu! Don't do that!"

Baili Yu swayed and almost fell off the bed from her shove, so she hastily pulled him back. "What's wrong with you? Do you remember who I am?"

Baili Yu didn't react at all and just looked at her vacantly for a moment before reaching out to hug her again. He looked like a puppet that was moving on strings.

No matter how oblivious Tang Doudou was, at this point even she was able to notice that something was off. She hastily dodged Baili Yu's embrace and jumped off the bed.

When Baili Yu saw that she was running, he sluggishly turned around, then ran after her.

Of course, Tang Doudou's reaction was to run. As she ran, she shouted, "Big evil spirit, don't you dare come over here! Otherwise, don't blame me for not bothering to be polite!"

However, Baili Yu didn't seem capable of hearing anything right now and just continued to follow her tightly.

Tang Doudou tried hiding behind the screen, but he continued following. When Tang Doudou ran, he ran.

When Tang Doudou ran in circles around the screen, Baili Yu did so as well.

After making several circles, Tang Doudou was exhausted, so she started running in a different direction. However, after a few steps, she noticed that Baili Yu wasn't following.

When she looked over, she discovered that he was still running in circles around the screen.

Tang Doudou pressed a hand against her forehead as she sat down next to the table, exhausted. She poured herself a cup of water, but discovered that it was wine after she drank it in one gulp. That burning sensation traveled all the way down to her stomach. It was so acridly refreshing that she almost vomited.

She hastily picked up a fruit from the fruit platter and shoved it in her mouth.

It took a good while to calm the churning in her stomach. When she looked over, she saw that Baili Yu was still going in circles.

Tang Doudou rubbed her chin. Baili Yu's behavior was definitely not due to poison. It seemed more like he had fallen to some sort of spell. The Seven Great Saint Tribes were extremely mysterious, so it wouldn't be strange for them to have some sort of ancient dark magic.

However, the main question was, who had done this to Baili Yu?

The first person that came to mind was Lan Jia, and he was the only one she could think of.

From the looks of it, though he said that he was good friends with Baili Yu, no one knew their actual relationship.

However, what was Lan Jia's goal in doing this? And he had said that Baili Yu was going to marry some Saint Maiden, so how did she end up becoming Baili Yu's bride?

Still, it was best to focus on getting Baili Yu back to normal before trying to figure all those other things out.

As long as he got back to normal, they would be able to figure out Lan Jia's motive and leave.

When Tang Doudou reached this conclusion, she stood up and walked towards Baili Yu. He was still acting as foolish as earlier. She was no longer there, but he was still running in circles continuously and almost knocked into the corner of the screen several times.

When Tang Doudou saw this, she felt strong heartache and hastily called out to stop him. "Baili Yu, stop running around over there. I'm over here!"

Right after she called out to him, Baili Yu turned around.

"I-I'm here, so come chase me!" After shouting that, Tang Doudou jumped up and started running.

Baili Yu naturally started chasing after her again. After making a few laps around the room, Tang Doudou returned to the screen area. This time, she didn't run for long before stopping with a wooden box in her hands. She had grabbed it from the dressing table as she passed by.

Baili Yu saw that she had stopped, but it had happened too abruptly for him to react in time, so he crashed straight into the wooden box that Tang Doudou was holding.

He was still for a few moments, then a trace of clarity appeared in his originally dull eyes. Immediately after that, his eyes rolled back and he collapsed.

Tang Doudou hastily threw aside the wooden box in her hand and ran over to catch him. "He's finally passed out."

She hauled Baili Yu over to the bed, then leaned over the bed to examine Baili Yu as she rested a little.

His familiar features momentarily caused Tang Doudou to space out.

It had only been a few days since they had last seen each other, but it felt like it had been countless seasons. She reached out and lightly touched his eyelids, then sighed. Who would have imagined that when they met again, it would be under such circumstances?

Her fingers slowly moved down, brushing against his high nose, scarlet lips... The memory of his smile floated to mind. "Big evil spirit, you look the best when you're smiling."

After she said that, she sighed again. She didn't even know why Baili Yu was currently like this, so how was she supposed to come up with a way to get him back to normal?

Right at this moment, Baili Yu pressed his chest and groaned in pain.


Tang Doudou patted Baili Yu's shoulder. "Relax, I'll help you take a look!"

After she said that, she reached out to push off Baili Yu's clothing. She had seriously become too worried, because she managed to take off his complicated bridegroom clothing in just a few moments. After pulling off his clothes, she saw that there was a strange, bluish black veined pattern on his chest that stretched all the way to his right wrist.

Or, perhaps it should be said that it stretched from his right wrist to his chest.

Tang Doudou was stunned. Following that, tears filled her eyes.

She recognized this veined pattern!

It was a symptom of the Hoarfrost Poison! That book had recorded that if the black veins appeared and spread to the heart, it meant certain death!

The black veins didn't spread very rapidly so Baili Yu definitely saw the signs a long time ago. He knew that he didn't have long to live, yet he never told her about it.


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